"Toy Story"

In therodinhoods open house on July 19, I walked around with this bizarre looking stuffed toy monkey in my pocket.


- Was Alok being the "crazy, juvenile, stupid, 'anything for attention' idiot" that a few people describe him as?


- I explained on stage that the monkey was my Company - games2win's mascot and the message was 'All Entrepreneurs MUST, MUST, 'WEAR' their brand on themselves at all times'.


If you are a startup with a new business model; crazy idea; silly sounding name; unheard of concept, then those are ALL THE MORE reasons for you to BE, DO, WEAR, EAT, SLEEP, DRINK and BEHAVE like the brand you are trying to be.


I am 45 years old! I knew I looked 'goofy' when I wore this. My kids came for the open house and I SAW my older daughter CRINGE when she saw this. I could imagine her thinking 'Oh noooooo dad... behave yourself....'


Entrepreneurs have NO QUALMS about anything. They sell themselves and their Company at all times. If that means getting embarrassed, or even ostracized, SO BE IT.

If you REALLY wanna be an Entrepreneur, then get used to BEING YOUR COMPANY. You can be 'YOU' later...


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Next Rodinhood Open House... i will be there with my mascot. 

does the monkey have a name? 

yep.. Chimpoo

thanks rohit!

Truly said! We were among the few wearing our brand T-Shirts at the RodinHoods open house and it felt AWESOME! :D :)


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