Traveller Kids is really creative! Check out their visiting card!


I met the Shitij Malhotra the 'Chief' of a Company called Traveller Kids at a Kids Expo in Delhi recently.

As usual, I was in a rush and barely got to exchange ideas with him, but what did catch my attention was his unique Business Card.

Starting with this post, will attempt to showcase (and encourage contributions) in a new section of the site called Creativity!

The concept is to highlight that beyond plain dumb and wasteful 'paid' marketing, it's ideas like these that add that special boost to a Company's viral and image marketing and gets it serious fans and users!

I always emphasize on getting the product right and packaging it innovatively to sell the story, rather than a sad ad.

Check out the card(s)

I just loved the experience of making a paper plane out a visiting card and believed the message that Shitij sent me as a follow up:


From: Shitij Malhotra <>
Date: Tue, Jun 5, 2012 at 3:02 PM
Subject: Meeting at World Children's Expo

Dear Alok,
It was a pleasure meeting you in Gurgaon last Friday and thank you for the encouragement. 
Traveller Kids is a subscription based service for children (3-6 yrs & 7-10yrs) to explore different countries through boxes filled with toys, games, activities and reading material.
On the business side, its a high barrier to entry, high margin, scalable business which can be ported to different geographies and has scope for creating associated products.
You had mentioned that you would like to blog about our visiting card. I would really appreciate the same and it would be a real honor.
Please find attached a picture of the visiting card and do let me know if you need anything.
Thanks & Regards,
Shitij Malhotra
Traveller Kids
Ps, this was the image that he sent:


Well done Shitij!!


If you have a creative business 'expression' - a card, a poster, your PPTs, or even the way you write e-mails, then fire up a discussion here and save it under the category 'Creativity'!

If it impresses the editors at, you will even get a special promotion of your post!!


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Interesting... Excited about the Creativity section on rodinhoods. It is going to be my favorite place!

Oh man.  How does he manage with a name like his? :) 

Nice trick though.  You don't easily forget the paper plane building.  

Abey, can u expand your point on the name? I didnt get it...

With a name like shitij... 

Abey, It means Horizon!!

That was a mean, crass message

In hindi, Abey means "hey you..." (abay / Abey sun)

Abey, are u getting along ok?

I know I know how it is with names. Didn't mean it to be mean or crass.  Apologies all around if it came out sounding like that.  Just pointing out the way it is and come on Alok we need to be able to laugh at ourselves.  

With my name I have given up trying to correct anybody.  Actually never tried...  They'll call me by my correct pronunciation as long as they've just heard it orally.  The moment they see it in print I get called all sorts of things.  

So yes, I know what it is some extent. 

Getting along okay as in?

@Abey. Life's been good so far, definitely never heard something like this.

Just enjoy the spirit of the blog post and have a nice day!

@gurpreet @alok thanks :-)

That's very cool Gurpreet.  In fact, I love it.  

Not very creative but this is the kind of visiting cards our team members use. 

I actually give them freedom to design their cards on their own, as long as logo dimensions are unaltered.

I don't agree Kaushal.  It is extremely creative.  Building a paper plane when you are an adult transports you back to the days of your childhood.  Ties in very nicely with his company name too.  And you are not going to easily forget it.  Business cards are so forgettable. 


What Shitij's card does is it fires up your emotion and that hardcodes it into memory.


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