I just saw this image on facebook, on someones wall. It's a photo set of the launch events of Steve Jobs announcing the iPad by Apple and Steve Ballmer announcing The Surface by Microsoft.

Then, I looked at it again, and I saw this!

 My 'Karmic' judgement:

- look at the aggression in Steve Ballmer's body! 

- at the position microsoft is in the tablet business, Ballmer should be folding his hands and praying!

- check out Steve Jobs and how deftly he holds his piece of art

- Ballmer actually is balancing The Surface with one hand so that he can punch a fight with the other??

The Universe rewards those with humility and peace - not with those who show aggression and vanity.

Sorry MS - you ain't my kinda Company....



Updated - 21/7/2013 by Alok


MIcrosoft announced its Quarter Earnings last week and has pretty much WRITTEN off the Surface.

Check - why the surface failed


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Steve Ballmer is actually an aggressive person and he sometimes gets enthusiastic on stage. 

I doubt if that means the end of Surface - it is a collective karma of the team with thousands of engineers. 

The Fact that Steve Ballmer dismissed TABLETS to be the next big thing is evidence enough of his lack of Vision.. The Microsoft Surface is a desperate attempt to catch the missed Bus..

And Alok, I am sure that even Body Language experts will agree with your observation.. :)

What an objective analysis!


Alok's prediction just became true.. Check this out - Surface Fail

I read two articles this morning - both praising the Surface. One was from a hardcore apple fan. I'm just saying it's too early to pass judgements. IPod was universally criticised when it first came out.

Although iPod was criticized initially, but it rose because of its User Friendliness.. The hardware was a compliment to its amazing software..

But in the case of Surface, the OS itself has no Charm or Friendliness, which was proved by the dismal Sales of the Lumia.. The only thing that Microsoft is banking upon is the MS Office Suite on a Tablet, which again will see the Competition getting a compatible Office Suite for their respective operating systems.. The only revenue that Microsoft can expect is from sale of licenses to their competitors..

Have you used it? (The OS, I mean. Windows 8, that is the base for Surface)

Precisely. Its too early and we know too little. A survey by a leading magazine claimed that people actually rated wp above ios. I've used it, it's gorgeous and very swift.

What I like about the new OS is that it is people-centred. It takes some time to get used to it. In fact, I just got it installed today after trying it on various devices since three months or so...

You need to experience it. Not sure whether others will like it, but it's quite convenient to me. 

But that's the point! Why should I 'get used to 'it'"?

What's in it for me??

I love my ipad. My apps, my books, hey even kindle on iPad is a dream!

Why should I buy Surface?

Even Android tablets have failed...for the same reason..


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