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7 Mistakes of Startup CEOs That Are Killing Their Businesses

Every other day, I hear of new IT products or services companies cropping up both in India and overseas. Infact, there are way too many IT…

Started by Enoch Pakanati in Startup

4 yesterday
Reply by Enoch Pakanati

Khojdeal - Product & Deal discovery platform

Hello everyone,  I have been a silent visitor to all the great content that has been flowing here and now that I am back to entrepreneurshi…

Started by Vaibhav Lall in Showcase!

3 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

BuizzConf - Not Just an Event App, It’s Something More

Events, a sequence of lots of activities – where audience draws the finish line with their reactions – good or bad. But hardly anyone keeps…

Started by Moumita Dasgupta in Showcase!

5 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Startup India - A letter to Mr. Amitabh Kant

The content given below is part of a mail that I sent out to Mr. Kant, the author of the Startup India policy. I welcome comments. ========…

Started by Rameshwar V in Startup

4 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Stuff you need to know BEFORE you leave your MNC job and Start Up

This post is not about me but rather about you.  So if you are someone reading this excellent forum (kudos to Alok and Asha for doing this)…

Started by Vick Sahita in Startup

4 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

From a Juice Center at the Age of 7, to a Rs. 200 Cr Mobile Retail Chain Business

Awarded the "RodinStar" Post  of the week!! Before I begin with what I have to say about my Journey, I compliment the entire Rodinho…

Started by Sanjeev Bhatia in Your Story

19 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

WatStory is a publishing platform and multilingual community for writing in English and Indian local languages

Hello Rodinhooders, Hope the New Year has been really exciting and full of new possibilities. I have been working on WatStory over the last…

Started by Varun Chawla in Showcase!

7 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Introducing InnerChef - the hyper growth Indian food tech company

Dear Rodinhooders, I would like to introduce you to InnerChef - your food app What is InnerChef? InnerChef was founded in April 2015, by…

Started by Samarth Kagdiyal in Showcase!

8 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Select Keywords Wisely - Let's Brainstorm on Keyword Research

After working so many years for multiple startups, I have realized that entrepreneurs (both tech and non-tech) should have a good understan…

Started by Saikat Sengupta in Digital Media

8 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

5 Ka 500 – Open House at Dalal Street

161 years ago, 4 Gujarati men and a Parsi gathered under a banyan tree outside the Mumbai Town hall with an idea. Over the years, their mee…

Started by Naman Chakraborty in Open House!

3 yesterday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal


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