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AAA: ASK ALOK ANYTHING – the Chat that was!!

So we had the first of our #RodinChat series and had lots of fun!! image source I’m sharing an edited version of the transcript - edited…

Started by asha chaudhry in AskLatest Reply

Dial 101 to check out the HOTTEST startups showcased on TRH in 2015!!

  Many entrepreneurs sign up on TRH just to feature their new ventures/apps/tools/products. ‘Coz TRH is the HOTTEST PLACE to get early trac…

Started by asha chaudhry in Showcase!Latest Reply

1050 Queries. 350 Startups. 500 Jobs. And 10,690 Rodinhooders!

Happy Festivities Dear Rodinhooder! It occurred to me, that while most of us have been busy with the frenzy of Diwali gifting and meeting p…

Started by asha chaudhry in Weekly NewsletterLatest Reply

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How I got myself admitted to school!

Awarded the "RodinStar" Post  of the week!! I was born in a slum called Sultan Puri in West Delhi. My father was a laborer, waiting i…

Started by Gomti Mehta in Your Story

22 on Friday
Reply by Gomti Mehta

Pain of a Considerate Employer

This is a story of how inconsiderate and unprofessional employees wreck the goodwill that well-meaning Entrepreneurs want to build through…

Started by Kunal Bhusare in Your Story

31 on Monday
Reply by Kunal Bhusare

The First Step - my wife's food venture!

THE FIRST STEP While I was busy seeking the guidance of fellow Rodinhooders before taking my first step towards entrepreneurship, my wife,…

Started by Narinder Singh Dahiya in Showcase!

25 1 hour ago
Reply by asha chaudhry

Can a full time government employee think of starting a full time business? I want to hear yesss!!!

Hi all amazing Rodinhooders!!! I am amongst the earliest members of this forum but remained a silent observer with not much posts. As the…

Started by Atul Wadhwa in Ask

10 yesterday
Reply by Atul Wadhwa

When Co-founders fight… How do they make up?

Friends fight. Siblings fight. Couples fight. Co-founders fight. We all do. That’s human nature. There’s no point in denying it. It would b…

Started by asha chaudhry in Talking Points

9 on Friday
Reply by asha chaudhry - Your next customer is just a miss call away!

Hello again, You might remember me from the last time I showed up at TRH with my nifty little PNR app. Thanks to you all, it's getting good…

Started by Vikas Singhal in Showcase!

9 on Sunday
Reply by Vikas Singhal

How should I take that "first step"...?

To Be or Not to Be ?   I was a person with no ambition when in school. My aim in life in school was to somehow get a government job for li…

Started by Narinder Singh Dahiya in Ask

23 Aug 15
Reply by Narinder Singh Dahiya

Mulchand, who runs two ventures – one during the week, one over the weekend!

I have no recollection of how I became fb friends with Mulchand. All I remember is, admiring everything about his facebook life! His timel…

Started by asha chaudhry in Interviews

8 on Sunday
Reply by Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal - You Request the Information, We Follow Up!

Hi, Rodinhooders! I want to tell you about, a startup platform that lets any citizen submit right-to-information (RTI) requests s…

Started by Sushil Kambampati in Showcase!

7 20 hours ago
Reply by Sushil Kambampati

Galijob - India’s answer to the Blue Collared Unemployment Crisis

Been a while that I’ve been hearing about the unemployment crisis in India. Took us a while to figure out the reason. Before I delve deep i…

Started by Saurabh Saha in Showcase!

9 Aug 19
Reply by Saurabh Saha


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