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Advice on Name


I am a new member of the club and really found it a perfect place for knowledge and experience sharing. After thinking for years and gaining some real time experience I have decided to step-up and start up my first venture (An IT Consulting Company), It would be basically a service company, offering services to the customers for all their technology needs ranging from basic web development to complex enterprise solutions or mobile apps to desktop applications.

I’m still to give a name to it. Not sure if I am using this place for the right reason but couldn’t resist myself from taking advice of all the experienced and senior group members.

Please suggest on the subject or advice what all should be considered before finalizing the name of a Company.

 Pradeep Arora



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  1. pradeep… in my opinion, if u want to do this professionally, i suggest you check out 

    you will be surprised at the number of responses you get (provided you give them a thorough brief), at a very nominal price! a name is something that is going to stay with you forever. so you really want to get it right!

    all the very best and welcome to the rodinhoods!

  2. Thank you Asha for the advice and wishes… You are right that the name will stay with the company forever. I will check the site you gave and will try to use their services too.

    Will keep you posted further.

    Pradeep Arora


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