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(Almost) A year into a startup at 23

I am a co-founder of a young technology startup out of India. I have 3 other co-founder, all 23, and we have been at it for close to year now. A few things I have noticed along the way, that I would like to share.

People do help

Some great things happened along the way. People all around the entrepreneur community have been very helpful and positive. We got pushed to the ET Now super angels show, through one such community effort. We got introduced to our adviser Alok Kejriwal through Mohit of YourNextLeap, a helpful entrepreneur. Alok, an Entrepreneur himself, helped us and continues to help us along the way. And lastly we got funded by One97 Mobility Fund, through Vijay Shekar Sharma, again an Entrepreneur. 

All in all, the Entrepreneur community in India, really does help the budding startups to get off the ground.

Globally disruptive technology could be built out of India

Another thing I noticed is that, we used to see very few globally relevant technologies being launched from India. Recently the trend has changed and a lot of new game changing technology companies are emerging out of India. I myself am a co-founder of RainingClouds technologies, which has just launched AppSurfer aims to to disrupt the mobile application market with a fresh approach and awesome technology. We just had a press release that you could checkout There are also a few other startups coming up with great technologies.

People do take you seriously

Again, coming from small towns in Maharashtra, we really had no idea about startups, silicon valley and all. Also we used to think, being very young and talking about big things,can raise a few eyebrows from people. But my experience was totally different. Young or inexperienced or whatever, people in this community do take you seriously if you know what you are talking about. 🙂

The Biggest Challenge

Bootstrapping! I mean, we had and still have enough technological, marketing, and product related challenges to crack. But keeping up your startup by bootstrapping really takes a lot out of you. Even Paul Graham says here, consulting is where product companies go to die. Starting as a consulting company is like starting out in the grave and trying to work your way up into the world of the living.

Well that’s exactly what we have to do here in India. 😀

The Memorable days

So many occasions come to mind. Can’t really pinpoint on one. I will try listing a few. The day when we first presented the product on stage. The day when we first met Alok in Mumbai – that was fun :D. And of course the Super Angels finale where we got funded.

But a lot of small small achievements do keep happening. For a geek startup, it’s those tech breakthroughs that keep you pushing. 🙂


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  1. the best line in this discussion for me?

    Starting as a consulting company is like starting out in the grave and trying to work your way up into the world of the living.’

  2. Its an awesome blog. Love it! Paul Graham Essays

  3. Kudos Aniket & Team. Here’s wishing you all the best – Very inspiring. BTW, I am a great admirer of Paul Graham and the Y Combinator concept.

  4. This is an awesome inspiring coverage! Wish you guys all the very best!

  5. By 23, I’d taken a year out from university to set up a grave company 🙂  

    A great achievement to have pegged at your idea for a year, without falling apart, and to get to where you are now.  Rock on, and Keep the Faith !

  6. Awesomely Inspiring, keep it up!

  7. Very Inspiring, keep going strong , all the best

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