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Alok Kejriwal on How To Sell!

Hey everybody, I’m back with more on SALES!

So, I hope you’ve watched my previous video on Why sales is so important for everyone. (If you haven’t, do watch it first!)

Now I’ll talk about another aspect of Sales.

This video is about how to sell, the process of sales. I’m not gonna make it industry/domain specific.

I will lay out some principles that have worked for me.

I hope they give you some new ideas to apply in your process of sales!

Check it out and tell me what you think in terms of content, ideas for improvement and MOST importantly topics that you want me to cover! Just add a comment and I will add it to my list!


[Highlights of the video added by Asha]


– Why should I be selling something to you and why should you be buying?

–  It’s not about selling for cash…  it’s hiring me, listening to me, watching this video, buying this video even though it’s free!

– Don’t connect sales to money.

– “The WHY establishes exchange of value!”

– You’re investing your time in watching this video and I’m investing my time in explaining this to you.

– Who exchanges what and why.

– Understanding the exchange of value is how you begin the sales process.


– Selling is about selling to people and not selling things.

– “You must understand the art of people” – understanding psychology – how we are!

–  The person you sell to is like you – just in a different framework.

– You learn something from everyone you meet.

“Try and meet at least one new person every day and learn from them. It will help you sell better!”



–  Price & the concept of negotiation come much later.

–  Don’t use price as strategy to sell. It’s one of the planks/angles that could close a deal – it’s not the reason why you should sell.

– The quality of what you sell and the context in which you sell is more important.

– Do role reversal – pretend you are the buyer. Appreciate what that person would go through before you begin sales.

– Understand industries, trade cycles, entire trend of the landscape you are dealing in.

– When you do a sale – it’s has to be about them and not about you.

– “The test of a great sales manager is if he can sell the same thing to the same buyer more than 3 times”

– “When you think of your buyer first, you last.”


– It’s an engaging salesperson who is able to sell.

– 50% of a sales pitch is about product and what you’re selling. 50% is about everything else. This includes very very rich conversation, talking about what interests the other person, even if it has nothing to do with the sales.

– It’s about long term engagement.


–  There’s a way of seeking an appointment.

There’s a way of following up.

There’s a way of closing something that doesn’t happen.

– Very important to remember: Sometimes sales happen after 4 rejections, sometimes after 9 rejections.

– It took me 8 years to get into the Jet Airways office to sell something!

– Biggest skill a sales person has is phenomenal patience and undying persistence.


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  1. Great post…

    “You cannot sell when you are ready to sell but when the buyer is ready to buy”

  2. Focus on what the Customer needs, Persistence, Patience, Humor, Be genuine; all these helps create that necessary and critical relationship with the prospect. And then keeping on doing it consistently will get desired results…

  3. Alok, it would be nice of you to talk on lead generation. Lots of things are said on sales compare to pre-sales. How important it is to generate the right lead or funnel approach (target audience) where the emotional decision is taken & later justifying your decision by rationalizing mind… 

  4. So true

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