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Alok on CNBC’s Rules of the Startup Game

Recently Alok along with Sandeep Murthy (Partner, Sherpalo Ventures), Sudipta Routh (Partner, Luthra & Luthra), Ingersol Jayakumar (Founder & CEO, Zingb), Vikram Vora (Founder & CEO, Mydentist) and Bijaei Jayaraj (Founder & CEO, Loyalty Rewardz Mngt) were on CNBC’s show, ‘Rules of the Startup Game’ hosted by Menaka Doshi (Corporate Editor, CNBC) to discuss ‘The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly of Shareholder Agreements’.

The latter three entrepreneurs happen to be seeking different rounds of funding. Some interesting questions & concerns were addressed in this insightful session.

Topics discussed:

i) Valuation Approach for Startups and How to Protect Against Undervaluation

ii) Balance of Rights between Entrepreneur and Investor

iii) Should an Entrepreneur consider Reverse Auction to Pick the Best Investor?

iv) Can Shareholder Agreements have Clauses on Bridge Funding and Additional Payout for a Founder?

v) Entrepreneur’s Ability to Negotiate Rights at Series C Funding Stage  


Here’s the teaser as well as video of the entire show for those of you who missed it when it was telecast…

The Show

Alok is following this story so pls feel free to pose your q’s to him!



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  1. Profile photo of Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

    Thank you Asha for this!

  2. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    you’re very welcome!

  3. Profile photo of Karan Pandhi

    Hi Asha,

    I did watch the show, and just showed my parents who is Alok Sir, and told them about Rodinhoods and the mentoring done by him, directly and via TRHS.

    Felt Awesome at that moment.

  4. Profile photo of asha chaudhry


    you should show them the site. and the responses to your posts karan!

  5. Profile photo of Rahul Chawla

    As always an Insightful information shared by Alok Sir not to forget about the other 2 Gentlemen for sharing their knowledge. Thank You Asha for uploading this Video here loved it.

  6. Profile photo of Karan Pandhi

    Well surely will do so ……… 

    Thank You for the advice Asha Mam, you have helped a lot, would be disturbing you soon with my various posts, once I start-up which is now in its final stages….. 

    Thank You Alok Sir since I joined linkedin and its only post that I came to know about TRHS, and this awesomest world …..

  7. Profile photo of Vijay Khubchandani

    Excellent watch.. Worth the time..

  8. Profile photo of Anirudh B Balotiaa

    Is this a new show?

    The way its conceptualized, it looks rad and very impressive! 

    Good to see start-ups/entrepreneurs getting more eye-balls!

    Way to go! 

  9. Profile photo of Aneja Raj

    Very impressive!

  10. Profile photo of Anirudh B Balotiaa

    Edit – I started watching from Episode-1 and I got to know so much in 3 episodes…for entrepreneurs or budding ones, this is a must watch! 

  11. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    hey anirudh… pls share the links as a comment for those interested…

    many thanks!

  12. Profile photo of Rishi

    Awesome series! Can we pin such posts so that it’s easy to find? or is it already done?

  13. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    rishi… you can find all of alok’s tv appearances under VIDEOS.

    there is also a separate TAB for ALOK’S POSTS. 


  14. Profile photo of Rishi

    Thx Asha!

  15. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    alok – i still get goosebumps every time i watch the teaser.

    i can’t even imagine how you must’ve felt to be thrown out of the company you founded….

  16. Profile photo of Priyadeep Sinha

    Thank you is all I can say, Alok. Lovely show format – no glitter and glamour but pure hardcore substance 🙂

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