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Alok, Thanks a lot for your time and input

This post is to thanks Alok for the valuable time he is taking out in helping budding entrepreneurs like me.

It was around 2011, August when I was reading Steve blank blog and his book on creating startups. And there are other n-number of blogs out there by successful entrepreneurs. But most of these blogs are written by those who have made it in US or elsewhere in this world. Where are the blogs written by Indian entrepreneurs? Thought let me Google it and found Alok’s blog. And believe me I finished all his blog posts in just 2 days. And now also keep revising them whenever I have to read something to help me in decision making in my entrepreneurial journey. At that time itself I thought I will contact him whenever need advice for my venture.

Now when I started executing the things in 2013, I felt I further need a guru to advice me(you always need guru for your professional and spiritual journeys). And I visited his blog and came to know about “TheRodinhoods” community. And it’s another great initiative by him. Then I though let me drop a mail to him for advice. I immediately wrote a mail, it was around 1:30 AM in the morning. And at 7:30 AM I got his reply where he has asked his colleague to arrange a call. And I was like on cloud 9. Frankly was not expecting a response at this speed. And next day Alok called me up. Discussed and gave valuable advice. The call lasted for approx 21 mins. Taking up time to help someone who is not know to you (we don’t even give time to known people these days) and that too when you are running a company is not easy.

How many successful people especially entrepreneurs have you found who are directly approachable?

Alok, Thanks a lot for your time and input. It means a lot.



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  1. thanks for this. appreciate the gesture

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