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Am I supposed to be Flattered or Alarmed? What do I do?


Added on (22nd August 2012):

Sometime in April, I had posted this blog about someone impersonating me on twitter. (below).

Well, check this out:

Now, dudes like these are using my name to get people to read e-mails?

Next is what???

PS – thanks Sameer Parwani for alerting me.

Original post – Dated April

Last evening, I was SHOCKED to see tweets of a person called ‘realrodinhood’ floating around!

When I clicked on the twitter profile, this is what I came across:

What is shocking is the way this person is purporting to be me!

I own the IP and Brand and Copyright of Rodinhood. Calling yourself ‘realrodinhood’ is trying to make people believe that you are Alok Kejriwal, who by the way goes by the name of Rodinhood!

Even the image of the Yoda with the Rodinhood Cap was lifted from this blog post of mine –

Vijay Anand tweeted to me and this fake dude calling him an ‘Impostor’ and this is what he replied (see top of the image below).

Also, check out his description of his profile, the fact that he is tweeting with my friends – Vishal Gondal, Mahesh Murthy and also involving industry folks like Sachin Bansal!

So far his tweets seem to be intelligent (!!) yeah!! and in order, but God knows what this could lead to?

Am I supposed to be flattered that I actually have an IMPOSTOR ?

OR do get ALARMED about what this can lead to?

PS – Check out my twitter profile as it appears currently:

What do you think I should do?



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  1. Contact twitter, they are quite prompt to delete the imposter accounts. Several celebrities and politicians have managed to get that done

  2. Get your account officially verified, the best option in these circumstances

  3. I think you should stop giving any attention to him/her.

  4. just one small thing – the IP u own in the word Rodinhood can be a trademark at best, not copyright. Maybe u shd get it trademarked.

  5. thanks for this.

  6. There are clearly two things that you need to do. Firstly get the Rodinhood presence “officially verified”. This should essentially be done to all Rodinhood handles – Facebook, Twitter, G+, wherever. In parallel, contact twitter to notify them of imposter account and requesting for shutting down the same. 

    Most social networking site take this very seriously. Complimentary or derogatory, an imposter is an imposter and there’s nothing flattering about it. If “fountain of kinship” is what is driving this person to create a Rodinhood-like tweet-handle, they might as well create and run a fan-page. 

  7. I think you have already informed all that there is an impostor and everybody should take note of this beyond this you should just ignore him. Everybody who wants to follow you and stay connected always lands on your page and there one can find your genuine social media handles. If you give any more importance to this guy his purpose would be served. Just ignore him 

  8. Just forget the guy. Enough mischief mongers are out there. Inattention is the best medicine.

  9. This is happening to a lot of people, someone made an account with my name and my DP too, and even if you contact them (Twitter) they dont shut down those accounts until and unless ur a celebrity.
    Chill brother, and try to indulge in a convo with him if he is active.
    find out who is playing around with you..
    Im sure he/she must be from USA or UK. and its a spam fake profile to get #FF through ur name and than sell tweets. this is happening.

  10. Bye bye impostor.

    Thank you twitter!

  11. And a new menace :-(((

  12. The biggest flattery is imitation

  13. Hi Alok,

    The twitter profile may be a case of impersonation; however, the email looks more like a spam, also called as email spoofing. You’d need the complete internet header to investigate the origin, find out “IPWhoIs”, and report abuse to, etc. This nuisance can’t really be completely avoided, though you could report it, but it keeps coming back through friendly email addresses as everybody does not have an updated anti-spam configured on emails. You may ignore it if there is no financial or reputational loss. Alternatively, you may alert your friends or general public (which I believe this post has already done).



  14. agree with Ajay Pal Singh… 🙂

    so perhaps you can take it as a compliment and enjoy it as long as it is harmless fun…

  15. People or Companies take care of Identity as if any thing happens wrong they loose the trust of people, customers and investors . mainly Trust is the first priority issue . It will be good if you can get your account verified by both twitter and facebook and make sure that you got a standard logo with out any changes. It really helps people to get in touch with real one rather than fake one.

    Even PMO got dozens of fake accounts in twitter. so up to now those fake people never done a bad job but rather putting the candle in open air. its time to protect the trust and image



  16. Sounds like you have the Fake Steve Jobs problem.  🙂

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