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anybody knows guys?

happy new year to all.

 i just wanted to know that do anybody know guys  or are they part of rodinhood.if anybody have any info in this regard do make me know.

once again happy new year and best wishes for new year ahead.


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  1. sahil,

    i suggest you be a little more specific on your ASK posts to make things clearer for other members. if you mention that you too are into t-shirts (or intend to start a similar venture) and therefore want to connect with someone from perhaps that would help you better.

    i googled the founders – they aren’t rodinhooders.

    The Founders is co-founded by Siddharth Munot & Prabhkiran Singh (Both IIT Bombay Alumni of the batch of 2011). They are self-motivated and passionate entrepreneurs having prior start-up experience with their respective ventures which they set up while they were in IIT campus.

    Prabhkiran Singh founded a chain of 2 freshly-prepared-flavoured lassi selling outlets by the name of Khadke Glassi, which featured in The Times of India and National News Channel ENews24.

    Siddharth Munot, having 2 years of teaching experience with IITian’s Pace Academy, headed a social cause ‘Speak Up India’ whose initiative ‘Poorani Jeans aur Tshirt’ featured in The Times of India.

  2. Don’t know them personally, but have interacted with one of the guys there (Siddharth). Do you want an introduction / email id? 

  3. I know Siddharth !! Anything needed ??

  4. sorry to reply s

  5. any contact if possible that could help!!thank yuu. i just want to share a thought don’t know that going to click or not.

  6. don’t know why my rest of reply not there, actually i am just starting up with clothing line, starting with t-shirts at first leg. as the their target audience is different from mine, so need to have chat in related concern that if my products could be available for sale from their site along with my companies site and other selling options i have engaged till now.  this could help them to add product range which they are not targeting, and even can give boost to my work too. i just believe in healthy collaboration in such competitive market. so ashish sir if this whole thing clicks to you tan please pass the message and make me know.

    link to my fb page is   to have idea of range of products.

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