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Are you a BAR??!!!! BAY AREA RODINHOODERS put your hands up!!




Updated : 1st August 2013 by Alok


I am in San Francisco (Parc 55 on Market) and am proposing a meetup on Wednesday – the 7th of August in the evening!


Need suggestions for:


1. Venue ideas where we can all meet and have a discussion? Does anyone know a place that we could borrow or rent?


2.What time would be a good time in SF? Start time and end time?


The amazing agenda as suggested by Saurabh Mutha:


Here is a small list of topics which I think would be useful to someone in the US wanting to target the upcoming Indian market:



1. How do we achieve ” Designed in California. Made for India” . Understanding the Indian demographic wrt ecommerce. 



2. A small discussion on tools and strategies for usability testing and target demographic research. Probably names of some services which you would recommend. 



3. Understanding the VC landscape in india. How should first time entrepreneurs approach VC’s in India. Is it a good idea to bootstrap or raise capital. What should a good term sheet look like. Are there any accelerators that you would recommend which have a focus and understanding of the Indian markets.



4. Hiring design and development teams in india (outsourcing) Pros and Cons.



5. And most importantly : How can we take this meetup further so that we grow as a group and what are your thoughts and vision for the Bay Area Rodinhoods. How can we help?





Original post of Asha follows:


Alok will be in your part of the world – San Francisco – for a couple of weeks in August. We’d like to ascertain how many rodinhooders (or friends of rodinhooders) live in the Bay Area. If we have enough numbers, Alok would love to meet up with some Rodinhooders while he’s in SF.


The dates will be finalised soon. But in the meanwhile – YELL & TELL if you are a BAY AREA RODINHOODER so we can plan a trhs event!!


Aneja Raj has kindly volunteered to be our BAR representative.


Kindly comment on this thread and mention which city you live in. Feel free to spread the word to your non rodinhooder friends based in SF if you think they’d be interested in such an event and comment here as well.





Special thanks to Sumesh for designing the BAR logo.


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  1. Gasp, gasp, gasp! Yes, yes, yes! Hands, legs, toes up!

    er… oh… wrong bay… Bay of Bengal here…. 😀

  2. Present Mam.. But in Bom-BAY.. 🙂

  3. Hello everyone. This is exciting news that it is happening in the bay area. Any one interested in a regroup, just message me on Rodinhoods, and I can give u my phone number. I live in the East Bay and work in SF.

    Aneja Raj

  4. This will be fun and I look forward to meeting up with Alok. Living in Sunnyvale. 

  5. thanks saurabh for all your imputs!!!

  6. I can try and host this at 500 startups office in mountain view. What say?

  7. Thanks Asha for coordinating this.

  8. That would be awesome! From what I understand , Alok is on a tight schedule. Not sure if he would want to take a 40 min one way ride to Mountain View. Can Alok confirm?

    UPDATE::: Alok confirmed on facebook that he is willing to come wherever. @Annkur , can you confirm availability of the venue? How many people can be accommodated if we get this venue?

  9. Count me in!! 🙂

  10. Im good boss… I will come where you tell me to – will need to rely on public transport thats all

  11. Guys – Games2win has an office in a building at 222 Columbus Street San Francisco! How about meeting there?!

    We can have a session in the kitchen :-))

  12. This is great!! I’m game!! Yay!! The count is growing 🙂 Eager to meet all of you.

    I’m in San Jose & will make it up at any place decided.



  13. Ahha! That would be great, I’ve heard g2w kitchen stocks beers!! 😛

  14. Yes! We have announced the event – PLEASE RSVP! –

  15. Hello All, 

    I need some help! I will be coming from San Jose and I don’t have a car, best option is Caltrain that will take >2 hrs = impossible to reach in time after office. I need a huge favour from someone who is travelling from San Jose / Santa Clara / Sunnyvale area – would it be possible for anyone to pick me up? I work at N 1st Street San Jose & I’m non fatty & athletic so I can squeeze in regardless of your car dimensions, please let me know!!! Reply here or drop me a message/comment on my profile whatever.

    Also, please RSVP on the event’s page:



  16. Hi all – I need a help. I am a developer turned entrepreneur based in Kerala, India. I was lucky to get invited for Google I/O annual developer conference in San Francisco later this year in June for contributions to community activities as a part of Google Developer Group Cochin

    Unfortunately I don’t have any contacts there and a quick search for hotels shows its very costly to stay there. Hence checking here to see if there are any kind rodinhooders who can help me with stay for a couple of days in SF.

  17. heylo heylo Bay Area Rodinhooders!!

    happy 2015 and all that jazz!!

    just a quick note to say that alok will be in philly for #wief15 and is planning to be in SF during feb 23-27.

    he would love to have another meetup!! are you guys game? if so, let’s start thinking of possible venues and of course topics to discuss!!!

    we can create an event closer to the date! 

    looking fwd to some ideas… let’s kick up some dust folks!!!

  18. I’m around for few weeks if anyone’s up for meeting.

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