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Asha Asha tune mujhe kabhi nahi Nirasha

This one is only and only for a wonderful woman who has supported me all the way since the last one month of my journey with RODINHOOD.

Asha I would highly be grateful for allowing me to be a part of such a great fraternity.

I would like to say the golden words the old man said

“Behind every successful man there is a woman”

I wouldn’t deny the fact though I have my special one, but out here at RODINHOOD it has to be only ASHA CHAUDHRY. 

She has been like a teacher to me, as I kept on asking her queries and like a sweet teacher, she kept on providing me the required data and what to do and how to do it.

I still remember when I was uploading my first post, in regards to my biz plan about HOGERZONE, a lot of you might have read and I’m glad for all your responses. She was the one who taught me how to embed a presentation, which I had never done in my entire life, she did a bit of editing too, and helped me get noticed among all the other giants.

I thank you Asha, as without you I would have felt like a fish in a pond with not knowing where the seashore is at. 

Though there is a long way to go, and yes I will keep on disturbing you till the time I don’t be a pro at RODINHOOD. 

I’m grateful and indebted for all your support, as because of you I can say I’m inching a step closer to my dream restaurant. 

I thank you a lot ASHA. 

Just a small one don’t want to bore everyone 😛


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  1. dear karan,

    thank you for thanking me! trust me, i have not done anything extraordinary or out of the way for you. many members need a bit of assistance while posting their first article on trhs. and this post of yours’ got 34 RESPONSES!!!!!!!!!!!

    i think this testimonial should be about how rodinhooders thrive on reaching out to each other – taking time out to suggest, advise, question, point out small & big things that would possibly help you better your venture. i think your post has some amazing constructive feedback on it! 

    to me that is the greatest testimonial of how our community works!

    and yes, i’m sure you are closer to realising your dream. very glad you could make it to the OH last friday. in a short time you have been soaking-in a lot of rodinhooding spirit!!!

    all the very best for hogerzone!

  2. just remembered karan, since you aspire to be in the restaurant biz – pls pls go through these two posts. there are a truck full of insights here and a universe full of inspiration!


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