Author: Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

An idea I wanna explore

All – I have been thinking of creating some real ‘ELEVATOR PITCHES’ for YouTube, T...Read More

The Ride

The planet of was magical. Pulsating bursts of energy swept the skies. The eastern...Read More

Did you Bribe or Get Bribed this Diwali?

Another Diwali went by… In the office a few gifts piled up on my table. ‘Sadly’ th...Read More

Entrepreneur ‘Satori’ – how things start.

When? July 1992 Where? Florence – Italy – Factory floor of the Conti Socks Machine Facto...Read More

The Client is always right. Full Stop.

  The Client is Always Right. Full stop.     I wrote this note a few days back and re...Read More

Yoda visits Rodinhood was blessed by a surprise visit by none other than Master Yoda. When I walked into m...Read More

Why doesn’t Jockey Pay me!!???? Arrgggggggg…

Games2win did a campaign for Jockey India in MAY 2010. Yup MAY 2010. They were mighty pleased with t...Read More

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