Author: Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

Did you Bribe or Get Bribed this Diwali?

Another Diwali went by… In the office a few gifts piled up on my table. ‘Sadly’ th...Read More

Entrepreneur ‘Satori’ – how things start.

When? July 1992 Where? Florence – Italy – Factory floor of the Conti Socks Machine Facto...Read More

The Client is always right. Full Stop.

  The Client is Always Right. Full stop.     I wrote this note a few days back and re...Read More

Yoda visits Rodinhood was blessed by a surprise visit by none other than Master Yoda. When I walked into m...Read More

Why doesn’t Jockey Pay me!!???? Arrgggggggg…

Games2win did a campaign for Jockey India in MAY 2010. Yup MAY 2010. They were mighty pleased with t...Read More

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