Author: Ankit Shukla

How to learn digital marketing in 14 days for free – The Complete Guide

Digital Marketing is one of the most needed skills of today’s time. With increasing internet penetra...Read More

Dropout Private Limited! Why RodinHood Why?

I started my roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship right from my college days. Due to our educatio...Read More

Help us in Idea Validation! Build Powerful Ecom Stores and Cool Websites in Just 7 Hours

[Update 27-dec 3:15 am]: All the inputs as comments have been very useful to me, thanks a lot for th...Read More

Narendra modi’s way to grow your startup business into a great company.

History has been written, Narendra Modi led BJP right into the Indian parliament, this time as a rul...Read More

Help RodinHoods! I Need your guidance.

Hii all, I am a 21 year old student entrepreneur, based in Gwalior. I had validated my idea and had ...Read More

Being inexperienced, thick skinned and persistent! My one year as an student entrepreneur.

Dec 2012 : Did an internship at an online fan merchandizing startup and learned how to make an onlin...Read More

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