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Happy New Year Rodinhoods! May 2016 be the year you make your $millions & $billions 🙂 Sharing fe...Read More

[Showcase] Bollywood Masti – Youtube for Bollywood Movies & Videos

Hello Rodinhooders, We have launched a new app called Bollywood Masti, which offers a curated list o...Read More

Should we be SCARED of Google?

What is Google? Let me rephrase a dialog from matrix: “Google is everywhere. It is all around ...Read More

Thank you Alok & the Rodinhoods

Hello everyone, There is great news I want to share with all of you. Our startup – NityaaLabs ...Read More

50,000 and counting!!

Hello friends, There is a good news I want to share with all of you. On 23rd May we (Nityaa Labs) ac...Read More

Do people miss what you do?

Hello friends,   This is something that I wanted to share from sometime. What is the best reward tha...Read More

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