Author: Prashant Kumar Sharma

If you are a Startup raising Funds, head to Bangalore!

Hello Rodinhooders, Great startups hangout here and we are presenting you a great opportunity! Raisi...Read More

So you think you know about Start-ups and entrepreneurs?

Hello Rodinhooders, As we gear up here at Bangalore to storm the house with open house on September ...Read More

5 Lessons I learnt at Silicon Valley

Hello Rodinhooders, I have been willing to write about my experience at Silicon Valley as a part of ...Read More

Yo se aiYo tak!

As an aspiring/existing entrepreneur or as a person who follows developments related to Start-ups ar...Read More

Hiring for Start-ups made easy at Bangalore

Hello Rodinhooders, We had missed posting about Headstart Higher on therodinhoods, which is start-up...Read More

With Love from Tim Draper!

Hello Rodinhooders, I said a couple of days back that I am interviewing the Founder of “Draper...Read More

Ask Tim Draper aka Riskmaster!

Hello Rodinhooders, I am so glad sharing this with you all. I am currently a part of Tim Draper̵...Read More

The awesomeness of therodinhoods is everywhere!

Hi Rodinhooders, I am writing this with a sense of utter delight and enthusiasm for everyone out the...Read More

Tim Draper calling!

Hello Rodinhooders, With things winding up for 2013 and each one of us excitedly looking forward to ...Read More

FM Channels and Radiowalle

Hello Rodinhooders, It has been a while since I posted something in the community, may be still high...Read More

Harvard Project (HPAIR) beckons a Rodinhooder! :)

 Hello Fellow Rodinhooders, To start off, I would like to give a very short introduction on my backg...Read More

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