Author: Ritika Bajaj

Mindfulness for the Contemplative Entrepreneur

It’s a necessary evil — every entrepreneur spends a lot of time thinking… It’s how they became entre...Read More

Why Entrepreneurs turn Spiritual

My first real brush with spirituality was in 2009. Before that I had read a lot on the subject, but ...Read More

Why ‘Good’ Advice should be Genuinely ‘Free’

Image courtesy – lifehacker   Just a few days ago I was complimented by an acquaintance w...Read More

Use Storytelling to Create a Powerful Connect

A few years ago, I was taking a class about the kite flying festival in India — Makar Sankranti. The...Read More

Have You Been an Entrepreneur for 40 Days?

The gurus of India often say that it takes 40 days for any practice to get established in your syste...Read More

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