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Can you give your feedback on my product idea?

Hey Rodinhoods!

We have been working on a website security service, and it is called Net Canine (


This is a small video demo of the website defacement detection capabilities of Net Canine. Can you tell how it seems?


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  1. Kaushal,


    I honestly was not impressed at all.


    – anyone who owns or operates a website WATCHES it 24*7*365. I don’t need a canine for that.


    – People like me specially (One man armies who run 1-2 private websites) need to know HOW TO SECURE A SITE FROM ATTACK!!


    I thought that was the idea of NetCanine….?!


    A canine STOPS a thief.


    A security Camera WATCHES a thief.


    Sorry for the direct reply

  2. Thank you Alok!


    Indeed it feels great to hear a critical review!


    We were investigating a few cyber crime cases regarding defacement of websites and thus we ran up to the idea, and made this.

    However, you are correct: this is not what is required! although it is the habit of tech entrepreneurs to keep checking their website every hour, there ARE people who look at their website as often as they look at their driver’s license or election card, and a person like me who owns 13 websites…. he won’t have that time!

    So we thought it might be handy to roll it out as a free service.

    Your point is noted, though! We are working on the website security feature which is the actual job of the canine, and we should be done real soon 🙂

    A dog that just barks is no good, it must bite back 😛

  3. Thank you Yatin, we ARE walking in the direction of creating a complete SaaS web security system, and so far we have reached upto where is, it should take a few months to make it production ready.

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