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Why does anyone work for anyone, anyway?

I am inspired to write this post following a rather eventful Monday evening. folks tried poaching a few of my colleagues and they came compl...Read More

What’s in a Name?

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) inspired me to write this blog. If you haven’t heard CCR, I suggest you do – it’s immortal rock music that wi...Read More

Idea or Execution – Which is more important?

    So, I saw the Social Network yesterday and was BLOWN away. Awesome movie and amazing story.The bulk of the minutes of the movie were spent on the ...Read More

An idea I wanna explore

All – I have been thinking of creating some real ‘ELEVATOR PITCHES’ for YouTube, TV content. It can be a nice way to show entreprene...Read More

The Ride

The planet of was magical. Pulsating bursts of energy swept the skies. The eastern side of the planet was enveloped in a dual sunris...Read More

Did you Bribe or Get Bribed this Diwali?

Another Diwali went by… In the office a few gifts piled up on my table. ‘Sadly’ they came from our BEST partners… Internally, ...Read More

Entrepreneur ‘Satori’ – how things start.

When? July 1992 Where? Florence – Italy – Factory floor of the Conti Socks Machine Factory What? Machine – 4″X108 – Sing...Read More

The Client is always right. Full Stop.

  The Client is Always Right. Full stop.     I wrote this note a few days back and revisited it today:     – After my a...Read More

Yoda visits Rodinhood was blessed by a surprise visit by none other than Master Yoda. When I walked into my Rodinhood office, I was speechless to see Yoda c...Read More

Why doesn’t Jockey Pay me!!???? Arrgggggggg…

Games2win did a campaign for Jockey India in MAY 2010. Yup MAY 2010. They were mighty pleased with the results and its the 3rd of November now, and we...Read More

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