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Craving Meals – Healthy Meals & Tiffin Service

Hello Guys, It’s my first post on TheRodinhoods after being a part of it for almost 3 years.:) Before continuing further, I want to thank Alok a...Read More

Experience a New Cloud Communication Platform with MOBtexting

Dear Rodinhood Members Greetings This is Ajay, a Rodinhood member since 2012. I’m first generation entrepreneur, I started 3m Digital Networks P...Read More

Data Collection by Defence Veterans

RESEARCH DATA COLLECTION Accurate data collection for any research is sine quo non for any credible research. Most of the data collection in India is ...Read More

Layoffs suck. Be less of a jerk.

Dear Entrepreneur, We recently had to go through a small round of layoffs and some people in our team were let go. Getting yourself in the position of...Read More

Is Digital Marketing A Bad Career?

The negativity towards a sales and marketing guy will never change. Customers, never ever believed a word coming out these people as they clearly knew...Read More

A Noble Business Idea

My motivation for writing this article is to get suggestions/help from Rodinhoods like you. Kindly do post your valuable comments. I am thankful to ro...Read More

Requesting help to validate the business idea of PROVEGA SOLUTIONS

This is my first post on, appreciate any help and guidance possible. We are a revenue generating startup, which started 6 months bac...Read More

Help me to validate my idea, in return I will give 1,000 users for your mobile app.

Summary : We are working on a new way, for mobile app owners to market their mobile app to users, at one tenth of existing CPI. We want to validate ou...Read More

Why Entrepreneurship and My First Venture

Sometimes, life takes you on a different path. A path where you’ve been away from yourself for such a long time, that you need to question every...Read More


A must read for every entrepreneur! Hello to every Entrepreneur who is reading this piece of courage. Today I’m gonna share an amazing story with you ...Read More

I don’t want to quit, but I want to survive too

This might be one of the weirdest post on, I finally decided to start my own business, an advertising agency, after attending TheRod...Read More

Looking for a Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack

Hi, We are looking for a “Senior Software Developer – Mean Stack” preferably based out of Kochi. Job Title: Senior Software Develope...Read More

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