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Looking for help with SERP/SEO

Hey Guys! I have a small family run textile business and I recently put up my website using WP. My website is I wanted help with SERP...Read More

Need a Professional CA & Tax Consultant for an eCommerce Startup

Hello Friends, We are planning a marketplace for bakery raw materials, supplies, tools, appliances etc. Now we are looking for a professional CA &...Read More

E commerce web Portal TraderBazar

Hi all , I have an initiated idea to launch a B2B, B2C, C2C web portal for Indian manufacturers and traders under the title More Fraud or Genuine?

Yesterday I was going through some financial terms on an website called as While I was reading through and watching video regarding s...Read More

Artbugs is looking for Mumbai based Magento Developer or Company

Hello, we are – an online store for artistic consumer products from categories like Home Decor, Fashion & Furniture. Our site...Read More

Help : eCommerce Packaging & Logistic

Hello Friends, We are an upcoming marketplace for bakery raw materials, supplies, tools, appliances etc, expected to go live by early next year and lo...Read More

Advertising for a coaching class

Hi All I have started a coaching class for school and commerce students. To advertise the coaching institute, i tried pamphlet distribution through ne...Read More

POS companies in India – who are the popular ones?

Hi there, Been a long time since I’ve posted something on RodinHoods! I’m looking to connect with some POS companies for integration of on...Read More

VAT registration for Start-up

Hello, I have just commenced business of marketing agricultural processed food from the farmers and wish to sell it online and at supermarkets. Howeve...Read More

Digital Workplace Ecosystem for MSME’s project seeks Seed Funding / Angel Investor.

Dear All, We are working on a concept Pert ERP – is an Eco-System of Simple Digital Work Place with integrated ERP features like Accounting, HRM...Read More

Bloom or Gloom situation?….Pl help me decide!

Hi! I’m an entrepreneur for 3 years with a track record of one failed venture and one “God-knows-what-more-do-I-do-to-make-it” ventu...Read More

Help Needed – for Beverages Kiosk

Hello fellow Rodinhooders, There has been this idea which has been in the incubation since long but now its about to take shape. It is going to be kio...Read More

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