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Hi Everyone, I hope your startups are ROCKING and creating value! Will you pay me a salary of 2.5 Crores/Month if I promise to help you SPEND 3000 Cro...Read More

Tinker Bot – Redefining Education

In the past few years Artificial Intelligence and Chat bots have been the hot topics for discussion. There have been significant developments in the f...Read More

The Hidden Logistics Scam That Is Making You Bleed Cash

This post previously appeared on Zepo Blog! There is something dark about Indian E-commerce logistics that nobody is talking about. Big numbers acknow...Read More

Need Feedback and Tips – Kya mere start up mein Point Hai?

Hi Rodinhooders! I am Manan Shah, Founder of My website is for all those “image lover and pocket saving” people (mind you… here image lov...Read More

Interview Management System from

Hello Folks, We have integrated a cloud based desktop into our video conferencing application which can be used to interview candidates on technical f...Read More

Indian invited to participate in World’s first renewable South Pole expedition

I am Sunil kumar, a 27 year old CA from Hyderabad working with Amazon. I am a silent robinhooder since quite a few years. I got invited for the World&...Read More

Member of any business communities or groups? #ProductFeedback pl.

Hello Rodinhoods! If you’re part of any business communities or groups, I hope you’ll find this interesting. Unlike LinkedIn, Facebook, Wh...Read More

Help Us Understand Marketing at Bottom of Pyramid

Hello Rodinhoods, We are conducting a research study at FMS, BHU (Under the guidance of Prof. Harish Chandra Chowdhary- Former Dean & Head, FMS BH...Read More is looking for a Corporate Lawyer

  Hello Everyone! We are an upcoming eCommerce market place for all bakery supplies, raw materials, tools, decoration, packaging and appliances. ...Read More

Study on Women Social Entrepreneurship in India

Hello, I am a final year MBA student at Institute of Management Studies, BHU. I am doing a research project “Women Social Entrepreneurship in India: A...Read More

Hello Hola – Learn as you type!

I have been trying to learn Spanish since almost 2 years now. Not that I am a very slow learner, I am just not focusing into it. I completed few lesso...Read More

10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales With College Ambassador Program

This post previously appeared on Zepo Blog! Are you a startup? Are you looking for a cost friendly yet effective means to market your business? If yes...Read More

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