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Any body who is running franchise business? I want to know the process and basic requirements.

Hello Members, My name is Nitin Batra. I am running a small tea shop where I sell blended tea. I prepare my blend with 13 different types of tea from ...Read More

Budget planning to start an online business

Hi all, Here comes a time that every person on Rodinhood aspires for. I am starting on my own and need a small advice to begin with. I am planning to ...Read More

Simplest Attendance Management System !!!

Every organization has the challenge on how to fetch the employees attendance data in an automated manner which is cost effective. A technology start ...Read More

Looking for help with SERP/SEO

Hey Guys! I have a small family run textile business and I recently put up my website using WP. My website is I wanted help with SERP...Read More

Need a Professional CA & Tax Consultant for an eCommerce Startup

Hello Friends, We are planning a marketplace for bakery raw materials, supplies, tools, appliances etc. Now we are looking for a professional CA &...Read More

E commerce web Portal TraderBazar

Hi all , I have an initiated idea to launch a B2B, B2C, C2C web portal for Indian manufacturers and traders under the title More Fraud or Genuine?

Yesterday I was going through some financial terms on an website called as While I was reading through and watching video regarding s...Read More

Artbugs is looking for Mumbai based Magento Developer or Company

Hello, we are – an online store for artistic consumer products from categories like Home Decor, Fashion & Furniture. Our site...Read More

Help : eCommerce Packaging & Logistic

Hello Friends, We are an upcoming marketplace for bakery raw materials, supplies, tools, appliances etc, expected to go live by early next year and lo...Read More

Advertising for a coaching class

Hi All I have started a coaching class for school and commerce students. To advertise the coaching institute, i tried pamphlet distribution through ne...Read More

POS companies in India – who are the popular ones?

Hi there, Been a long time since I’ve posted something on RodinHoods! I’m looking to connect with some POS companies for integration of on...Read More

VAT registration for Start-up

Hello, I have just commenced business of marketing agricultural processed food from the farmers and wish to sell it online and at supermarkets. Howeve...Read More

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