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Hello Hola – Learn as you type!

I have been trying to learn Spanish since almost 2 years now. Not that I am a very slow learner, I am just not focusing into it. I completed few lesso...Read More

10 Easy Ways To Boost Your Sales With College Ambassador Program

This post previously appeared on Zepo Blog! Are you a startup? Are you looking for a cost friendly yet effective means to market your business? If yes...Read More

Mastering the art of Recruiting !!!

Recruitment is considered as hiring the right candidate for the right position, but to be honest this has been a challenge to many companies. We have ...Read More

Budget planning to start an online business

Hi all, Here comes a time that every person on Rodinhood aspires for. I am starting on my own and need a small advice to begin with. I am planning to ...Read More

ORGMENTORS – Seeking Your Inputs On Our Training Venture

Dear all, I am new to The Rodinhoods and have been following and reading posts here for more than a month now. Wish to seek feedback for our start-up ...Read More

Need guidance for fundraising for a real estate startup

Hi, my name is Sitanshu and I am one of the co founders at Flathood. We started out in December 2015 and are currently present in South Delhi and Gurg...Read More

Any body who is running franchise business? I want to know the process and basic requirements.

Hello Members, My name is Nitin Batra. I am running a small tea shop where I sell blended tea. I prepare my blend with 13 different types of tea from ...Read More

Simplest Attendance Management System !!!

Every organization has the challenge on how to fetch the employees attendance data in an automated manner which is cost effective. A technology start ...Read More

Looking for help with SERP/SEO

Hey Guys! I have a small family run textile business and I recently put up my website using WP. My website is I wanted help with SERP...Read More

Need a Professional CA & Tax Consultant for an eCommerce Startup

Hello Friends, We are planning a marketplace for bakery raw materials, supplies, tools, appliances etc. Now we are looking for a professional CA &...Read More

E commerce web Portal TraderBazar

Hi all , I have an initiated idea to launch a B2B, B2C, C2C web portal for Indian manufacturers and traders under the title More Fraud or Genuine?

Yesterday I was going through some financial terms on an website called as While I was reading through and watching video regarding s...Read More

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