Time to decode the ‘Social’ in ‘Social Commerce’

“If I had to guess, Social Commerce is the next area to really blow up” – Mark Zuckerberg ‘Social Commerce’ or more simply ‘Social Payments’ has been ...Read More

The world of YKK Zips never ends.

When I joined my manufacturing plant in Ludhiana, we began designing our Hoodies. I was told that we have to use only YKK zips as they are the best qu...Read More

How to communicate with an Outsourced Product Development Partner?

Having spent 14+yrs working exclusively with startups at Talentica and being a part of product development life cycles for over 30 startup products, I...Read More

Why our startup matters to every entrepreneur? 

Hello Entrepreneurs! I’m here with my startup but before that Let me tell you one story.. This story starts when an Individual called Rakesh get...Read More

ConXn Construction Intelligence

Hello Fellow Rodinhoods! Hope you’re doing great. Thank you Mr. Alok Kejriwal for enabling this ‘Living wikipedia for entrepreneurs’...Read More

Entrepreneurs, Look How Far You’ve Come!

As I work alone from my small office home office (SOHO), trying to achieve something as a solopreneur, the journey often seems like an arduous climb… ...Read More

Top 4 Questions To Answer Before Product Scaling!

On a recent trip to Europe, a prospect meeting reinforced a notion that I held to be important anyway! While most founders are quite confident in thei...Read More

Artivatic Growth: Journey from Starting up to Funding to Partnering with Fortune Companies

 “I knew that if I failed I wouldn’t regret that, but I knew the one thing I might regret is not trying.” — Jeff Bezos, founde...Read More

Contribute to Crowdfunding – Top 32 Changemaker

eBZaar is running a #crowdfunding campaign, as part of Catapooolt Changemakers Top 32 – presented by The Economic Times. This is the time to con...Read More

How to hire and manage your startup team?

My recent trip to the states culminated on a high note.  The startup space is abuzz with activity and a slew of brilliant concepts are raring to break...Read More

5 Tips to Consider to make Delivery Process better using the Demand Delivery App

Nowadays the on-demand delivery market is taking the market by blizzard in the Mobile Application Development Industry. And this ‘on demand delivery s...Read More

Partnership Offer/Request. CamacOn: A Crowd Analytics and Artificial Intelligence Solution

Hi, Greetings from CamacOn. We are a crowd analytics and artificial intelligence solution and presently we are working to change and reinvent the dyna...Read More

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