Why Entrepreneurship and My First Venture

Sometimes, life takes you on a different path. A path where you’ve been away from yourself for such a long time, that you need to question every...Read More

The 7 lessons I learnt at the Boeing Factory…

I am writing this after spending a few hours at the main Boeing Factory in Seattle….  All I can say is that, “No One – not even the ...Read More

Why you must be CCO rather than CEO in your startup?

Let me start with an outstanding quote said by Former CEO and cofounder of Apple Steve Jobs: “Get closer than ever to your customers. So close, in fac...Read More

Why is that only celebrities and models can create ads?

Hi Rodinhooders, Have you ever wondered why only famous celebrities and models create Ads for brands? Why can’t You and I do the same? When did I get ...Read More

Know your deliverance!!!

Let me tell you a story about life in the jungles of Africa. There was this young and gorgeous cow named Eli the Elephant. Eli just in prime years of ...Read More

How long does it take to build a custom wordpress theme

WordPress is one of the most used CMS’s out there. It’s said to power about 25% of the internet. With its rich plugin repository, it’s a p...Read More

Dropout Private Limited! Why RodinHood Why?

I started my roller coaster ride of entrepreneurship right from my college days. Due to our education and social system, Entrepreneurship has been mad...Read More

What Is the Future of Project Management?

Project management tools are currently used heavily by various professional businesses around the world. It is clear that these tools are making a hug...Read More

Beginners Guide to Affiliate Marketing – how I made $2726 in June 2017

Making money online seems easy right? We see so many bloggers and income reports that you start questioning yourself that how the hell are these peopl...Read More

We Deliver Rewards, We Deliver Engagement

Life is a book and the journey are the pages. Every day is a journey but for some, they make their own. This is my story, this is my journey. I am Bha...Read More

A moment in Tripoli

In 1999, I traveled to Tripoli to try and collect on a debt that was owed to my late father and overdue by a decade. I wrote this poem there even as I...Read More

5 Criteria to Help You Choose Valuable Partners

I was in a meeting the other day, and I had thought it would last a maximum of an hour, since it was just a discovery meeting — one where you generall...Read More

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