3S – Virtual Assistant Services

You have to know.. when to Delegate Down So that you can Rise Up Welcome to the world of Smart Support Services – 3S Virtual Assistant services ...Read More

15 Hidden Gems Of The Venture Capital Ecosystem In India

When we talk about number of startups founded, India ranks among the top three countries globally. Startups that raised funding between the years of 2...Read More

The Rise of Millennipreneurs in India and How Business Loans Can Help Them

Loan Frame is helping this generation of young entrepreneurs secure the right business loans to help them advance their ventures. Millennipreneurs are...Read More

May I sleep, please?

This post talks about how to help the sleep deprived IT industry get some much needed sleep. Straight from the horse’s (engineer’s) mouth&...Read More

Huge established market OR an insight leading to a niche market

A huge established or possible market opportunity OR an insight leading to a small potential niche market. What gets your entrepreneurial juices flowi...Read More

ResumeBot — Cool new way to make a Resume

Resumes in their current form have grown staid. The standard, one-page document listing out all your achievements is boring. Now that is not to say th...Read More


A must read for every entrepreneur! Hello to every Entrepreneur who is reading this piece of courage. Today I’m gonna share an amazing story with you ...Read More

Hotel Booking Online by the Hour – MiStay

MiStay is a travel-tech company which allows booking hotel rooms by pack of hours with flexible check-in & check-out times. Instead of the rigid f...Read More

Indian B2B E-Commerce – Case of Cart Before Horse ?

Started with lots of fanfare and positive expert predictions – Indian B2B e-commerce got everything right during initial days. A huge market, vi...Read More

Stay On Skill – This Summer, host an expert and learn a new skill for free

A strong gush of cold morning breeze swept the curtains away. Through the narrow breezy slit, I could see the dawn caving into the beauty of the risin...Read More

What Does The Future Hold For Knowledge Base?

Since first gaining significant traction from the Government and the private sector, Knowledge Management has evolved substantially. New mental models...Read More

Why this product, selling millions of units worldwide, isn’t advertised in Indian Media?

Do we see ads for Pencils(Natraj)? Light bulbs? Fans? TV? Freeze?  Of course, Yes. Did you ever see an adv. for rice cooker’s in Indian main str...Read More

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