Why Entrepreneurs turn Spiritual

My first real brush with spirituality was in 2009. Before that I had read a lot on the subject, but didn’t really think of incorporating meditation in...Read More

The Winning Way for Startups

What is common to Steve Jobs, Bill Gates, Sergey Brin, Larry Page, Jeff Bezos and many more successful entrepreneurs? They have all had a coach! I hop...Read More

3 Reasons Why meditating is absolutely essential for your life!

I have known about meditation (and the benefits which were unanimous for those practicing it regularly) for a long long time. But it was only around i...Read More

Do you trust people, 1000% ??

The chief information security officer at Amazon should have gone insomniac looking at the way Amazon handles the security aspect, allowing 5 letter p...Read More

How to write a great story? A visual guide!

I’m so disheartened by the sloppy, insipid, uninspiring stories and blogs people write, I made this visual guide: As a story writer, just imagin...Read More

On Accountability, where does the buck stop?

A recent post by Jason Fried (Founder, CEO of Basecamp) led me to share some of my thoughts on Accountability or where does the buck stop. I surely re...Read More

The 6 hour-workday – an ongoing experiment

As the CEO of mobile gaming company, TheAppGuruz, I am always keen to learn and implement newer ways to boost employee productivity. As the head of a ...Read More

Mom to a son & a startup

This post originally appeared on Full disclosure. This post may make me sound like a monster. When I found out I was pregnant I was inex...Read More

Use Storytelling to Create a Powerful Connect

A few years ago, I was taking a class about the kite flying festival in India — Makar Sankranti. The students were from Std 7 of a Hindi medium public...Read More

Beta access for™ is a cloud based telecommuting platform offering Cloud Desktops™, Talent Management System, Conferencing facilities all under a single ...Read More

MeTripping — Intelligent Travel Search

A question that sometimes comes up when we talk about MeTripping – does the world really need another travel site? We don’t blame people &...Read More

Latest updates in Oncreate3d:- World’s first full cloud CAM app

OnCreate3D is first full cloud CAM app. No installation, no hardware/software locks, no paid AMCs and no upgrade costs. OnCreate3D has Mill-2D project...Read More

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