3 Content Marketing Trends That Will Dominate 2018

An amazing year comes to an end, complete with videos going viral, news-feeds getting chaotic and organic reach nosediving. If content marketing is yo...Read More

Reasons Why You Should Choose iOS App Development Platform for your Mobile App

Presently the app development scene is primarily controlled by iOS and Android. Both these mobile platforms are widely popular worldwide. Millions of ...Read More

Data Collection by Defence Veterans

RESEARCH DATA COLLECTION Accurate data collection for any research is sine quo non for any credible research. Most of the data collection in India is ...Read More

Layoffs suck. Be less of a jerk.

Dear Entrepreneur, We recently had to go through a small round of layoffs and some people in our team were let go. Getting yourself in the position of...Read More

5 basic strategies to be followed by food delivery startups when entering the market

Food panda, Swiggy, FreshMenu, Brekkie, and the list go on. There were more than 200 food startups at the end of 2016 and over $220 million invested i...Read More

First entrepreneurial steps

Hello fellow dreamer-doers! My mission is to infuse organisations and individuals with knowledge of their innate strengths so that they can experience...Read More

Why Bicycle sharing will be the new on demand cab for urban India?

You’d think cycling in India is hard, decrepit infrastructure, pollution and horrible traffic. But if you really think about it, most traffic on...Read More

A Noble Business Idea

My motivation for writing this article is to get suggestions/help from Rodinhoods like you. Kindly do post your valuable comments. I am thankful to ro...Read More

How to Make a Fan-Loving Live Sports Streaming Site

Do you have a neighbourhood sports team? Or a college one that always wins? Perhaps, you are a die-hard sports fan who wants to stream your favorite b...Read More

3 reasons why Product/UX Design is struggling in your organisation

So either you are the head of UX Team or you are part of one and feel that the UX Team is yet to find its feet in the organisation, as a manner of spe...Read More

Well…I don’t trust you!

Trust A few months back, I witnessed an almost invisible example of trust. It was late afternoon and my team and I were meeting with the Vice-Presiden...Read More

Story of

WHAT IS TRANSHIMALAYA.IN? The Transhimalaya is a 1600-kilometer-long mountain range extending in a west–east direction parallel to the main Himalayan ...Read More

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