Farmers Fund – Can it be as easy as Netflix?

*Looking for volunteers* What if, you can enable & watch small farmers thrive, as easy as watching a movie on Netflix? I am a serial technology en...Read More

A CEO Dilemma. What would you do?

So, this is a true story: About a year ago, we employed a person (man) in one of the 2win companies.  Within a month of joining, he had started ‘...Read More

Monitoring Your Competitors to Win the Market

A monopoly renders people complacent and satisfied with mediocrity. Hence, having competition and complete knowledge about your competitors is an abso...Read More

Saying NO to Red Herring. NO. NO. NO

Updated 18/6/2013: The moot point is that the entire concept is what I would consider FALSE. After all the charade of selection, pitching, elimination...Read More

Explainer Video – Everything you want to know about making it

“Visual memories are the strongest memories” Animation Explainer videos help you create a lasting memory in the users mind, if done properly. Animatio...Read More

Why I DIDN’T LIKE Steve Jobs :-(

I didn’t like Steve Jobs.  And why? Because at my dinosauric age of 39, Steve Jobs completely turned my easy chugging life Upside Down.  This is...Read More

Left 99.2 percentile in XAT for Entrepreneurial Dreams

Yes, I did this. Coming from a Tier-1 Engineering college like N.S.I.T, I too had the “MBA ka Keeda”.  I scored 99.2 percentile in XAT 201...Read More

Ten Negotiation tips that will never fail you!

Each of us has won and lost a negotiation and have learnt our lessons. These are my learnings! 1. Use Silence as a weapon One of the toughest things t...Read More

Time to decode the ‘Social’ in ‘Social Commerce’

“If I had to guess, Social Commerce is the next area to really blow up” – Mark Zuckerberg ‘Social Commerce’ or more simply ‘Social Payments’ has been ...Read More

The world of YKK Zips never ends.

When I joined my manufacturing plant in Ludhiana, we began designing our Hoodies. I was told that we have to use only YKK zips as they are the best qu...Read More

How to communicate with an Outsourced Product Development Partner?

Having spent 14+yrs working exclusively with startups at Talentica and being a part of product development life cycles for over 30 startup products, I...Read More

Why our startup matters to every entrepreneur? 

Hello Entrepreneurs! I’m here with my startup but before that Let me tell you one story.. This story starts when an Individual called Rakesh get...Read More

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