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WHAT IS TRANSHIMALAYA.IN? The Transhimalaya is a 1600-kilometer-long mountain range extending in a west–east direction parallel to the main Himalayan ...Read More

iHabitat – make your neighbourhood smarter and safer

Websparrows Solutions ( has recently launched an amazing Mobile Application to enhance the safety and security of the residents of...Read More

Requesting help to validate the business idea of PROVEGA SOLUTIONS

This is my first post on, appreciate any help and guidance possible. We are a revenue generating startup, which started 6 months bac...Read More

Looking for funding for Data Analytics Solution

Hello RodinHooders, I am new to this site and want to introduce myself and my current work. Please help with your feedback, suggestions and comments. ...Read More

Top Hiring Tips For Startups Post Series ‘A’ Funding

Congratulations – you managed to cross the hurdle of gaining a Series ‘A’ funding for your dream startup. While reveling in this ‘victory’, you realiz...Read More

Top Secret your SIM operator never told you…

Ever wanted to know which mobile operator has the fastest net, best coverage & lowest call drops at your home, college or office? Is your number e...Read More

5 reasons why most mobile app startups fail

By the end of 2017, the number of app downloads will cross 265 Billion from all around the world. Smartphone users are increasing dramatically and peo...Read More

Wharton India Startup Challenge 2018 | Mumbai, India  | January 5, 2018

Looking for exposure to a global audience or funding from top investors?  Have the next big idea? Apply to the Wharton India Startup Challenge (WISC) ...Read More

My new fashion startup – after a long gap!

Hi all…. It has been quite a long time (2 – 3 yrs) since I was active on TheRodinhoods. After dabbling with a few jobs, here I am again, b...Read More

5 reasons to choose NodeJS for your product development

Nodejs has been enjoying web developer’s attention ever since its launch and a lot of them are changing into full fledged Nodejs developers and Nodejs...Read More

How to pick the right company for software development outsourcing

To find the best company for your software development outsourcing is not as hard as it seems if you come prepared. Here is what you should keep in mi...Read More

What is a Graph Database? Why choose Neo4J among the other Graph Databases

Graph Database: You should first understand about Graph Database before answering the question “Why choose Neo4J among the other graph databases...Read More

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