MNP – Mera Number Pehelwan !

In the beginning of 2001, contests2win began pioneering the concept of Mobile Marketing Via SMS, via our business Mobile2win (China and India). While ...Read More

Need feedback on making client interaction better

Digital Marketing is an industry where the expectations of clients are difficult to meet. I am trying to help our team and our clients understand our ...Read More

THE PITCH – Behind the Scenes

When we shot for THE PITCH, I had never met nor heard of  Boman Irani. However, in the 12 hours that passed compressed in a room with and 2 other Jury...Read More

The NEW SCAM in town…

A few years ago, there was the famous NIGERIAN SCAM: A mail would arrive stating that some lawyer was managing some Nigerian dictators assets and afte...Read More

Should we be scared of people taking away our documents

We have created a set of document for our clients as we feel Digital Marketing Clients don’t have right expectations (often). We are making it o...Read More

Airports and Countries…

  For many years I have tried to co-relate  if  the Airport of a Country truly reflects what lies inside.. Having been a long-term guinea pig, I belie...Read More

DO you really trust certification?

DO you really trust certification? If we have google adwords certificate, do you think we are better at PPC?

Require funding for a fashion business with a unique distribution model.

Hi, I quit my job last December and since then have been working with an ex-colleague on a concept in the fashion business. The segment that we are ta...Read More

What kind of PANSY logo is this???

Airtel Changed its logo to THIS????? Have they LOST IT? Is this a Question Mark???  Please, please…someone tell me!

Do you visit your Eye Doctor to Lose weight?

When was the last time you went to your eye doctor to lose some weight? Shall I be going to an Eye Doctor?? Well, you probably didn’t. And even if you...Read More

Why does anyone work for anyone, anyway?

I am inspired to write this post following a rather eventful Monday evening. folks tried poaching a few of my colleagues and they came compl...Read More

What’s in a Name?

Creedence Clearwater Revival (CCR) inspired me to write this blog. If you haven’t heard CCR, I suggest you do – it’s immortal rock music that wi...Read More

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