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Diamond Lab Certs !!! Not a Just Another Diamond App.

Hello Everyone,

We have just released the application called Diamond Lab Certs, and wanted to share its information to all the rodinhooders.

It took approximate 3 months to finish this app, as we were concentrate on quality of app, so it can monetize better, there is one competitor of our app but its not a match to detailing and ease of use for our app in current stats. we could have finished this app in 20 odds day but that would have been a just another app for diamond, and we didn’t wanted to make our app as just another app, so we took this seriously and make this app as a beautiful tool for diamond, you can put this app as another tool for diamonds when it comes to certified diamonds.


Why Diamond Lab Certs?


When people think of buying a diamond (bigger stones in general around more than 0.50 carat weight), they can have two of its kind, one is certified and another is non certified.


A diamond’s laboratory grading report (what you call certified) is a 3rd party reference stating the general grades of that particular diamond. In every laboratory report you will find the grade for colour, clarity, carat weight, and also details in regards to the cut of the diamond. the report will also include the extra information on the diamond, such as its fluorescence, culet, diagrams and pictures of its inclusion.


So those certified diamonds have unique certificate number by which you can get complete information or sometimes a detailed overview about diamonds.


What is DLC?

Our App is Search / Verification Engine for all the International Gemological Laboratories’ Reports.

So when you are buying Certified Diamonds(or you are not familiar with diamonds, you will prefer Diamonds with Certificates), you will be given a certificate number and weight information (Sometimes you will be presented with real diamond if its not in remote location), you can put that Certificate Number/weight in our app and verify the report –  Many Certified Diamonds come with Laser Inscription on it which is mentioned in Report.

Our app will fetch report from respective Diamond Labs and fetch you the desired data in well formatted view, along with option to view PDF report if its publicly available.

Those who are in Diamond Market, needs this kind of tool in their daily life to verify reports, as there are some vultures who can have fake reports and to verify these fake reports our app helps them to check instantly that this report actually exists or not, and they can verify details before they buy.


In short,

Diamond Lab Certs(DLC) is an application which reduces your precious time in viewing the Diamond Certificates from different websites.

Instead, it is an one click solution which helps you to view your Diamond Certificates generated by various trusted Diamond Laboratories across the world.


We display Diamond Certificates, generated by the following Laboratories:

  • GIA

  • HRD

  • IGI



  • AGS


DLC Website:

Mobile App: Available on iOS as well as Android.

Social Presence: We are also available on Facebook


Whats Next?


This is initial version of our app, and we have big road map towards in pipeline

some sneak peak features are


  • Save Certificate

  • Export Certificates as Excel

  • Import Saved Certificates to RAPNET stock

  • Share Certificates as an Image via Watsapp

Those who are related with diamond industry we are welcoming your suggestions, feature request and bug reporting.

Let us know about your thoughts, feedback about this app here in comments.

If you have bought our app and have some questions, feedback, feature request
to provide us detailed and valuable feedback for app’s improvement you can visit our support section.

—- Updated on 10th Feb 2014—- 

we have got some nice momentum this weekend

got 3rd rank in business category 43rd overall in israel, 4th in belgium 143rd overall 

and over 800% increase in sales on this weekend (an advise from Mohit Sureka, Chief of Spiel Studios, he said get diamond industry email db and SPAM !! them)

Got some good responses and feature requests, Over all app is doing good, we are now looking forward to an Tradeshows coming in next couple of weeks, also a Biggest Trade show in asia in Hong Kong.


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  1. Hi Govind,

    I am from the fraternity & I can vouch that the certificates are indeed important when it comes to buying & evaluating large sized diamonds, also called solitaires. Though the app is useful since it can fetch details from multiple labs, I am not quite understanding how & when can it be used? Is it targeted at consumers or traders? 

    If the consumer is buying solitaire online:

    When purchasing solitaires online, all websites/sellers will show you the Lab graded report along with all other information related to that piece. Therefore the customer wouldn’t need to use this app.

    If the consumer is buying offline at retails stores/showrooms:

    When offline, both the solitaire and its relevant certificates & lab reports would be present along with the piece at the showroom itself. The customer will be immediately able to scan through the hard copy of the lab report for all necessary information.  

    Use case as per my understanding:

    I believe customer can use your app to simply cross-check if the lab certificate offered by the seller is genuine or not? Is this what you are trying to do?

  2. Hi Saurav,

    how & when can it be used? Is it targeted at consumers or traders? 

    It can be used when you are proposed, or buying diamonds, gems, colour stone, Our App is for Traders, Buyers, as well as sellers (because in diamonds sellers also do buy for sure).

    If the consumer is buying solitaire online:
    If the consumer is buying offline at retails stores/showrooms:

    Now a days you can’t rely on what you see, even report is attached online or hardcopy, how do you verify that the information provided is not forged and genuine ?
    Our App will help you to verify the presented report instantly with every detail available from all the labs.
    so you can identify vultures, fraud listing, or misleading information (Some time sellers increases rating of diamonds to one grade like vvs2 to vvs1 based on their internal grading.)

    Use case as per my understanding:

    That is one use for Endusers, but our mass target is traders in diamond industry, most of time, they dont get stone physically observed, they are given certificate number

    Check Uploaded image for example
    so traders can check those certs with our app instantly and get all information along with PDF (only available with GIA) and our app can be one of the basic tools of their daily needs

  3. hey happy b’day govind! have an awesome one!!

    how is this app doing? do update us!!

  4. Thanks Asha for wishes,
    App is doing well.

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