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Did you gift it right last … Birthday??


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Amit Sharma


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What exactly do you do?


We endeavor to make gifting fun, easy & personalized with our one stop gifting solution – Giftsmate. At Giftsmate we offer over 5000 unique gift ideas spread across 40 different categories broadly in Fashion, Home Decor, Kitchen & Office Accessories and ofcourse Greeting Cards, cakes & flowers.

Why do you do what you do? Is it to make money, to become famous, to run away from something, to retire, to kill boredom ?


 We started it with the objective of making money by introducing an online platform selling gift vouchers and making gifting easier. And now the passion of making gifting more simpler, desirable, and easier has added to the objective of minting money out of it.

Is there anything unique in what you do? 


Its like differentiating between Aloo-Chaat or a healthy veg. salad. Internet is filled with e-commerce sites and hence it is difficult to comment on the USP’s. (I would be unaware of the thousands of them which would be there already).


So probably I could sum up that our USP lies for the brands we work with (over 80 national brands), quality products (T-shirts, Mugs, Soap baskets, Jewelry, Photo frames) we sell, PAN India network we enjoy, secure payment providers we work with, and a beautiful website with easy navigation we offer. And most importantly, for the customers who have enjoyed gifting through us and to whom we have been able to gift a choice and an experience.


What happens if this fails?

An easy question to answer because in a start up you win and fail almost every alternate day. But perseverance and belief in the idea are the boosters daily. And they would stay.

Any one or two incidents that make you shiver or feel proud of your journey so far?


The pride of working with the top notch brands for their gift vouchers always delights us. Also when our customers living in different parts of the globe have applauded us for our services, it gives us the real boost.


State one really bad habit and one good habit (if you actually have one)


Good Habit – Perseverance


Bad Habit – Impatience to achieve Targets at the earliest.


Famous last words to the readers?


Keep the faith.

Finally, say YES below the next para:
I solemnly put my hand on my religious book/favorite novel and swear that what I have said above (including my photos) is the truth. So help me, Rodinhood


Yes! Yes! Yes! 🙂


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