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Does think I just got a Sex Change??

So, I got a nice ‘free’ voucher to use on

Excited, I went up there, to check on ‘Men’s fashion and other stuff’. 

Notice that Man and Men is prominent on the mailer and communication.

Quickly, I discovered some bizarre stuff to buy:

Now, I’ve never used ‘Cleansing Milk’ before in my life!

Hey – I hate milk!

I dunno what is ‘Cleansing Milk’? Is it something to drink or rub or pour on myself??? 

Errrr…. Pardon me, but this kinda stuff sounds a bit too feminine to me…

Also, for the record, I don’t know of many men who use any kind of ‘milk’ on their bodies.

For the benefit of doubt and to make this blog post fair, I asked Salil Mahadik, Rohit Nair, Tejas Shah, Vivek Manghnani and Raj Menon who were around me at the office at the time if they used ‘Cleansing Milk’.

They all grinned and smiled and said, “NO”!

Raj Menon said, “Alok, it’s in my bathroom and my mom’s bathroom. I know that ladies use it.”

Ok, so maybe we are barbarian Men, and should use milk on our bodies.

I probed a bit further on the site, and stumbled upon:

Now, boss, I swear, this is something a Man ain’t ever gonna use!

Soap Rose & Honey with Rose Petals??????????

When I run it against my body, will I smell of Honey, or of Rose, or Half-Honey and Half-Rose???

What will the rose petals do? Will they give me a smooth skin?? Will they take away my wrinkles? Will they make me fair?

Dude, if this is the way fully funded and established e-commerce sites are targeting their consumers, then someone and something is really broken.

The VCs, the promoters and everyone else need to use some of this Milk and Honey and Rose and Petals on themselves and kinda wake up.

Oh, wait a minute. I hope Fetise isn’t meant for Men who have had a Sex Change recently?



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  1. Hi Alok – seems an older emailer creative went out to referral invitations  – Fetise is no longer a men’s only portal – we expanded to women, kids, home verticals earlier this month as you can see at Thanks for pointing this out will get the emailer rectified rightaway and perhaps it set wrong expectations to start with and leading to the confusion!

    p.s – the deal you refer to is a natural personal care product by Tvam and its very much unisex product used by men/women. It may not be relevant for you and you very much have your rights to express your views and your preferences. We think these days men are equally focused on personal care and grooming compared to their women counterparts and we could be wrong 🙂

    Am sure we do have some more relevant deals for the man in you too – do checkout

    Thanks for your feedbacks


  2. Though I myself don’t use cleansing milk so far…I agree with Abhishek that these are unisex products in today’s age. 

    Alok your last statement was not really required. Just my view. This is your site, your blog, you can post whatever you want. E-commerce wave is creating  – or rather attempting  – many entrepreneurs! More sites, more competitive pricing and better experience for consumers! Definitely win for customers. 

    There may be some problems with the product vs audience target, but nothing like hell breaking loose! We make mistakes, we learn. 

  3. ROFL!! Funny Indeed!! I could not stop laughing 🙂

    Wonder why no one decided to leave a comment.

    @Abhishek: Funny how things turn out. I sent the link to the article to my friend, and she ended up buying something from the site!

    @Alok: Damn you man. You made me few hundred bucks poorer. The friend turns out to be my girlfriend, using my CC!!

    I guess this is how it worked: The article caught the attention, the products on website won her heart. Something to really think about.

  4. I guess cleansing milk is something that my barber mini-massages my face with before starting to shave.. Is it??

    So Fetise expanded to women,kids,home.. hmm.. I remember Mahesh murthy calling expansion of Letsbuy into categories like kitchenware etc as Pivot..

    I wonder what they are calling this move of Fetise.. Expansion or Pivot??.. there’s a fine line really.. 😉

    BTW, IMO its a nice move..  and even if they call it a pivot.. Pivot = Not giving up 😉

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