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”Dont google out,when you have”

How does one become an entrepreneur??? Especially 20 year old?

There’s a secret. The secret isn’t talked about much. In Mumbai;we like to think of all these start-ups as coming from people leaving IITs and IIMs, being blessed, being inspired.

There is a mystery.

Most of the successful companies over the last 20 years actually spun out of major corporations. They were oldies. They were people 40s & 50s that got so fed up with the work routines of the current corporation they were in but they also understood how business actually got done. They knew how can they setup a business and make them sustainable.So they left the companies and started something themselves.

So if you’re a venture capitalist you look for those types of folks because they’re seasoned on the one hand, they know responsibility, they know certain aspects of leadership, but on the other hand they know how boring it could be to be over-constrained in work. So these are often the folks that build the successful start-ups.

But for Youth like us time is not a limitless commodity.We can make most of the opportunities we have today;unlike the people in 40s.;)

We can be moulded in any direction because the talent is raw and needs to be crafted.

We are more productive and can work late night and still show-up sharp at 9 in morning.

These qualities make us different.We have made top 10 companies on globe.We are still doing.

There’s always an excuse to not start a business. Maybe you think you’re too young, too old, or too inexperienced. But the truth is there’s no such thing as a perfect time to start a business. Start now – and you can learn on the way up.START YOUNG!!!

How i got inspired?

Just like many of us;listening to stories of young entrepreneurs like richard branson,bill gates,steve jobs,mark zuckerberg etc etc.

I started digging google to find the best ways to create a profitable business at young age etc etc.loads and loads of articles but none helped me out.

So one day i saw some article shared by someone in my network.the post was client is always right.full stop.i guess? it belonged to rodinhoods.
I follow aloks post and posts shared by him.

No doubt his posts are little bit aggresive.but its TRUTH.Being positive is one thing;but forgetting the negative aspect is foolishness.

These posts helped me invent my 1st startup(Web development company) by just investing 938 bucks.yea thats all.

Alok you are doing a f*****g great inspire us.your blogs inspires young hearts.keep writing.Especially for young starters like us, one stop for all info is



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  2. And since you are an entrepreneur, SAY “Alok you are doing A FUCKING GOOD JOB” ( I have just filled in the FUCKING)


  3. Congratulations on the Second Attempt at 20 Rakesh 🙂 

    The website has Uneven Fonts and Layouts which you can check and update, also there are a lot of Grammatical and other errors even the Brand name “RoomNHouse”  is in consistent at various places. A Missing Logo!!

    Trouble never BUGS “Some trouble is bugging you” It Just comes, for Bugs use BugClipper or HIT

    But yeah if “You are getting Bugged” Then you know you are being Stalked 😉 Jokes apart, you might need to proofread the entire site contents and update them too appropriately.

    Should the click on the Homepage of the website on the link for ‘Book on: 9022-543210” actually dial the number ? it goes nothing further than the #nowhere Check with Rahul Ambardekar ( from Dial2Verify or Multiple RodinStar Aman Jha of Startup4Startups they can help you get the Authentication for Login for the customers and your Service providers both and also check for COD Verification if you intend to use that for your customers for various inhouse options.

    The Home page is all that looks like it has been given some Attention otherwise there is little or no content or material to keep the Customers coming back to the site, need to update with locales and the near about places of visits and their pictures where the person is selecting to take a room or house as proposed. That also helps to understand whether the selected location has sufficient Entertainment or Calm factor as desired for the Retreat so planned, also if it has good Communication (Network coverage) (We all are Digitally Addicted nowadays) facilities, so mention of things like, Wireless Internet, or Pay per hour usage and Charger facilities with in house Kitchen or stacked fridge facility would be a great Attraction 🙂 There are Food industry specialists too to add that exotic flavor to the stay, check the (Perzen Patel) if someone is interested to order Parsi Authentic food or also Check with  Vikram Parekh of for Cupcakes and Brownies etc. 

    Though you have mentioned what all is made available, details mean more always. You can also have Videos uploaded for the respective Sites to add more value and give it a lively feel of being present Live.

    You currently dont seem to have an Online booking facility or Shop available, check with and have a Market place Shop created in 10 Minutes flat with payment facility and integration of facebook and this is also for Free with Thanks to another Star RodinHooder Nameet Potnis. Also you can have your own Payment Gateway setup and connect with Pramod Ganji from CCAvenue ( So go ahead and try it when you are helping people to Earn and save money, lets do this for you as well to start with 😀

    Keep  adding more Locations, get in touch with a few RodinHooders here in the Same field, Super Star Editor Asha Chaudhary for one is into the same Travel and Tourism Industry with her IndiaDecoded, Manish Golchha of Blissful Holidays & Travel, Talvinder Singh of Tushky (Exotic activities and locations) also Yunus Dange of TheSkyonars are the few names on the Fly that I could suggest off hand.

    These are just some of the few points that came to me, while I was browsing the website and looking for the Oomph Factor, so I could go and Check the booking section, but it never got to that point…

    So Matle did not Load ?  Hence the Room N House ?

    Since you were selected for Tata First Dot top 300 startups in India from Mithibai.
    Website: is not available now,  guess that was a test then ?

    Lots of other things flowing through the Mind currently but we can always have another time!! Hope this helps you get started and continue your Journey with a little more comfort and value additions.

    Do share your Contact Coordinates (Email, Phone number) So we (all RodinHoods) can interact further too as required. 

    Good Luck, Cheers!!! 🙂

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