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Ever thought of gifting a Digitally Printed Cushion to promote your Brand/Product?

Ever thought of gifting a Digitally Printed Cushion to promote your Brand/Product? 

Today, everything is digital; digital watches, digital music and even digital equipment. So, why not opt for a digitally printed cushion?

Let’s get the facts right before proceeding…                                                                      

Will a digitally printed cushion help you get digital dreams? NO!

Will it make you robotic? NO!

Then, what is so special about it? Design! Yes, the design on the cushion is digital.

Vibrant colors and stylish prints will make the recipients Room, Car look cheerful and elegant. Digital prints are attractive and you can even get the picture perfect print.

Some of the concepts we have worked are

Marriage return gift for your guests and I’m sure they will remember the couple for years to come.

But digitally printed cushions are not limited to your home; you can add some business concepts that gels with your brand and simply gift it for their home, car or office and attract attention.

As a company, if you are planning to give your visitors, clients, stakeholders a memorable gift, digitally printed cushion should be on your mind because of the following reasons:

1.    It is an attractive gift for the visitors.

2.    It adds to your brand visibility.

3.     You can communicate your Brand / Company message through design of the cushion. You can even incorporate your Brand Logo in design.

At, we proceed without compromising on quality. We use premium quality of fabric to tailor our cushions and create eye-catching designs based on your Brand Name. Vibrant colors and high tearing strength is ensured in every cushion we make. This is possible because we have experts using technically updated machines to ensure that every print looks perfect.

This we have supplied to Hotel Gautam in Mahabaleshwar.

This was developed for Mapro, Mahabaleshwar

Some other themes / concepts possible are

In a nutshell we can create cushions for every theme of yours. We have thousands of digital print ideas to choose from. Peek into our collection, design your cushion and make an impact on your guests and clients. 

Follow this link to enquire online 

I request Rodinhooders to connect me to Brand Managers / Market Managers across any industry to promote Digital Print Cushions.

Vijay Amin



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  1. hi vijay,

    there is definitely a market for digitally printed cushions.

    quirky ones of chumbak & happily unmarried do well (don’t know if they’re digitally printed though). 

    for personal use and gifting to newly weds/friends this works.

    i am not too sure about corporate gifting though. cushion covers come are personal items. so to me, the idea doesn’t gel with a cushion cover at all.

    also, i wouldn’t want my logo on a cushion cover.  

  2. Hi Vijay,

    My views are same as asha’s. They are good personal gifts but can’t see people using corporate branded cushion in their bedrooms. (In cars, maybe. Just maybe).

    But again, it totally depends on design and execution. For example, if it’s quirky enough, college/bachelors could be interested.

    Or, in case of hotel chains, if that hotel can somehow encorporate the memories of guests (if they are on vacations) on cushion, it might find a place in bedroom.

    So, either personalized/quirky should work.

    All the best for your journey 🙂

  3. Thanks Asha, Prateek for your feedback.

    I completely agree with Asha and that’s what one of the Director of Featherlite Cushions & pillows said after signing the agreement for sole corporate distributorship with us that he still can’t see any market for pillows & cushions as corporate gifts. I was focusing more on Pharma companies for business. 


    I had sold more than 2 lac cushions in first year itself, all with product branding. And seeing the opportunity many manufacturers started selling it as gifts. Find below some image of decorative cushions 



    We have sold more than 50000 cushions of this design alone. Now please don’t ask me how & why?

    Every company we presented the products they ended up buying this design. In such cushions we used to give Tag /Label as Branding option. 

    As far as printed digital cushions are concerned in last one year I have sold 50000+ cushions.(All with Branding and without doing much promotions)

    Qty – 14000pcs

    Theme –  Printing Machine, News

    They were looking for some Products that communicates their theme

    Qty – 13000pcs

    Theme –  Monalisa

    They were looking for some Products with Monalisa Image 



    In next 7 days I’m expecting an order of 10000-20000pcs which is almost through. (Will share image of the cushion once I get the order. I’m sure you will love the designs) 

    My target for promoting this digital cushions are companies who want to promote their brand with some image that speaks about their brand.


    e.g Mapro, Mahabaleshwar – They will promote image of all Best sight view points of Mahabaleshwar with their Brand logo. (Sunset Point, Echo Point etc) – I have already developed some concept based cushions for them and trying to get the right source there.

    Taxi firms like Ola, Tab Cab – Here instead of promoting their own brand they can take from other Advertisers who are interested in promoting their Brand. It would an additional revenue source for Taxi Firms, at the same time comfort for passengers.

    I am also looking at some innovative Ideas from Rodinhooders to suggest any industry where I can promote this as Bulk Gifts

  4. Dear Vijay,
    I hope you remember me. Good to see that your business is flourishing.

  5. Thanks for your views Prateek.

    These are cushions mostly used in Cars. Serves as a decorative piece and Brand reminder for the company. What I’m planning to create is there should be minimum branding on the cushion and the design itself should serve as a Brand reminder.

    And as far as individual personalization is concerned there are many players who are doing this and it is one product that is being highly appreciated by the recipients.

    But my focus is on bulk gifting. I know out of 100 companies may be 5 companies will approve such concepts. Through this platform I’m looking at getting to those 5 companies. 

  6. Thanks Anurag

    After years of struggle it’s time to bounce back. Give me some good referrals for promoting this product. 

  7. Thanks Asha for your views. I know it has a limited scope as far as corporate gift is concerned. I need some innovative ideas from Rodinhooders to promote this product. My focus is only bulk orders. May be some Tyre manufacturers with their Tyres as a gift (MRF has done it earlier and as per my information qty was around 150000 sets), Car manufacturers

  8. Good to hear poor manager has been chasing you for a while. Please revert to him as well…Your product looks excellent..I’m sure it will do good…

  9. Hello Vijay,

    If I am not mistaken, Event management industry, wedding industry in particular can be a real good target for such a product.

  10. Thanks Jigar, 

    Please share any easy solution to connect with Event Management Industry. 

  11. Hello Vijay,

    If you live in a moderately developed city, you must have noticed Event fairs that are held once every year or more frequently. Same fairs are also arranged for the Wedding industry. There are thousands of stalls owned by event management companies, wedding photographers, decorators, etc. Here you can make contacts and share your product. I live in Ahmedabad and there are at least 4-5 such big fairs that are held annually. It is the best place to promote your product and make relevant contacts.

    Also you can make contacts online. Here is a reference link.



    • Thanks jigar for your suggestions. We have started connecting with event organisers (wedding) and getting good response for bulk gifting.

  12. That is a good idea!
    Keep us posted on how that works out.
    All the best!

  13. I really liked the idea of approaching Taxi firms. I think same can be extended to Private Buses / Budget Hotels(OYO Rooms etc.).

    • Thanks Prateek for your suggestions. I will surely connect with OYO rooms n keep you informed if i get any positive response.

  14. Hi Vijay,

    It’s my kids idea to have a round pillow designed like an astronaut .
    Can you guys print a round pillow cover digitally with a astronaut.
    I don’t want the whole pillow from you guys (we have it already), we want just the cover.
    Is that possible ?


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