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Every day I am shuffling

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Craftila is my latest business venture started with two high school friends of mine. Craftila offers unique collectibles and accessories for buying and gifting purpose. 

Started in July 2011, Craftila is currently at a stage where we are operating a number of projects. There is a commerce portal which allows site visitors to purchase any of the products featured on the website. Craftila is also partnering with gift galleries for shelf merchandising(image) and taking enquires for corporate gifting. A whole lot go gulp, but the questions remains should startup like Craftila burn its fuel exploring different avenues or run down a straight lane.

As young and motivated individuals, we are passionate about our venture and also realise the importance of doing business smartly. One of our biggest concern is focus and working capital. As our company account approaches RED, it is extremely important for us to seek funds. 

I am currently writing a business plan, which is the hardest thing I am finding these days. Not only explaining what I said in my second paragraph on paper is anything but easy but also creating a sustainable and profitable business comprising of all the three functions is a herculean task for an engineer.

WIll appreciate your comments or advice.


The same is reproduced on my blog.


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  1. Dear Yatin


    Thank you. 

  2. From a customer’s point of view there is a lot of clutter & above all no differentiation wrt to other players in the market. The layout / navigation / search isn’t at its best. I clicked on delivery within 24 hrs….and expected to see choices for chocolate bouquet too [as represented in the image] but did find any, thus used search thinking it’s in some other category. I tried the search, typed “Bouquet” & but no luck….seems it doesn’t exist on ur site. Thus, a lot of disconnect. There are a lots of classifications which confuses consumers. You probably need to re-define. 


    May be you should stick to some niche rather than becoming an online Archie’s store. For example, do chocolate bouquets, i don’t find them in any store [or the stores can’t find me]. Market it in an off-beat manner [without spending money]…say tie with a 99labels / Fashion and You…..sell wonderful chocolate bouquet [to be gifted to friends and family]…….they are good platforms & would help you drive traffic as well.


    Good Luck !

  3. Dear Yatin

    Can you please suggest why is our SEO a complete nightmare. Being from no technical background, I can show the stick to my SEO developer


    Many Thanks

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