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Preface by Alok on 31/3/2013:

On February 13th, 2012, Deepak Sharma started this post on It took 20,000 page views, 193 comments and innumerable cases of cheating, complaints, follows ups and god knows what to put an end to this menace??? 

I know ‘Caveat Emptor’ (Buyer Beware), but what when we become BEWARE?? what happens then??


Original post by Deepak:

Browsing the HeadStart Community Google Groups post today I found out about this very shocking complaint; more like an outcry for help. Sharing the whole situation & my online Jassosi.

Complaint against:-


Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

B-26 Second Floor, Sector 8
Noida, Uttar Pradesh -201301


I also found so many other similar complaints on web :-


THIS COMPANY CLAIMS ON THERE WEBSITE THAT “ is Rated No. 1 for “User Experience” by Dataquest Magazine + Sapient-Nitro Research in Jan’11 within 7 months of launch.”




update: e-mail sent by the ceo to me (Alok) and deepak on 17th Feb 2012


Forwarded message

From: Arindam Bose <>
Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 5:24 PM
To: Alok Kejriwal <>
Cc: Deepak Sharma <>,, Tajender Khurana <>

Alok / Deepak :

Yes I agree its bad. 

No excuse – but we are doubling our turnover for the last 3 months. And we are a little over a
year in biz. The organization and the fulfillment (team, sourcing etc) could not keep up with
the speed for Dec and Jan. Because we are new some customers panicked and others who
got on time were delighted.

We reached out to the affected customers, toned down our marketing, strengthened supplier
relationship and just about come out of the “delay” phase.

Try us out sometime.


Arindam Bose
MD and Chief Customer Officer


UPDATE: 31/3/2013 – Timtara Bosses arrested





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  1. My friend who is an e commerce vendor who supplies appliances to many portals is yet to be paid by timtara. They haven’t released a lot of money.

  2. Deepak,

    I assume you know that the owner of CC Avenues – Vishwas Patel is a fellow Rodinhood?

  3. Yeh..this is quite common now. As in other post, i described, fraud happens in different ways, either by selling counterfeit products or damaged ones.

    Surprisingly, Big players (by views) like indiatimes shopping and rediff lead in these frauds. I think they are too comfortable having their available userbase. Indiatimes, which has very powerful channel for marketing (their news paper) are biggest fraudster ….Am still waiting for any response from them on partial delivery. (2+ month)

    What we need is some neutral (open) site / forum which aggregates these reviews and complaints…Consumerforum and some others are there but they are not usable (Most of them are just forums)….something like GetSatisfaction is needed for this.

  4. I have myself filed a case against the company in consumer court.
    I had ordered a music system and it was delivered in shattered state weeks after my order… 

    Initially they said they would reverse pick up and deliver a fresh one.. nothing happened for months..

    They are luring the customers by offer straight 1,000/-, 2,000/- or 2,500/- discount…

    I am wondering if DATAQUEST and SAPIENT-NITRO are aware about their recommendation 

  5. Thanks for your valuable input, I totally agree with you & you have put some very valid points too. Being a corporate lawyer, I work closely with companies to resolve these kind of issues & it was strange for me to see someone from our community suffering like this. I have notified the company, let’s see & wait for their response.

  6. Get in touch with me in free time, I’m taking this case up. Since morning got 3 cases against them. 2 look pretty strong too. I will make sure 1 fraud is less in ecom business.

  7. Let’s see if we can pursue vishwas to do something.

  8. Wow. I hope your friend get’s paid else you can always sue them. Contact me if any help is required.

  9. may be thats why they dont have C.O.D(Cash on Delivery) option

  10. I too have similar complaint, I also ordered 14000 rs product, and not delivered yet

  11. As mentioned last time, the case filed had a hearing today at Rajsamand, Rajasthan.

    TimTara had sent their employee with a cheque of Rs. 6500/- 

    So by keeping the cheque and the product, we have compromised.

    The product was purchased for Rs. 5790/-

    I wish good luck to those who are chasing the company or filing the case against them..

  12. And this is the mail Deepak and I received from the CEO yesterday:

    Forwarded message

    From: Arindam Bose <>
    Date: Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 5:24 PM
    To: Alok Kejriwal <>
    Cc: Deepak Sharma <>,, Tajender Khurana <>

    Alok / Deepak :

    Yes I agree its bad. 

    No excuse – but we are doubling our turnover for the last 3 months. And we are a little over a
    year in biz. The organization and the fulfillment (team, sourcing etc) could not keep up with
    the speed for Dec and Jan. Because we are new some customers panicked and others who
    got on time were delighted.

    We reached out to the affected customers, toned down our marketing, strengthened supplier
    relationship and just about come out of the “delay” phase.

    Try us out sometime.


    Arindam Bose
    MD and Chief Customer Officer

  13. Its strange that d mail starts with “NO EXCUSE” but is followed by excuseS !

  14. Akosha gets hundreds of complains from Timtara 😉 these are just 4 😀

  15. That’s very unfortunate, I wonder if Ashoka have any stats available with them; about how many complaints filed, how was the resolution etc. etc. I’m in touch with the CFO of the company to resolve problems for couple of people. Let me know if Ashoka needs any contact info or assistance in the regards. I could find only 4 complaints since I was doing a preliminary research; I’m sure there would be more.

  16. Problem is they are willing to take ownership & know the problem. Yet they are helpless. I think what they need to do is refocus on priorities & concentrate on core competencies & leave logistical support & customer service to people who know the business. Heck even outsource it for a while, it may cost you more in short run, may effect the burn rate but it will surely help them in longer run. I’m yet to write a reply.

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  17. The company is in total mess. They need a savior NOW. They need to have a public face.

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  18. Please forward me with or Order Number. Let’s see if we can get you a quick resolution.

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  19. I cldnt agree more….making less profits is still acceptable rather than spoiling ur Brands image specially at a startup stage !

  20. The proof of the pudding will happen when we see this complaint being addressed.


    This was the message I received in my FB wall:

    Abhishek Daaga


    Abhishek Daaga

    • Dear Alok,

      Greetings for the day!
      I am a friend of Aditya Singh, have heard a lot about u from him. Also am a reader of Rodinhoods.

      I am a supplier of Kitchen & Home appliances to all major ecommerce portals in India. I am stuck with & have sent a recent mail to them (included below) How can I recover money from them ?? Can u guide me from your experience as this is a very big money & hard earned money.
      I am trying to reach everyone in their office & also learnt my os is very less they have to pay few vendors 5lakhs+.

      I will be very grateful if you can give me some way out.

      Best Regards


      Dear Sir/Madam,

      There is a pending outstanding of TIMTARAFollowing my telecon with Arindam Bose earlier this month, he had committed me of the payment due to my firm, but after sending several emails & phone calls also there is no response, Kindly let me know how I should take this further, as the outstanding is a small amount Rs:17291/- in your books. Kindly clear the same at earliest for a good relation between us. Or I will have to send a legal notice & hire recovery agents to recover my money, I am forced to use these words as no one picks my calls from your company (Arindam Bose/Rahul Biswas/ Tanya). I hope you take this seriously & resolve this at the earliest. I have a lot of Internet Bloggers & VC friends in the industry of Internet ecommerce as I am from a Internet Mktg background, I will have to ruin your name everywhere with a PRESS Release with TOI aswell, stating u r offering discounts to acquire customers at the cost of your vendors.

      Warm Regards

      Abhishek Daga
      Shubham Enterprises

  21. @ Deepak Sharma

    Sir, I have my money stuck with for 45 days now too. Have a very strong case against them. They ignored my email, did not pick up my calls, and deleted my comments on their wall (Over 1000 comments by all their customers deleted). I know several others in this position. Could you please help me. I’ll be really grateful to you. 

    PS: My order number is 101628873 pending since 3rd Jan 2012. 

  22. I am that friend, & I have still not received the payments yet, Today(21stFeb Tuesday) 4PM was the committed time by the spokesperson of Mr.Arindam Bose(He doesn’t speaks to anyone directly, as he never responds to email/sms/phone, I was lucky enough only once to listen to his voice 1st time I called after that never he has answered my phone)

    Today now, there is a new story from past 2 days, they say get this post deleted from & they will pay me, I am trying to make them understand that as I have not created this post how can I delete it ??

    I didn’t want to defame them as I thought due to some temporary problems they are unable to pay & with time things will resolve, But I have waited enough that is 6+months & this kind of blackmailing they are doing with me clearly shows they do not have “NEEYATH” to pay. I have warned them enough number of time, but now it is high time, I should take a legal action against them & also have to help my other Indian brothers & sisters not to get scammed by these people. Also they are spoiling the eCommerce culture & trust of people on internet in India, which is still in growing stage in India & people still don’t know what to do when these kind of scams happen & as small & medium ticket size of money is involved, people tend to take this as their fate & leave these scamsters.

  23. Hey Aditya, I run a website and keenly looking for people to source products from, can you please share the details of your friend who is a supplier to me 🙂



  24. Hi Deepak,

    My order number is 


    Even I am having similar problem with timtara. After waiting for the order to be delivered … I finally got the order cancelled on Jan 25th 2012 (got a mail from confirming my cancellation). However, refund has not reached  my account yet. After mailing everyday since 25th Jan. The only reply I get from customer care is –

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings From Timtara Family,

    This is to inform you that your payment refund pending is in process.So please wait for 3 to 4 working days.

    Looking forward to serve you again.

    Thanks for your cooperation.

    Thanks & Regards


    Team Timtara
  25. Lets spread it to the world at best place.
    Add your story.

  26. I get following mail from Plz let me know is it ok to send them documents they are asking for.My order no. is  #10196093


    Dear Sir,
    Greeting from Timtara family.10136091
    We would like to inform you that your order payment is above 5000rs so in that case we just required two documents for security purpose  its mention below:
    !) Scan copy of Id Proof (pan card,voter id,passport and driving license ) 2) Mini Bank statement(screen shot of account for this payment) or if you done the payment through credit card so you can provide id proof with credit card front side scan copy)
    When we receive your document then we will process your order and from that day delivery will take 10 to 20 working days.
    Thanks & Regards Shivali Rawat Timtara Team

  27. Technically Speaking.

    Company is working towards a resolution & is demanding proof of payment, which even if you go to a consumer court you would have to provide. So let’s just say it’s a smart move that you provide a letter from your bank stating you made a payment for X amount on Y date to Z company. Please don’t send any CC copies or bank statement if you don’t want to as per the ID proof the company is only eligible to ask for a ID Proof at time of delivery. Rest please communicate wisely keeping a Legal Representative in Loop. 

    Cheers, Hoipe this Helps.

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  28. @Mithun This is a community forum only, I fail to understand a separate FB page for this purpose. Please do not solicit or else you might risk loosing deletion from this thread.


  29. Tough Luck. Message me your number. I would get in touch with you.

  30. Dear Deepak,

    I do not wish to put my number here. Cant send you private message since we are not friends. email me on, or private message me.



  31. Hello Amit,

    My message was not directed to you but rather to @Pravin SHarma above. Anyways I am normally available on Twitter or email you can write to me in case you need legal advice.

  32. Thanks for reply…hope i’ll get my item soon

  33. They simply are trying to get sales, spending un-managed budget ads on Adwords without proper optimisation & giving Rs:3500/- coupons directly on the website, Ever seen a website whose homepage says purchase & use “XXX” coupon to get 3500 off, by this they lure customers & they probably are in the race of showing turnover in the same fashion flipkart, fny & other portals showed & got funding, but these poor fellows do not know to manage the customers, hype the market, giving service, brand credibility, Lastly they do not know what eCommerce & Internet is & they are dreaming of getting funds & exit from this but I pity on them., I am sending them a legal notice, Hope I get paid by them.

  34. Dear Deepak,

    Can you please check with timtara on my order number 10171919?



  35. Hi Deepak,

    My Order No. is 10167471 dated 10th Jan 2012. it is not delivered yet and now i am planning to file a case in consumer court.

  36. I ordered a canon flash for Rs. 20,495 considering the heavy discount offered. One month passed the status remained unchanged “Awaiting Shipment”. After repeated reminders for cancellation of my order, Mr. Raja kept on asking me do i really want to cancel the product else they will deliver it positively by end of week. Then i thought of sending bulk mails in one go just to bother them a bit. I flooded Mr. raja, ritu, tajender, customer first mail box with hundreds of mail. Immediately i got reply from Mr. Raja stating, we will dispatch the order on 14th march, Please confirm. I shot again hundreds of threatening mail to Mr. Raja for cheating people. After half an hour, i got a mail from ccavenue confirming the refund.

    I would sincerely request you to please flood their mailbox, if you really want to make an impact.

    Best Regards

  37. Still i will be filing a case of fraud against timtara and Mr. Raja Singh. Hats off to his fraudness. Company like them should be barred and reprimanded heavily.

  38. I just think its their business. They will keep your money for months and earn interest. Eventually they will refund after consistent follow up and pressure but product very rare people will get. For what reason you have so much long delivery time. Letsbuy and Flipkar generally delivers in 2-7 days maximum, so how can timtara be rated No.1. Its a scam just to lure people and earn interest on their money. Internet is flooded with complaints, there must be a reason. No.1 status is an year old. I want everyone to come together to fight against such fraud company.

    Best Regards


  39. Guys,

    I had my order (of Rs.29899) which was canceled on 17th Jan 2012. Finally, thanks to Vikalp and his idea above, I got a mail from CCAVENUE confirming my refund.

    Thanks Vikalp … you rock man!

  40. kindly help

    Dr.Sohan Raghavendra

    ph 9886926643 timtara victim

  41. Hi Sir,

    I too am one of the customers cheated by Timtara. I have been trying to reach these people for the past 2 weeks now, but all in vain. Please tell me how to go about it. I ordered a camera for myself so that i could take pictures at my post grads convocation. Leave alone the camera, i find myself here at a high risk of losing my savings. Please advise. 


    Ankit Malhotra

  42. how do you send such bulk mails, even i have been cheated with value of rs 15000. please advice.

  43. hey vishal,

    hw r u…can u please tell me how can u get the money back. how its started refund. to whom u contacted. Please help me with info.



  44. Hi Raghavendra,

    I followed Vikalp’s idea. Fortunately for me, Vikalp helped me out with bulk email sending.

    All the best,


  45. Just Read they are going to diversify into lifestyle vertical.


    Anyone out there to stop them from cheating?

  46. Hello All,

    Would like to share my experience of shopping at timtara,

    I had ordered a mobile phone 29th february , which was finally recieved by me on 27th march

    that is almost a month , the amount of efforts i had to put can be summarised below

    * i wrote them more then 80 mails, in a period of 25 days averaging 3 mails a day

    * i launched complains on customer forums like consumer daddy,akosha

    * launched a complain on

    * wrote several mails to the ceo , telling about their degrading service

    *threatened their customer service executive to approach news channels ,

    * contact for de listing timatara as they are listed as a re seller on and amazon venture

    *wrote a mail to ccavenues regarding this issue id is

    i am relieved that i got my product , but in the end some take aways from this experience are

    timtara is a useless website, rather go for some reliable website like flipkart 

    use cash on delivery,

    Hope this helps

  47. This is a bullshit by Arindham Bose. As it goes ” A thief once is a thief always”. I am a recent victim of Consulting Pvt. Ltd.). After placing the order, Timtara does a vanishing act. It wont answer my calls no reply to e-mail. I need my refund. Is there anyone in this forum who can guide me to justice and teach them a lesson.

  48. Plz let me know how to flood their mailboxes. I too haven’t recieved my product even after more than a month.

  49. Hey Deepak,

    This is Sanjay Gupta, I am also one of the recent victims of My order nos. are 10218706 & 10218708. Customer care, Raja, Arindham neither of these people are responding. Please help me in getting my refunds and teaching these bunch of crooks a lesson.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Sanjay Gupta


  50. Harassed / Cheated by Timtara?

    Make a complaint SSP, NOIDA Police. Email him on

    VERY IMPORTANT : Don’t RANT. Be very clear and precise. Limit the size of your letter. Provide Proofs. Include your complete contact details.


    Also send a signed copy to him. Without the signed hard copy of the complaint, system does not work in our country.


    You can use the performa given below for your complaint. Do not forget to enclose proofs of what you are saying, such as email of order confirmation / amount paid etc.




    Mr. Jyoti Narayan


    NOIDA Police

    Uttar Pradesh


    Dear Mr. Narayan,


    I have been cheated by online shopping portal


    Timtara has charged my credit card / bank account but has not delivered the item.


    It seems that has been cheating a lot of customers as a lot of complaints can be found on various consumer forums.Therefore there is a need for swift action before the company winds up and a lot of customers like myself end up losing a lot of hard earned money.


    Details of my order for which has not made the delivery, and is illegally withholding my money are given below.


    Timtara Order id

    Order Placed on

    Item (name and make)

    Amount paid

    Delivery promised in (working days)

    Number of Reminders sent

    Status (No-Delivery / No refund)

    Status date


    The address of the company is:


    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

    B – 26, Second Floor,

    Sector 8,



    Kindly use your good offices to lodge a case of cheating and fraud against, and help me recover my money.


    best regards


    Your name and signatures and complete contact details

  51. I have purchased some items from timtara on March 15,2012. But I havent received them yet. They are still awaiting shipment since March 16,2012. I also talked to their customer care representative. Last week ( first week of april) , they were saying that the order has been shipped on saturday but on calling after a week, they were saying the order has not been shipped yet. Following are the details of the order.
    Transaction Id : 10096707
    Order Date: 15th Mar 2012 07:24 pm
    Payment Mode: Credit Card / Debit Card / Net Banking

    Bill Raised To:
    Mohit Mittal 
    953 MIG 1 HUDCO 
    Bhilai, CHATISGARH 490009
    Mobile Number: 8103854136

    Order no 10215800 Samsung galaxy y S5360 Rs 6240
    Order no 10215802 Philips QT4019 trimmer RS 929 
    Order no 10215804 Samsung Galaxy y S6102 Rs 7677
    Shipping Rs 99
    Total Rs 14846

    My contact no is 8103854136

    Please help me. I feel as I have been cheated by this site and this cause me a huge loss of money as well as that of time. These are my savings by which I am going to purchase these items. I even mailed them and complaint also on their site. But of no use. 

  52. Hi Mohit,

    I will explain my experience with timtara.

    I Felt the same thing after purchase a product in timtara. but after 4 weeks. I got one of my product after 16 days and second one on 20 th day of my purchase. I think it is not a fraud website but it may be a real site and thier service is poor may be i expect. After Purchase in timtara I was afraid due to the reviews which i seen in websites about timtara. But after 20 days I got my two products.



  53. What did you purchase raghu..?? was that more than 10k stuff..??

  54. Hello Raghu, 

    I hope you could see the number of emails me & Alok are getting for this company. Fraud maybe, irresponsible & liars definitely..


  55. Hey deepak and alok..

    Please take even my case under consideration while filing any case against that company or tell me the procedure to how to go after dem…

  56. Alok was too overloaded with emails specially since we were bombarded with people cc’ng us in each and every communication. I firmly believe that mediation is best possible way. Need my help email me with few basic details & lets talk over next week. Heard a few of the peps emailed me earlier have got their products replaced. [Read I have only 2 such confirmed people rest God knows?]


  57. Hi Nohit,

    I purchased one samsung mobile and Tea Electric Kettle total ordered amount is 10,500.



  58. Hi Deepak,

    Yeah it seems to..Ok Deepak, Let me explain my way of approch to timatara after order. Please take a look.

    I faced lot of trouble to get contact with customer care. I called total 600 times and 45 Mails. And I got a doubt about this company when I saw all reviews in different sites, then I have descided to send my friend who is in noida. I asked him to go and enquire the timtara address (Info secure pvt ltd) which they mentioned in the website. My friend went there and he confirmed me that company address is Perfect. and he met Raja Singh also. I spoke to Raja singh with my friend mobile.

    As per my friend. he told me that. the company address is right and there are around +50 Employees are working there.


    Raghu Y

  59. Wow, That is great news so you mean to say anyone who wants to get their money back or wants to talk to these Timtara guys needs to send  friend to their office? Don’t you think these Timtara people have a responsibility toward people getting harassed by them day & night. People are filing Police complaints toward these fraudsters & just cos their address is correct should they be not prosecuted for fraud. They are 2 bit cheats if you ask me.

  60. @Deepak Good to see someone ready to help in suing such firms – they should be driven out of business.

    I bought a smartphone from Timtara at 2K(yes! seriously) lower than FlipKart in Nov 2011. And, after 5 missed delivery dates, and threatening to sue them over a month, I received the item – White instead of the Black one I ordered. But I considered myself blessed after I received the item, b’cos I had by then seen all sorts of negative reviews floating around. After using the phone for past 4 months I’m happy with the product quality.

    But I advise others to learn from my experience and avoid such online stores(read reviews / ask around). Of course if I had read their reviews I would never deal with them – for any discount.

    The top eCommerce award for them by Dataquest is some sort of a sad joke (what were they smoking?).

  61. hi i am also a victim of timtara cheating. i had ordered microsoft xbox 360 from their site on april 3 2012 and it was about to be delivered in 20 days but it’s 34th day and even they had not done the shipment after reading so much of problem in refund of money of other customers at consumercourt i am feeling unsafe to ask for a refund .

    could you please help me with this?

  62. akash,

    why don’t u try writing to mr arindam bose – MD and Chief Customer Officer (Arindam Bose < – read the email above.

    all the best!

  63. please help me , i am in deep deep trouble . i had ordered a xbox 360 from their site on 3 april 2012 but it is not shipped yet.

    after reading so much complaint of no refund at consumercourt against , i am afraid to ask for a refund.

    if i ask for refund then will you help me to get my 21,490 rs back.

    i will be ever grateful to you for this kind action

  64. Yes My Order Nos 10248642 & 44 have also not been despatched.

  65. If you paid by credit card, call the issuer (bank) and file a chargeback claim.

    If you paid from your bank account, trace the transaction, speak to the bank and check about what can be done. Timtara would have processed the payment via a payment gateway – you can find out who that is, pass on the transaction details to them and ask them to assist with a refund too.

    If none of these work, you can always go to the Consumer Disputes Redressal Commission in your state –

  66. please help me sir i am had cancelled my order whose ID No. 10230108 and Order No. 10102639. it was placed on april 3 2012. they were about to deliver it in 20 days but it’s 38th day. please help me , i asked for a refund on may 9 2012 but till they had done nothing . they asked me to wait for 7 to 10 working days . kindly help me get my money back.please pressurize them to refund my money quickly . i shall be ever grateful to you for your kind action.

    Thank You

  67. i had cancelled my order that was placed on april 3 2012 beause of their poor service. they had not even shipped my product so i cancelle it on may 9 2012 and asked for a refund.

    could you please help me in getting my money back.

    i will be ever grateful to you for your kind action.

    Order ID 10230108 , Order No. 10102639.

  68. @AwesomeAkash152

    Hello, Please send me a mail directly with your order number & few details to file a consumer complaint.



    I’m Deepak Sharma.  I co-founded Intellect Assets.

    You should follow me on Twitter: @IntellectAssets.

    You can send me a Linkedin request or become my bff on


  69. @Shashikant

    Hello, Please provide a little more information.


    I’m Deepak Sharma.  I co-founded Intellect Assets.  

    You should follow me on Twitter: @IntellectAssets.

    You can send me a Linkedin request or become my bff on Facebook


  70. Sir thank you for your help.

    my order was placed on april 3 2012. and i cancelled it on may 9 2012.

    Order ID 10230108 , Order No 10102639

    they are supposed to refund my money in 7 days but it’s 5th day and till they are not responding a bit.

  71. i m also victim of TIMTARA.

    i placed a order on 25-mar-2012 via order# 10222938 which i have requested for cancellation on 19-apr-2012 due to delay in delivery. after so much tries it finally cancelled on 5-may-2012. 

    now they are not giving me refund. plz help me

  72.  i booked and paid for  Lenovo Essential G Series G570 (59-325499) Laptop, on 9th april 2012.after more than 15 phone calls and 10 written complaints,Timtara has failed to refund my money.I am going to file a case in consumer court and will also file an FIR at noida. People at customer care are ill informed and they have no access to senior people.kindly refund my money at the contact no is 9857677886

  73. Friends…. My company is about to start to start business with &….. if anyone’s worked with them before. do let me know how trustworthy these companies are…

  74. Filed today, 5 Consumer Complaints. 

  75. I am also caught by Timtara fraud unknowinlgy, I have ordered on 07-May and order number is 10251642 at that time I got confirmation that I will get my product 8-10 working days. after 8-10 customer care says that my delivery time is 10-15 days and now after 10-15 days they say it is 15-20 days and I am damm sure after that also they will keep on increasing it. I am really fed up with this all and wanted to cancel my order and get refund but that also they are not doing, I have forwarded lot of emails to cancel my order but it has not cancelled yet. is real cheater web site.

  76. Hello Deepak.

    I ordered two HTC mobile phones from timtara on 03rd May Order No: 10249734 (Rs 15,050)

    I did not get any reply for over a month then last week after several complaints I got an email saying the products will be delivered by 01st June but there is still no sign of the products.

    Can you please advice me what should I do. Whether I should just cancel the order and wait for the refund or wait for the products for a few more days.



  77. Please help me as i have also been cheated as an supplier 

    I have given them product worth 40500 and past 3 weeks they are yet to pay

    Please help with next course of action

  78. I am an supplier from mumbai, which deals with all imported perfumes 

    Pls tell me your website name and your contact number 

    Best regards

    Taha Khan


  79. Looking at all the complaints on various website is a fraud company & is still online looking for more victims. I too am a victim. I purchased a HCL Game on 21st April 2012 order# 10240730 and did not recieve any delivery or refund till date after repeatedly calling them. They do not reply properly & I have lost my money. It is high time concerned authorities try & shut down this online fraud company website.

  80. Yes its truly a very unfortunate situation that we are allowing this company to cheat so many people all the time. I’m starting to wonder if they fullfill any of their orders at all or not. One way of soing this is filing a compalint at your CC company to reverse the charge & then going forward to file a complaint with consumer court.

  81. Please do not expect any reply from this company its been a standard practice & modus operandi from them, they take order, do not fulfill it & give no refunds but if you press hard they will try to lure you to get replacement substandard product with zero durability. Do not cancel the order, just ask them to deliver or refund the money with a inconvieneience fee. Please let me know how it goes for you. in case you need any legal assistance let me know.

  82. Yes, they are cheating customer left right & center. but really what are we doing about this. even customers are falling prey to this kind of fraudulent company. is it too hard to Google the reputation of this company. Please don’t be disheartened there are plenty of good & honest companies out their as for your money ask for a refund & inconvenience fee from the company & then go ahead and file a consumer complaint to ensure they go out of business.

  83. Thanks Sumit Ji.

  84. I think if you can not honor the value of promise made to your customers you need to close shop & get out of business. 

  85. Would be happy to be a part or be of help in shutting them down asap or lodging a complaint. Appreciate any type of guidance in doing this. Thanx Man.

  86. HI, I had ordered one product on 7th May and after doing lot of follow up with them I received the product on 5th June. To get the product it is really hard job to do. you may take help from ccavenue if you have done online payment. they will acclerate your query to Timtara. another bast thing you can do that if CC avenue also not replying. if your payment done through credit card you may raise the dispute by filling dispute form in that one clause if marchant has not delivered your product then you can ask him for refund. so something will work and you will get either product or refund, but again never visit to Timtara is mine kind advice for all.

  87. Thanks for bringing this up. I’ve repeatedly said this, ‘prevention is better than cure’. It’s your hard earned money, do not just go up burning cash just cos a site has bogus claims & showcase false advertisement (in case of Timtara, they have/had several false & misleading claims like dataquest rating etc put up on site) None I repeat none of the user comments they boast actually relate to real users. no social media campaign to prove otherwise. people are just talking shit about them everywhere.

    I have really lost patience with this company, I’m getting over 1 query per day since I’ve put up the post here. Please Google the site you are buying from, contact visa/MC for a refund if CCavenue is non responsive but the Risk team is quite active as evident from several emails that I’ve received from them, but unfortunately none resulting in prompt action from Timtara (Timtara doesn’t even bother to respond or cc the risk team in any emails). I’m starting to wonder why haven’t CCavenue dropped them till now. That’s just too much bad PR.

  88. File a consumer complaint which BTW can be easily done without any help from a lawyer. Local consumer courts are fast track courts. This is only way these thugs will be off the street.

  89. Hi patilyogs…can you please tell us how to contact CC avenue…

    I got four from their website

    Email Ids

    Marketing Support
    Technical Support
    Accounting Support
    Cardholder Support

  90. yes these are correct you email to Technical support and Cardholder support. also at Timtara to “Raja Singh” <>, he replies sometimes. also you may call the customer care numbers given on CCavenue site


  91. Harassed / Cheated by Timtara?

    Make a complaint SSP, NOIDA Police, Mr. Praveen Kumar.

    Email SSP on


    VERY IMPORTANT : Don’t RANT. Be very clear and precise. Limit the size of your letter. Provide Proofs. Include your complete contact details.


    Also send a signed copy to him at his camp office. Without the signed hard copy of the complaint, system does not work in our country.


    You can use the performa given below for your complaint. Do not forget to enclose proofs of what you are saying, such as email of order confirmation / amount paid etc.




    Mr. Praveen Kumar


    NOIDA Police

    G 22, Sector 27,

    NOIDA, Uttar Pradesh


    Dear Mr. Kumar,


    I have been cheated by online shopping portal


    Timtara has charged my credit card / bank account but has not delivered the item.


    It seems that has been cheating a lot of customers as a lot of complaints can be found on various consumer forums.Therefore there is a need for swift action before the company winds up and a lot of customers like myself end up losing a lot of hard earned money.


    Details of my order for which has not made the delivery, and is illegally withholding my money are given below.


    Timtara Order id

    Order Placed on

    Item (name and make)

    Amount paid

    Delivery promised in (working days)

    Number of Reminders sent

    Status (No-Delivery / No refund)

    Status date


    The address of the company is:


    Infosecure Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

    B – 26, Second Floor,

    Sector 8,



    Kindly use your good offices to lodge a case of cheating and fraud against, and help me recover my money.


    best regards


    Your name and signatures and complete contact details

  92. Thanx. I would be doing the complaint as suggested and also would be sending the mails to Cyber Cell Division here in Mumbai.,

  93. Thanks for the reply Deepak.
    I had mailed them yesterday and I got a reply today saying give us 4-5 days more to resolve the issue.

    I will wait for 5 days more or take the necessary action.

  94. Thanks

  95. Dear Deepak and other friends,

    I also had the misfortune of being another victim of  I had placed an order for Whirlpool Microwave on 18 April 2012 under Order No. 10238972 and paid Rs 3540 through SBI netbanking.  Till date I have not received the product and the so-called Support is pathetic.  They keep on giving false and misleading information and seems to be trained in lying and duping.  Please help me out of this pain and agony of feeling cheated. Best Regards.


  96. Call ccavenue at any of the given number : 
    91 – 22- 67425555
    ext: 501/502/503/504/506/508.

    CCAvenue Team:-

    Hope You Get Your Refund Soon!

  97. Dear All

    Thanx to Deepak, I had done Police complaint (both in writing by Post & by email) to Noida Police and also sent mails to Cyber Cell and this has borne some fruits. Timatara boss was summoned at Police Station for this and I recvd a call from the Police Station for verification.  Meanwhile in background the Timtara already started my Refund process & have told that the refund would take place by Tuesday 19th which also was confirmed by Sarabjeet. Would like to convey all those who have been cheated to take similar step and also call Sarabjeet at Timtara +91 9811096791 & ask for refund. Would update once the refund finally lands up in my bank. Cheers to THE ROBINHOODS

  98. Hi Deepak, Thank you for all your help in supporting those cheated by Timtara.  I’ve noted down all points / suggestions given in this forum.

    I am also one among those and here are the details.  I’ve ordered a Epson Printer on 18th May and yet to get the product.

    Order No. 10257834

    Transaction ID – 10114215

    Amount Paid – Rs.2998

    Delivery Time – 10 to 15 working days.

    I’ve called the customer service number (01353051500) more than 50 times in the past one week, everytime they will assure me a call back or a mail confirming the status of the order but I had never received any information so far.

    Sometimes I get a message saying that the above number is not in service.  Can you imagine this? Most of the times they guys will simply disconnect if I ask for their supervisors or floor manager.

    At last I came to know about this site.  I’ll be mailing a complaint to Noida police as suggested and also ccavenue. 

    Let me see where I’ll end-up. Hoping to get the product or money back.

    Kudos to your support and let’s together teach them a lesson.  

  99. Thanks Deepak! As suggested by you, I contacted ccavenue and it worked. I have at last received the product after agonizing and frustrating experience with timtara. Really appreciate your help and guidance.

  100. I finally got the delivery of my two HTC phones last week. Thanks to all of you for your support and suggestions.

    I had mailed ccavenue and looks like timtara is also using another payment gateway called PayU thru which my payment was processed.

  101. Reading these replies I guess COD basis is a boon… many Ecom sites have started COD basis delivery, they call to verify the order.

  102. COD or Cash On Delivery is one of the oldest form of making payments in India, starting from Postal Order days until now. The increase in use of technology has done less in terms of payment/transaction industry in India. Hopefully we would be able to change that soon w/ start ups like PayGrub. 🙂

  103. Thanks for your Feedback. 

    This is a very dynamic & interactive community, I’m just glad that you have resolved this crisis for you. Hope you don’t have to face a similar situation again. My Best Wishes.

  104. well Mr. A.Bose let me remind you of your words “TRY US OUT SOMETIME”. Well now, I would like to narrate my I ordered a “SONY XPERIA P” mobile phone on June 1, 2012 at 6.57 pm, now about their so called timeline of 15-20 working days (their CC executive boast a lot about that) which I think they use to play with customers feelings. I am a student gathered money by taking tuition to buy this gadget for me and caught up the lure they offered till now its June 29, 2012 10.13 pm my product is still “awaiting shipment”

    order number: 10264920

    order date: June 1, 2012

    supposed to be delivered by: June 29, 2012

    current status: awaiting shipment

    Then Mr. A. Bose thinks that they will come out of a turbulent time. Mark my words Mr. A. Bose spread happiness to stay with happiness.

  105. I would request people to stop buying from timtara as it is worst online company to buy from, we have helped many people to get back their money from timtara and it seems that numbers are growing everyday. Timtara sits on people’s money and earn’s interest from it , without thinking a bit about customers, recently we have more than 15 people asking us about ways to get refund from timtara and we have contacted the gateway of their credit cards to get people their refunds.

    Any one stuck with timtara with their orders should immediately mail

    They will get your money back in 4 hours.

    There is no use of mailing the customer care or arindam bose as it is their modus operandi to never revert back to any customer queries, people order seeing the fixed discounts at timtara which are supposed to be there for only 1 day and that ad stays there for 1 month. 

    The biggest nuisance is that they do not offer COD which itself tells that they are not genuine when even the newest genuine entrants are offering COD.

    I review for home appliances and gadgets at and there are more than 20 people ringing us up to get them the money back from timtara, but just follow this procedure of mailing the payment gateway you will have your money back within 24 hours.

    happy shopping and only choose good and trusted one’s which deliver on time and gives COD to win your trust atleast.

    mail me for any further help with timtara

  106. Order No: 10262956 Apple iPod touch 4th Generation 8 GB (Black)
    I made the payment for this product on 30th May and they have mentioned 15-20 working days for delivery. Today is 7th July and it shows the status as awaiting shipment for the last 15 days. Every time I ring them for inquiry they routinely said that it will take 2-3 days more for delivery and nothing happens after that. If they cannot deliver the products on time, they should not accept the orders. I think one should not buy any product from timtara since they don’t keep commitments.
    The online shopping is for user’s convenience. Shopping from timtara has become a nuisance.

    Bhavuk Jain

  107. Same Case Here

    Timtara Order id                                   – 10266850

    Order Placed on                                   – 5th June 2012

    Item (name and make)                          – Sony Xperia P Mobile Phone (Black)

    Amount paid                                          – Rs.20,459/-

    Delivery promised in (working days)     – 15 to 20

    Number of Reminders sent                   – 3

    Status (No-Delivery / No refund)           – No-delivery

    Status date                                           – 7th July 2012


    There is no sensible reply from customer care.

    Today when i called them, the guy over there said, back-end team is not replying to me, so he can’t do anything

    i asked him about what to do next or whom to contact or how can i get my product or money back, but he had

    a single reply, “we don’t know..”


    Mailing customerfirst does nothing, 

    I just mailed the same thing to people at payu gateway and Tajender Khurana <> mentioned above.

    Hopefully something good comes out of this.


  108. Dear Deepak

    what ever be the reason when you are in show or when you are on platform you have to act. no more excuses if your act is bad its bad and if its good its good. 

    Customer is king and customer judges the company the way the company acts according to the promises



  109. Hi All,

    I have ordered one laptop of Rs. 27,000/- on 20th july and i didnt research on net about

    Now I am very worried to see all the fraud. Can anybody help me how to proceed now, it is my hard earned money.



  110. contact CCavenue if your payment made through their gateway and once you past expected delivery date assured from Timtara, then you may raise the dispute request at bank that product not delivered on time and not sure of delivery your bank will investigate and get refund for you………..but wait they most cases deliver the prodcu after one or two month after purchase…….which is their std. time……….I have seen many threads on many sites on late delivery from Timtara, but once they get it, noboady comes back and says that timtara delivered product in so so timeline……….

  111. Thank you very much for your response.

    How can i trace that payment made through CCavenue.

  112. sorry..but I don’t know……..I know that it was known during your purchase only………earlier Timtara only using CCavenue gateway but recently I heard that they are also using another gateway as well…….you may contact both the gateway customer care and inquire about your purchase….

  113. okay….thanks for your help

  114.  they’re using PayU payment gateway…

  115. Deepak…Great work in getting word out of “Timtara’s CEO” mouth…which seems to be real big is swallowing up customer’s money. They take people money and don’t deliver the orders. I  just wonder how this thief came up !!!

    But Sadly, I am reading this after ordering a product from the site. It has been 21 days since I placed the order. How do I get my order ? Please help.

    Also, they seem to use Norton Seal on the site. I am planing to report the Norton Guys that they are FRAUD. But right now I am stuck with my order.

  116. Hi Rakesh, The quickest way will be to go through the thread; there are lots of pointers to strengthen your claim against Timtara’s fraudulent business practices. If you need help understanding legal nitty-gritty’s feel free to connect with me on Twitter.

  117. eMail:
    Phone Number: 0124-6749001

    Gurgaon Office (Headquarters)
    7th Floor, Pearl Tower, Plot No 51

    Institutional Area, Sector 32

    Gurgaon 122002

    Ph: 0-98180 70222, 0124-6749 001

    Mumbai Office (Regional office)
    # 36, Turner Road,

    Unit # 305, 4th Floor

    Bandra West

    Mumbai : 400050

    Ph: 0-98180 70222, 022-40064605

    Bengaluru Office (Regional Office)
    Aswan Building, 2nd Floor, 15/6 Primrose Road,

    Behind Prestige Meridian,

    Bengaluru-560025 Karnataka (India)

    Ph: 0-98180 70222, 080-42501 330

  118. Hello Rajneesh,

    I’m so sorry to hear that you also have been cheated by Timtara; it is such sad story, people are still falling for huge discounts; Timtara is a sick company; whose propreiters have no interest whatsoever in looking after thier customers. I urge you to go through the entire content of this thread; you would find some very important info to strenthen your claim against this fraudulent company. Feel free to drop me a line on Twitter if you need any assistance.

  119. hey deepak.. hi.. i have been cheated with 3 consignment total worth of 14000 by TIMTARA.. i mailed payu .. also registered a complaint at grahak seva.. and mailed to many big dignitries.. still things are not working fine.. i didn’t get my money nor product yet.. i have called timtara almost 100 times and also mailed them 100 times but i m never contended with the conversation they have..i don’t wana lose this hard earned money. please help.. if u want i shall give u my all order details ..

    request to please help

  120. Hi Deepak,

    I sent mail to PayU..they replied as below:

    Please note as this transaction was placed through Techprocess payment gateway and not PayU,so would request you to kindly contact Timtara or Techprocess  for any update.

    Thanks and Regards,

    Gagan varma




    Dear Customer,

    With reference to your query regarding your online transaction you are requested to kindly contact the merchant through whom you have initiated this transaction. The merchant will be able to assist you further with your query. 

     Techprocess is the payments partner engaged with the merchant for offering payments aggregation services only. The contact details of the merchant customer service desk are available on the merchant website.

    Kindly write to for further assistance.



    Vishal Raja

    Customer Service




  121. Hi Deepak,

    Me and my friends ordered a wedding gift for my friend in the month of Dec 2011 and waited for almost 2 months for delivery finally we had to cancel the order but the money is not refunded till date. We have been calling timtara customer care on regular basis but we do not see any response from them not even an acknowledgement. My order details are below:

    Order no: 10151579

    Product: Whirlpool SuperWash A-65d 6.5Kg Washing Machine

    Order Date: 20-12-2011 @ 2:48 PM

    Can you please help me in getting the money back.

    Good to see a lot of threads to strengthen my case but very sad to see so many people are cheated by timtara.




  122. Item not shipped from Timtara instead of several remainders

    Dear Sir,
    This is to bring to your kind notice that i  have purchased Whirlpool FATL Washing Machine 7.0 Kg Whitemagic 700 H against the order Id 10286190 on 10.07.2012 from timtara website.On the same day i got a mail from Timtara Customer first Id that my product is ready for shipment(Tailed mail for reference).When i saw the status in my timtara account it came “Awaiting Shipment”.From then onwards it was showing the same status.I have contacted Timtara Customer care at 0135-3051500 several times.They were answering that we have forwarded to our backend team they will ship the material within 24 working hours.But till now nothing happened.Kindly take some initiation from your end for shipping the material as soon as possible and make justice to my hard earned money.Awaiting for positive reply.

    Suresh Koyyana

  123. Dear Deepak ji,
    This is to bring to your kind notice that i  have purchased Whirlpool FATL Washing Machine 7.0 Kg Whitemagic 700 H against the order Id 10286190 on 10.07.2012 from timtara website.On the same day i got a mail from Timtara Customer first Id that my product is ready for shipment(Tailed mail for reference).When i saw the status in my timtara account it came “Awaiting Shipment”.From then onwards it was showing the same status.I have contacted Timtara Customer care at 0135-3051500 several times.They were answering that we have forwarded to our backend team they will ship the material within 24 working hours.But till now nothing happened.Kindly take some initiation from your end for shipping the material as soon as possible and make justice to my hard earned money.Awaiting for positive reply.

    Suresh Koyyana

  124. Dear Giti Thadani

      This is the actual and real step.. go ahead if no one even join hands with you. because we always complain but don’t take action.. all the best and remember if no one join hands with you.. nothing to worry you go ahead and be the real customer



  125. I like the ebay India model wherein the payments made by a prospective buyer is retained in escrow (paisapay) and is released to seller only on receipt of confirmation of goods by the buyer. It is a balanced system that protects seller too. If buyer does not confirm receipt of goods by a pre-specified date, goodies are deemed received.

    They also have a well defined system of dispute redressal.

    I have found it to be working effectively

    Neeraj B Bhai

  126. Dear Giti,

    If i dont receive my product in next two days then i will also join you. 



  127. Dear Deepakji
    I, Gautam Ranjan, ordered a SONY XPERIA SOLA Mobile from TIMTARA.COM website on 15/07/2012 and paid Rs 16000 through SBI Credit Card. The order no. is 10289362.I was told that mobile will be delivered within 21 days. Promised dates have been passed but mobile has not been delivered yet. While tracking my order status in TIMTARA website, it is showing awaiting shipment status. I contacted customer care several times and mailed regarding this but no satisfactory answers given.
    Customer care executives always kept telling that your complain is being forwarded.Please suggest me what to do.

    Thanking you,
    Gautam Ranjan
    mb. no.-9650995110 

  128. Hi Giti,

    I would like to join you for filing the case against fraud company like Timtara. My friends and me have ordered a product in Dec 2011 and waited for 2 months for delivery finally we had cancelled our order so far they have not refunded our money.

    our order no 10151579



  129. Dear Deepak,

    I am also cheated by shopping. please find my order details. help me to get back my money from

    My transaction details.

    Your Transaction #10127179 has been confirmed and is being processed.

    Here is the summary:

    Transaction Id : 10127179
    Order Date: 13th Jul 2012 02:53 pm
    Payment Mode: Credit Card / Debit Card
    10287866 Nokia Asha 202 Mobile Phone(202)
    None Rs. 3,999 Rs. 0 Rs. 0 1 Rs. 900 Rs. 3,099 Delivery Within 3 Weeks

    Rs. 3,099

    Mobile Number: 9677247049

    maharaja S

  130. Hi

    just need a small help can u tell u tell me hw can I Lodge a complaint against timtara for refunding the money in consumer court.

  131. Dear Anil,

    I have also faced the same problem after purchasing washing machine on 10-07-2012.They dint shipped me the material after 4 weeks i have contacted the right people and fought to get my money back.At last today i got credited my money.You need to do the following procedure to get back your money if you dint get it till now.

    1. Kindly write a mail to Payment Gateway i.e  Techprocess stating the order id,Credit card number and from which bank it was issued.Their mail id is Mark a  copy to also aking for refund.Because we have paid money through them only.

    2.They will say we cannot process because we have already send the money to Timtara.Kindly contact and the mean while get all the details of payment at techprocess.That means TPSL ID,Bank reference No and Merchant ID from tech process related to your payment.

    3.With those details contact kangan and tanu asking for cancellation of the order and refund.Keep on bombarding the mails to him asking for the status(Every day) by marking a copy to of timtara),,,,

    You will receive your refund.Please follow the escalation and follow up procedure to get the refund ASAP.


    Suresh Koyyana


  132. Hi, I placed an order on 23rd July via order no. 10294492(Sony 32GB SDHC Card) & 10294494 (Sony Cybershot DSC-HX10V 18MP Digital Camera) and paid amount of Rs. 15,699/- to online shopping portal This product was supposed to be delivered within 21 days but till today I have not received the said products.I have called up their useless customer care and raised several tickets (45792, 47978) but to no avail. I have place the request for cancellation of order but they are not cancelling it and not refunding my money back.

    Request your halp in getting my hard earned monry back.

    Details of my Transaction -: 

    Transaction Id : 10129864

    Order nos. -: 10294492 & 10294494

    Payment -: Net Banking

    Amount paid -: Rs. 15,699/-

    Payment ID No. -:  47360148IGB8298089 (State Bank of India)

    Products -: 1. Sony 32GB SDHC Card – Class 10 & UHS-I – 94MBps (SF-32UX)

                      2. Sony Cybershot DSC-HX10V 18MP Digital Camera (Silver) (DSC- HX10V)

    Date of purchase – 23rd Jul 2012 11:08 pm


  133. My Timtara story

    Dear fellow victims,

    On 12th of August I was on a hunt for a new Samsung Galaxy Tab2 on local stores in my area. I visited few stores and the price they offered me was Rs 19000. At that fateful moment, I thought that I would compare the rates online and would then take a decision where to buy it from. I went home and searched ebay and flipcart. There was not much price difference. ebay was a couple of hundreds cheaper, and flipkart was at offering same price as I would be getting in the local store.

    Then came another fateful decision of mine. I searched my emails, looking for any discount mailers from where i could get a discount on ebay or any other sites. (I get about 15-20 mailers daily from different shopping sites .) I searched ebay and found a coupon of 5% which had already expired and was of no use. Then I searched again and this time my keyword was samsung galaxy tab 2. To my surprise, I had an email offering me discount of 4599 on an mrp of Rs. 21,490. The effective value of Tab 2 was now approx rs 17000. Cool rs 2000 less than its market price and from anywhere else on the Internet. And now you may have guessed it right where this mail was from. TIMTARA!! The frauds.

     Went on their website, read that the discount coupon expires within 3 hrs(which has not expired till date). That made me to hurry my decision. Called up one of my friend to confirm about the website. He told me that once he had placed an order with them, but when he didn’t receive his order within one week, he cancelled it and got his money back within one more week(This is when timtara had its payment gateway as ccavenue, which I came to know later). This did not raise any suspicion to me as I thought my friend would be in too much hurry and no delivery within one week is acceptable by me. There are few other websites also which take more than one week but their products do get delivered within stipulated time.

    The lucrative offer of saving 2000 rupees was on my head and without wasting time I placed an order. One mistake I made here was that I did not create an account with them and placed an order as a guest. This mistake prohibits me to raise few online requests on their website.

    Next day when I reached office I was so happy for getting a big discount that I shared the news on our local office social networking page. Within few minutes a bomb dropped at me, when a fellow victim shared how much harassment he had gone through by Timtara.

    I started searching on the Internet, still believing that his must be one in a thousand case, but I was wrong. On the very first search for timtara on google I could get hundreds of links, people crying about timtara. I was still optimistic, looking out and determining whether they have waited for the 3 weeks which timtara asks for or not. I noticed that because of so many complaints on the Internet, people start panicking even before their delivery date arrives. Same was the case with me. I had made up my mind that Timtara was a fraud company on day two of my order.

    I called up Timtara customer care and asked them about my order status, and in came the prompt reply which they are trained of: Sir it will take three weeks. I had no option, but still asked them: What If I don’t receive it within three weeks. Answer: No Sir, you will definitely receive it within three weeks. Q .What about thousands of customers on the Internet crying about your non-delivery of products. Answer: Sir don’t believe them, your order will be received by you in three weeks. I think: Oh I am special, may be I am (optimistic approach).  To be continued…

  134. My Timtara Story…Continued

    I started waiting for the delivery time to come. Days went by and then weeks. By then, I had also started looking into the web, reading and researching what were the problems that fellow customers on timtara were facing. Irregular response from Timtara was at number one position. I was losing hopes. A fear of long fight ahead to receive my product or my money back was eating me up day after day. Consumer courts also take years to resolve your case. It was then when I reached the rodinhoods and could see some hopes. Fellow victims as we all call ourselves are fighting. Cases have been put forward in the court. Thanks to Giti and Rajeev. They are in a fight right now against Timtara. I also watched their report on CNBC awaaz. Contacted them through emails and got some very useful information about how to carry on. That gave me some strength to fight against these culprits.

    By now it was Friday, Aug 3rd , 2012. My product expected delivery date was Monday September 3rd 2012, so by all means the product should have been shipped to be delivered by Monday.

    I again contacted Timtara on phone. The response was that it will take more time.

    Question Asked: How much time? In came the

    reply: we don’t know (bluntly). The team which knows when the product will be shipped does not share data with us. Hmm…

    I answered. I need to cancel my order.

    CCE: Sir if you cancel your order, it will take three days to process this request and another 15 to 20 days to get your money back. We suggest you not to cancel your order and wait for the product.

    I replied: It’s enough of waiting now and I need my order to be cancelled.

    They take down my request and provide me with a request number. My cancellation request number is 421621(still pending till today).

    Now this didn’t suffice my needs as I needed a complete record of my request cancellation. So I wrote a mail to Kangan (Timtara), asking him to confirm me about my cancellation status asap. I wrote:



    After almost 3 weeks of placing the order, still your customer care executive has no clue of when will I receive my order. This has forced me to cancel my order number 10306348.

    Transaction ID 10134794

    The order was placed on 12th of August.

    My cancellation request number is 421621.

    Please confirm my order cancellation and refund my money asap.






    In comes a prompt reply from Kangan:

    Dear Sir,

    Greetings from the timtara family.

    We ensure you that your product will be shipped next week.

    If not the money will be refunded.

    Please cooperate till next week.



    I reply again:

    Please cancel my order, I am not ready to wait till next week.

    I know how many people you guys have cheated.

    The Internet is full with complaints about timtara and so is news channel CNBC awaaz. 

    I have already been waiting for three weeks now and don’t want to wait any more.

    I want my order status to be cancelled within three days as suggested by your support team member and want my money back.

    Please be aware that if proper action is not taken for my request, I would not hesitate to drag timtara to consumer court.

    Now the waiting time decreases from a week to three days:

    Dear Sir,

    This is no fake commitment .

    Please cooperate till wednesday.

    Your product will positively be shipped.

    If not we will refund the money .



    Now I couldn’t see them cancelling my order so easily. Had no option left but to wait.

    So I replied:

    Dear Kangan,

    I know you won’t be able to fulfill your commitment, as you are not able to for thousand other users crying on the web, still I am ready to wait till Wednesday.

    I want my product delivered by Wednesday, If not I want to see my status as cancelled the very same day and my money refunded.


    Monday goes, Tuesday goes and in comes Wednesday.

    Still no response from their side. (everybody knows that)


    I again write to them:


    Please cancel my order, you are unable to fulfill your commitment.

    No response again.

    I again write to them:

    Hi Kangan,


    It seems you are willfully ignoring my emails.


    I again urge you to cancel my order number 10306348.

    Please don’t force me to take a legal action against timtara.


    Let this transaction be peaceful and not cause harm to you or me.


    Waiting for an urgent and positive response.


    My frustration level was increasing hour by hour.

    And then a reply comes from them.


    Dear Sir,

    Your product is being shipped today evening.

    Please cooperate with us




    No, I am not ready to wait now. The frustration level is so high. Commitments after commitments.I remember Sunny deol fro Damini. Taarikh pe Taarikh, Taarikh Pe Taarikh… Milti hai to bus Taarikh.


    I write to them again:

    Dear, Dearest and Lovely Kangan,


    Its heights of making false commitments from your end. You must be making these fake commitments to thousands of users daily. And if you think none of us know that your commitments are fake then you are wrong.

    Each and every one of the customer to whom you make fake commitments and try to screw their life each day knows what you are doing.

    Anyways, I don’t want any more of your fake commitments. I don’t want to take your services any more. Cancel my order now and return my money ASAP else I am lodging a complaint against Timtara.

    You have added an agitated customer in your list, who will make sure that none of his acquaintance  even if distant never ever shops from your site.

    I will make sure that I post about you each and every where on the Internet before I take you to court.

    My words would be louder than my actions. Beware!!


    Now Kangan has starting to keep quiet. No more replies from them. I write to them again.


    You are again playing games with me. You have still not responded to my email and taking it lightly.

    I want my order to be cancelled now and my money refunded.

    With every email you yourself are giving me enough reasons to take you to consumer court.

    Every un-answered email is an evidence against you and your company that would be presented in the court.

    Cancel my order immediately and provide me the cancellation request number today itself.


    Still no response.

    Wednesday goes by.

    My order status changes.

    From :


    Order Id

    Order Date




    Awaiting Shipment




    Order Id

    Order Date




    Awaiting Pickup



    I am again confused. Am I the lucky one? Will I be getting my order. My sixth sense says: no. They are making a fool of you. Do not let loose. Try again. I want my money back. I don’t want my product any more.


    I again write to them first thing in the morning:

    Dear Mr. Kangan,


    You are testing my patience by not answering to my emails. The order placed has not been cancelled yet.

    I immediately want my order to be cancelled from your side and want a quick response, else I am moving to media from today.


    Still no response. I call up customer care again. The again assure me. Sir your product will be shipped within a day or two. If you check on the website your order status has changed from awaiting shipment to awaiting pickup. I ask them again: By is it taking 2-3 days for pickup. Does the courier company come to you guys once in a week to pickup items. For which she has no answer. I hang up without any clue of whats going to happen.

    So I started writing this blog and in came the first part of it. To be continued….


    One question from fellow readers: Does the status change indicate something positive, or its one of their tricks again to keep the customers hanging around?

  135. …small update… i have recieved my tab, and updating this message via my tab. will update the complete story on monday.

  136. ….Continued My Timtara Story Part 3


    Thursday goes by, but I have no clue about my product. I have already written them so many emails and they either don’t reply or do not come up with a satisfactory answer. The order status has changed. I as few experienced people. Some say that if status is changed, you would be receiving your order. But none of them is sure. 

    I reach office on Friday morning and one of the first thing in morning which I do is check my order status. Still no change. I again write a mail to A Bose and company.

    Dear Mr. Bose/Kangan and company,


    You all are intentionally ignoring my mails and my cancellation requests. Changing order status and trying to make a fool of your customer won’t help.

    I have started writing in the media from today onwards.


    Start preparing for a war ahead. I will see that all of you culprits and frauds are not spared.



    Still no reply. It looked that they had turn a blind eye towards my emails. I write to them again. This time adding more people in the list. All those which I could find in the blogs and anywhere. Giti sent me a list of people whom we could follow up with. Thanks to her. I added all of them, and asking them to cancel my order. Still no response.


    The experience others had was now being experienced by me.  Only one sided conversations. As if someone is shouting on empty walls. All my colleagues by now know about Timtara and the delay.

    Everyone is praying that I get my product, as I have announced a party on its arrival 😉

    Next I write in to payu guys for a refund. I still am not sure whether I would get my product or not.


    I write to them:


    Dear PayU guys,


    Please help in recovering my money from these frauds.


    The day goes by. I think I need to give them a day to response. Standard response time for an email response expected from a customer care executive for me is one day. I wait again, this time for Payu customer care reply.


    The day gets over again. I packup for home and leave office.

    When I reach home, to my surprise the un-expected happens. My mom announces that there is a package waiting for me. I think, “Am I dreaming?”  I enter my room and there it is waiting for sitting on my table and getting charged up. My wife looks at me and gives me a smile. I jump with joy and announce “I am so lucky!”

    I had hidden this fact from my mom that I also had ordered a product from Timtara.  My mom by now new about timtara and its reputation, thanks to the TV program on cnbc, awaaz.  

    Now the question arises, why this delay if ultimately the product is delivered? Why is the customer service so poor, and what are these guys doing to clean their reputation.


    I reach office on Monday and receive an email from Kangan.

    Dear Sir,

    Your order has been shipped via DTDC Courier .

    AWB NO V10071XXX.

    Thanks for your cooperation.






    Immediately wrote a feedback mail to Timtara.


    Dear Kangan, Mr. Bose and Timtara Guys,


    Finally on Friday, September 7, 2012, I received my product, order for which was placed on your website on 12th August 2012, after approx 25 days of ordering.


    I don’t mind waiting for a few extra days after the due delivery date, but you guys should also understand that so many bad reviews on the Internet about your company are bound to create panic in somebody’s mind who has paid for something which he/she has not yet received.


    Also, I as a customer whenever seek response from you guys, expect to receive a right response in a rightly manner that too in a right time.


    Please correct few flaws in your service to sustain in the market, else the consumer always has a second choice.


    Few issues which I faced and would never want to face again from an online shopping portal:


    1. 1.       Your customer care executive had no knowledge about my order. Whenever asked he/she had only one answer: Sir we will ship your order soon. Share more order related details with your customer service guys so that they can share the same with the customers.
    2. 2.       My order status was not updated at right time- I received my order on Friday Sept 7th , and the order status was changed to “Shipped” on Sunday Sept 9th , which should have been changed before Friday.
    3. 3.       If the product was late, your customer care should be pro-active in updating the customer about the delay. The empathy by a customer service guy to his customer is able to cool down an agitated customer 99 out of 100 times.
    4. 4.       You guys stop replying to customer’s emails as soon as the customer is over agitated. Change this habit. You lose your customer’s confidence as soon you stop communication from your side. I would not have written those so many emails if I was responded correctly.
    5. 5.       When status of my order was changed from ‘Awaiting Shipment’ to ‘Awaiting Pickup’, nobody knew when the order would be picked up. Ideally status should have been changed very next day to ‘order shipped’ and the courier tracking number provided, which was updated 2 days after I received my order, and Kangan mailed me the same today. This email if sent to me on Thursday itself would have given me a relief much before a lot earlier.



    In the end:


    The Internet is full of complaints against Timtara, go online resolve those issues and reply them so that your new customers can trust you.

    This transaction could have ended in a delight if above things were followed in a rightly manner.


    Happy but not so Happy Customer

    Abhinav Madan




    And their service continues:  Still no reply 😛

  137. Finally, you got some luck with you and so you received your product but from your end my straight question is can you buy some thing again from timtara?



  138. I would say NO. And why should I, I have second options, why should I again screw my life and go through all the mental trauma again. I may not be lucky twice.

  139. So its your turn to spread the same with all your email address in your email.. so that some one can stop before going to step in to that. because only few who know these sites and blogs can know but lot more dont even know about this



  140. – No Delivery, No Refund… Just False Promises!!!

    We had ordered a LG microwave from in Jan 2012, however we never got the product delivered and till date no refund has also been credited from there end. We are waiting for the product and then for the refund from last 9 months without any fruitful response from Timtara’s end. Order Details::

    Order ID: 10171569
    Product Code: 123419
    Product Name: LG MJ3281BPG 32Ltr Convection Microwave Oven
    Order Date: 17-01-2012 @ 12:06 AM
    Current Order Status: Payment refund pending (for last 3-4 months)
    Amount Paid (after discount): Rs. 17,990

    The product was a gift for my wife’ s previous birthday and the payment for the same was made from his Credit Card using her login in Timtara’s website. From the date of order we had called Timtara enormous times and also emailed them couple of times just to hear some false/fake reason and comments. However, till date no positive action has been taken by them in respect to the product delivery and currently refund of the good amount of our money they are holding back with them from us.

    If you check for the above mentioned product is always available (In Stock) and I have not seen the same product to go out of stock for last 9 months, still they didn’t deliver the product for 6 months and then without any reason canceled my order and changed order status to payment refund pending for last 3 months!!!

    Now, I am unable to thing of any better reason than money laundering scam going on at Timtara with our hard earned money as a possible reason for such issues!!!


  141. (what were they smoking?).

    Weed in the notes doled out to them by Timtara

  142. Hi

          I am an unfortunate victim of timtara also. Though I am following the case with , I have something to add here. In most consumer cases as I have read across forums, timtara has paid freebies to consumers to either dilute or withdraw the case. However I want to see a proper Hearing for my case. It has been a 3 month perilous journey for me. I have complained via techprocess,consumer complaint forums,,pehradar and have mailed to media groups. The only arsenals I have left with me is a police case and a proper consumer case where I expect the court to understand troubles of thousands of customers and shuts down the online portal . I am not bothered about my 13k money with timtara anymore. I am willing to spend upto  2/3 lacs of money on the legal case .(Ofcourse I expect the court to refund me the legal costs incurred) . Any lawyer willing to help me , please contact me.


    Akhil Swain

  143. Dear All,

    I got the money back from Timtara with the help of Mr. Harish (M. 8930856789) he promised and he stood my his words. A very nice person polite and trustworthy he also called me back and provided complete details of the refund transaction. In 6 days i got refund of 35000/-

    I also got some number from Noida Police Station of Senior police official Mr. Balwant Singh (M. 9810885547) when i called him he immediately and I said i want to file a police complaint against Timtara he told me you want money or item give me the order number. I was shocked that police knows about this but they are not taking any action. But you can try his number he will definitely push your refunds or deliveries.

  144. thank god  to power cut last night. i was just going to order something last night but due to minutes of power cut i lost the internet connection and decided to place my order tonight, but i am feeling like saved. innumerable fraudulent cases by timtara.its ok if some people had issues but after  seeing these stack of complaints i am feeling lucky one.

  145. I have ordered for a Panasonic Lumix DMC FZ100 14MP Digital Camera(Black) on 29th of January, 2012 vide order No. 10179957 from and paid the price of Rs. 19,990/- through Credit Card. As per the terms and conditions, the item was supposed to be delivered to my address within 8-10 working days. But even after completion of 31 days, the item was not delivered. On1st of March’2012, I have cancelled the order. But, till date, (even after a lapse of more than 9 months) even after repeated mails and phone calls my money has not been refunded back to me.
  146. where to send hard copy,hard copy should be sent on which address


  147. The situation is really bad at Timtara. I have ordered on 19th October and still awaiting delivery. I followed with the customer service numbers and people responsible for dispatch, they have no answers literally. It appears like a big fraud in making. I hope more people are not lured with the discounts mentioned on the Timtara website. 

    Timtara Order id     10341134    

    Order Placed on      19-10-2012

    Item (name and make)  1 x HP 3 in 1 INKJET DJ-K209g AIO Printer 

    Sunil Sharma

  148. hey did u get ur product??????????????:(

  149. hey can i call this number??????????

    what to tell him after calling?

  150. Hello Deepak,

    Same kind Problem occur with me also by TIMTARA.COM

    i purchased the Product from on 21st Nov 2012,

    Order #10357166 Contained the Following Items:

    Item Details Price
     Micromax Canvas 2 A110 Mobile Phone  Rs. 8,990
    Total: Rs. 8,990
    Shipping: Rs. 0
    Total Amount Payable: Rs. 8,990 INR

    they confirm my Product Purchase , i paid  by Credit Card on the same day,

    and they replied They will deliver Product within 3 weeks,

    after 21 day i called on customer support Number and they gave me some Excuse and gave me date after 4 days for Deliver Product.

    Today is 20th DEC 2012 its One month Complated still not get Product

    and when i called they replied the product is sold out so they said me to purchase another Product.

    They are saying Product sold after 1 month really very much Angry on them .. 

    Please help me in this matter i have all the Proof of Order confirmation , Ready to Shipment Confirmation and many times

    i mailed on this Email IDs :,,,, Arindam Bose <>,,,,,,,,,, bharat <>

    i mailed their Executive but they not replied single time.

    Please Help me in this matter now i want to back my money with Intrest.

    can you Help me in this ? Please  Reply me

    i seen your one of solution of that to complain to SSP noida but 

    you can reply me on


  151. Timtara ultimately shipped my item.

    I got support from in this regard.

    You can ask for the same from

    They are really promising.
    Hope all victims would get their product from the fraudster. is a non-profit organization.
    They never charge for their service.
    It’s up to you. If you are satisfied with their service make a small donation. This would help them fighting on behalf of those lost their really hard earned money at timtara.

    And let me clarify, I am not an agent of

    To make it confirm I have attached here some of my mails which will support my every single word.

    Here is the link:

    The documents will self-explain the process I went through resolving my case.

    Note: There are some other important documents. But I can’t share them due to privacy of other victims approached to consumer desk.

    I am too a victim of
    And from that point, I am telling you is absolutely safe and trustworthy.

    I tried many Consumer Grievance Readdress cells but believe me is totally different.

    Even you can personally talk to them.

    Just send “help” to +919046456959.


    But remember it’s a joint effort from you and as confirmed by consumerdesk.

    They will give you a small task which you need to do on a regular basis and rest will be taken care by them.

    What’s more! They will bring legal notice to timtara on behalf of you which no one would ever do.

    They have 27+ volunteers across the country and have own lawyer.

    Consumer desk is really doing great.

    My best wishes are with them.

    After reading all this, you may find me advertising for them! Actually I am delighted with their service. I have gone through the tough time with timtara. And without consumer desk’s support even today, I don’t know how was going to recover the money I lost with

    Dealing with and its customer care has given me worst nightmares.

    And I don’t want anybody to have the same experience timtara brings me.


    So now it’s up to you.


    If you wish to contact them here are their mail ids: “support” <>,,,,


    Also visit these facebook pages to join hands against There you will find many valuable comments and supports from the others.



    But remember facebook and the so called consumer grievance readdress websites are just medium to raise force. Information we provide on these websites is legally not acceptable unless the victim physically sign the complaint otherwise or anybody can’t be complainant on their behalf.





  152. Dear Deepak i have also been cheated by timtara it’s been more than 6 months they have not been refund me money till yet. i have already spend around 1k rs in calling & didn’t get any reply even they don’t care to reply through email. What should i do ?

  153. @ vishal rawal. Ask your credit card company for chargeback. Your company will immediately refund your money and they will deal with the payment gateway . Meanwhile send timtara a mail to refund your money.
    Note if your payment date exceeds 6 month, your company will not entertain your case. And if this is the case ask help from

  154. Thanks for Reply Sourav Mohuri,

    My Cradit Card is From HDFC bank and i also paid Credit Card Bill also.

    will they give me refund ??

    let me try your Suggession .. Thanks again


  155.  @ Vishal

    Okay here the procedure: contact HDFC card people to claim a refund since you did not get product.insist them that you wanted claim under merchant transaction dispute..and fill a form called card membership form.

    THATS IT!!

    They will give you temporary credit for 90 days and will carry out thorough investigation against the merchant and If your claim found to be true, they will make this temporary credit as permanent in your account. But before you initiate this action, please keep proof handy with you like, Complaint sent to timtara, Credit card transaction detail etc etc.

  156. Oh… Great ,

    Thank you Sourav.

  157. Thansk Sourav,

    i just called HDFC Credit card People,

    they told me to fill a CDF(Cardholder Dispute Form).

    to Claim Against Marchant and said it will take 50 Days to Process. 🙁

    Thanks for your Help.

  158. Here I have attached a legal notice. Replace all “_________________” with your personal info and print it on a stamp paper. Denomination is not an issue.  It’s up to your convenience, but if your amount loss exceeds Rs. 10000/- then you may need to attach a revenue stamp.

    Look at this site:

    Hope this would help you decide.

    As per my knowledge Rs20 non-judicial stamp paper would be sufficient. In court or tehsil office you can buy the stamp paper

    The attached document is self-explanatory. Remember when you lodge your complaint at and at
    use internet explorer. Firefox and Chrome are not compatible for these sites.

    Now send this legal notice at their office address and also email them with the legal notice content copy paste in compose section and attach the scanned copy of the legal notice.

    Here are some media executives’ mail id:,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, speakout@timesgroup.Com, bwonline@bworldmail.Com, prosenjit.Datta@abp.In, venkateshl@cybermedia.Co.In, harminders@cybermedia.Co.In, sandeeprc@cybermedia.Co.In, vandanac@cybermedia.Co.In, srinivass@cybermedia.Co.In,

    Here some email ids of government authorities concerned for cybercrime:,,,, speou9del@cbi.Gov.In, <>,<>,<>,<>,,

    Timtara team mail ids: abose@timtara.Com, “” <>,, “Kangan Magon” <>, raja@timtara.Com, sarbjeet@timtara.Com, customerfirst@timtara.Com, cco@timtara.Com, shivali@timtara.Com, nisha@timtara.Com, info@timtara.Com, mamta@timtara.Com, sakshi@timtara.Com, rahul@timtara.Com

     At your own end you may also want to write an email to ccavenue, atomtech, payu or timesofmoney

    Payment gateway Techprocess mail ids: “support” <>,,,,,

    Atom payment gateway:

    CCAvenue Payment Gateway: risk@ccavenue.Com

    Payu gateway:,,,

    Timesofmoney Payment Gateway: and

    And if you wish a real consumer helpline who will do this work for you it is

    Here is their contact ids:,,,,,,,


    There are a few places where you can register online complaints against cybercrimes

    1. for AP
    2. for Mumbai

    sees this for all other offices


    There is one more thing we all could do. See these two websites 


    this is online registration of complaints. You would have to choose police station sector 20. Please register an online complaint against Try to find out many more employees of and include all of their names in your complaint. 

    If we need to solve the case by ourselves then start bombarding timtara mail ids by putting them in cc and sought for help to media channels and payment gateways email ids carefully and smartly. Chances are media executives may find you spamming. So when you write them be specific and don’t forget to ask help from them. And your subject matter should mirror the same. Whatever you write, use words intelligently and don’t forget to put timtara mail ids in CC. And send media executives, police mails to that extend that they don’t find you disturbing a lot. Otherwise your goal will remain void. And important thing email media executives repeatedly with an interval of 2 or 3 days. So they may find you in distress and have a real desire to get help. So whatever you want to do, do it smartly. Also in the meantime send timtara legal notice by yourself. Together these will boost your overall process. And this is a way we can get timtara to release our product or refund our money.



    Also I would like to request you to join these FB groups.


    And remember is a non-profit organization. They don’t ask service charge. It’s  up to you. If you are satisfied with their service make a small donation. Preferably Rs.365, which includes court fee courier fee legal notice fee print everything they spend on your case until it is fully resolved. Any don’t think your donation fills their appetite. Your donation help them fighting for those who lost their very hard earned money at timtara like students at free of cost. It’s totally up to you and your humanity. They will never ask you. What they want is just a good feedback from you on resolving your case. That’s it.



    ORDER NO 10366084

  160. @ Ashish Kumar ,

    Please Read all the Reply of SOURAV MOHURI Above ..

    Contact Here .

    i also resolve the Problem By the Help of his suggestion and “support” <>,,,,

    Just Do the same as they will Suggest..

    you will get as soon as possible..

    Bets of luck .


  161. @vishal raval , i went through the process as u described, but yet no response came from anywhere.

  162. timtara is totally shit, they open there store to cheat other…. i am going to register a fir against them under cheat, fraud, cyber crime, whatever relevance to this… i am definitely going to take out my money by hook or crook .

  163. People like me still falling prey to this site. It’s Feb 2013. Deliveries not happening. Customer Service not responding. Phones going blank after automated responses. Is going to court the only recourse?

    Shocked by this callousness and blatant fraud! The guys are still in business and fetching orders. 

  164. Sourav, thank you for sharing everything that you have here. Not sure how such things continue to happen and how thick-skinned could these be! I hope to get my money back.


    I will mention every order detail which is sent to me in the letter drafted to Central Bureau of Investigation and Economic Offence Wing.

    I will give my best to get back the money of every single detail sent to me.

    I will even mention them in the voluminous PIL in am preparing to file against “INFOSECURE CONSULTING PVT. LTD” (TIMTARA) to be filed in SUPREME COURT..
    My e-mail id is : or text me on my cellphone.

    My contact No. is 8092506066.

    Help me, Help yourselves!!

  166. Vikalp, would like to have a word with you. Have noted the number. Will call you tomorrow and also send the details.


  167. Sure.. People who are victimised by this fraud Timtara, contact me. If we all stand together, we will definitely make a difference.

    Vikalp Gupta – 8092506066

  168. Friends.. Good News!!..
    I have already recieved personal mail from Commissioner of Delhi, Mr. Neeraj Kumar IPS, promising to take necessary steps, as well as m in touch with Joint commissioner Crime branch who will keep me updated on the same.. Soon we would tighten the noose around the neck of timtara n their directors..
    Ppl who r defrauded n seek their money back.. kindly mail me full order details like order date, number, goods purchased, value, etc.. contact me on or call me on 8092506066

  169. Any updates on this VIKALP!!

    let me know if any help is required from my side, we can file FIR against these frauds..and send legal notice to all the address we know relating to timtara(or the police will probe into this matter).

    I went to the head office of TIMTARA, and sad why I went there.. it should be obvious that frauds/fakes have everything FAKE!! somebody need to finger those basters to come out of hole!

  170. my number: 9953776757, please all lets stand together.

    I think we can first send legal notice to their payment gateway site (which i think not fraud, they might take some strict action). By sending legal notice to them they might help us probing the actual physical addresses of these fakes.

  171. thank you for ur help in advance. i’ll send u my detail

  172. and finally, this was bound to happen. The CEO, Arindam Bose and Harish Ahluwalia have been arrested as per the reports being showed in India TV.

    way to go vikalp. 

  173. Finally he has been arrested:

    What more can be done now ? to get back the money they owe me??

  174. Wow THAT’s a really GREAT NEWS!!

    I got my refund back last week from Timtara, I think they might want to wind this-up to avoid the high-end investigation and get-out of this FRAUDULENT business!

    A HUGE APPLAUSE to our dear friend VIKALP GUPTA, and other who directly indirectly helped to probe this investigation and get these basters arrested. We have set up a great example that its never too late to stand and unite others for a NOBLE cause like this, the effort for such cause will never get wasted!!

    BRAVO!!  Hope we all(who are yet yo get the refunds back) will get our refund back soon!!

  175. HERE it goes for VIKALP GUPTA:

  176. Imagine if we had followed his advise?

  177. Also read somewhere that, are also winding up. has gone way, ie common investor made buy out the company..

    would be interesting to know exactly how the financial health of some of the funded E-com sites are. the first surge of late/non delivery of orders should ring warning bell that the company is either facing sourcing or financial crisis. time to start looking elsewhere then..

  178. Do we really need to bother about the health of any e-commerce co?  Just use Cash On Delivery (COD) – simple!!







  180. ITS AN HONOUR!! 🙂

  181. Hi Vikalp,

    Have you filed consumer case against Timtara?

    Please share case number along with type of case/where it is filed…that way everyone can keep tab on the progress.

    Thanks & Regards,

    Abhishek Garg

  182. well, there she blows – finally shuts down:


    Indy Singh
    IAN – Indian Advertising Network

  183. Whats next at Timtara? Have anyone got refund?

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