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Giving away free Passes for Adobe Summit on

Adobe is organizing its largest annual event on Adobe Flash platform from 27th to 29th July 2011 at Banglore. I think a must attend for designers and developers and also Internet entrepreneurs to know what is in store from Adobe. 

Tekno Point is a Gold Sponsor for the event and we are entitled to some free passes. [ Worth around 3k] 


I will be happy to share 2 passes  with the Rodinhoods Community. 


For more details about the event please visit :





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  1. Profile photo of Debasish Bouri

    We are very much keen for the passes.

    What is the process to collect those stuff?

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Deb, 


    I can help you with 1 pass. Kindly mail the nomination details to and mention Rodinhoods reference. 

  3. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Venkat, 


    Please mail the nomination details to with reference of Rodinhoods , we will add to the guest list. 


  4. Profile photo of avik majumder

    Hi Himanshu,

    Myself Avik Majumdar, a Flex Developer eagerly waiting for a pass for the above specified summit.

    Can you help me for the same. Waiting for a positive feedback.



  5. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Avik, 


    I have already allotted 2 passes  , If I do not hear from them or if there is a cancellation I will update you. 




  6. Profile photo of Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

    Himanshu – thanks for the kindness


    Again, can we make it a bit objective?


    Can you ask one question that makes people quality and acually deserve to go here?


    I dont know adobe – so you will have to think of the question?




  7. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Alok, 


    This is a very niche event so I was not sure if there would be enough takers. Hence did not keep a contest.

    Will think of a question and update my post in a while. 




  8. Profile photo of Ginni Xanders

    Hi Himanshu,


    Can i request for a pass for the same….




  9. Profile photo of Debasish Bouri

    Thanks a lot Himanshu. But as said, man poses but god disposes. One of our project  giving pain and come under critical bug fixing phase. So all the leaves are cancelled nowadays. Provide the passes to someone else who needed.

  10. Profile photo of himanshu chanda

    Hey @Himanshu Mody…


    Thanks for sharing this with others. I dont fit in the target group hence wont waste a pass. Great giveaway ofcourse…


    You can simply ask people what have they done so far in ‘adobe tech’ and how will they benefit by attending this event? The one who is crystal clear on where he is and where he wants to go Wins !

  11. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Avik, 


    Since the other 2 folks cannot make it , I have added your name to the guest list. 


    Please confirm that you can attend the event. 




  12. Profile photo of Himanshu Mody

    Hi Ginni, 


    I have added you to my guest list, you will have to get in touch with Saurabh once you reach the office. 

    Please mail your contact details to and he will reply you with more details. 


    Thanks and Regards,


  13. Profile photo of avik majumder

    Hi Himanshui,
    Thanks but I have already cancel my train ticket .Its ok.Lets meet next time.Thanks once again.

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