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Handwriting Analysis, stickyness, copywriting and all…

Dear Alok and the follow Rodinhoods,

Till date I have attended two meetings and it was an amazing experience. I would be regularly attending the meets and contribute to the table apart from biscuits and wafers that I bring sometime. I would like to open up the pandora’s box that contains mystic and magical nuggets from the marketing domain.

Right from sales letters, ad copy, stickyness increasing system I can offer something to everybody. Feel free to contact and discuss the pinch points that are troubling you.

Apart from that I would like to share my expertise in:

  1. Handwriting Analysis
  2. Yoga & Meditation
  3. e-Marketing Plus many things.

I feel that even if I do not have a solution to your problem I can direct you to some one, who would take the lead and give you a helping hand.

Once again, Alok, thanks for inviting me to the Open House!

regards Prasaad Gadkari


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  1. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    you know prasaad…. since you are a writer, your greatest contribution to the rest of the rodinhooders (who don’t live in mumbai and aren’t able to attend the open house) would be to give us an informal de-brief on what happened that particular friday evening!!!!

    let someone else bring the bikkies and chippies. YOU be OUR man!!!! tell us everything and take pix of people who attended 🙂

    just a suggestion…. and only if you have the time, of course…. 🙂


  2. Profile photo of Prasaad Gadkari

    Hi Asha

    Thanks for the valuable input. I shall surely do the same. Apart from that I would like to guide the startups and I look forward to meet a few of them everyweek.

    Feel free to write back.



  3. Profile photo of Hemant Naidu

    Thank you very much Prasaad for coming forward and lending helping hand to Entrepreneurs and Startups.

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