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Help finding a venue for a workshop on 15th June

Hi Rodinhoods,

I am writing in to seek your help with finding me a venue for a free “Advance Workshop on Career Development & Networking through Online Media”  I was planning to do along with Ratan KK( Digital Marketer and Prof. @ IIMA)

This is one of its kind workshop happening in Mumbai with the idea of creating awareness on how to use these online marketing tools for career development and networking.  This will help people looking to increase their network and create their personal brand online

The place we were earlier planning to do this have denied to accommodate us at the very last moment so I have to find a place soon.

The other places we have spoken to are asking for money including some reputed institutes but I  planned to do this for free as a social initiative.

I would really appreciate if anyone of you can help me finding a venue for 20-25 people on Friday(15thJune) from 5.30-7.30PM.

Those who are interested in attending this or want to know more about this,can also drop me mail at or call me 09873722503

Thanks a lot in advance.



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  1. which location

  2. which location and budget ??

  3. Amit,

    Thanks for the revert.

    I am not charging anything for it and doing it as a social initiative to create the network. I am trying to find out some place where I can do it for free or lets a institute or office where the people can also be benefited.

    Let me know if you can help me with this.

  4. which city are u looking for?

  5. Kamna, its for Mumbai.

  6. ohh.. we have our cafe in Delhi! would be happy to host something of this kind here. Do let us know in case you plan something for the capital. All the best for this though!

  7. Not sure of completely free venues. 

    But you can try the following economically viable options:

    Churchgate – K.C.College 
    Bandra – National College 
    Andheri near station – All India Institute of Local self Government 

    Hope this helps. 

  8. Thanks Kamna, I am based out of Delhi only and thought of doing this while I am in Mumbai.

    I will certainly contact you when I plan something like this in Delhi.

  9. Thanks for helping out with the ideas,Himanshu.

    I have got the place in NIIT Imperia, BKC. 🙂

    Complete Address , NIIT Imperia, C-3 Ground floor
    Balarama Building
    Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
    Mumbai 40051 
    (Adjacent to Family Court & opp Sales Tax office)

    I would like to invite you and all the fellow Rodinhoods who would like to join. Its a free for all event.

  10. Thanks Alok for helping me with this platform to reach fellow Rodinhoods.

    Thanks all of you who reached out to me online and offline to offer help.

    The venue for the workshop is Complete Address , NIIT Imperia, C-3 Ground floor
    Balarama Building
    Bandra Kurla Complex, Bandra East
    Mumbai 40051 
    (Adjacent to Family Court & opp Sales Tax office)

    Its a free for all workshop and we just expect your time and involvement. 

    Look forward to meet more of the fellow members from the Rodinhoods family.

  11. Hi Kamna,

    Trust you are doing great!

    I’m looking to organize a workshop for small investors in Delhi in mid-July (max. 20 people). Not sure if you are still open to the idea of letting out your place for the workshop. See if you can send me an email to, if you are open to the same.

    Thanks in anticipation!

    Regards, Vishal

  12. Hey Vishal, we are 100% open for this! and the cafe should be good to accommodate the number mentioned. will drop in a short e-mail to you!

    See you!


  13. Thanks Kamna. Will await your email.

    Regards, Vishal


  14. Waiting for your email, Kamna 🙂

    You can also call me at +91-80970 73918, as I need to close this asap.

    Regards, Vishal

  15. Hi Amit,

    I was looking for a place to conduct my own Workshop in Mumbai…and then I came across this post.

    How was your experience conducting the Workshop at NIIT Imperia? Do these guys make available their facility for more workshops? Can you help me with the contacts out there so that I can talk to them?

    Thanks in anticipation!


  16. Hi Vishal,

    Sorry for the late reply.

    NIIT gave us the place because I got help from a NIIT faculty and I am an alumni myself. 

    Wish you all the best with your search.


  17. Hi Kamna,

    We are planning a Rodinhood meetup around 28th July in Gurgaon. Do you think you can help us out with the place for the same. Please contact me on

    Thanks in advance.



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