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Holy Moly!! Rodinhood’s PPT gets featured on the Slideshare Homepage!

Check out the message I got from Slideshare:


And this is what the home page looked like:


THANK YOU ALL for appreciating it.


The PPT is produced below:




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  1. Brilliant…awesome…!

  2. wow 🙂 


    loved it! i am in the 3rd year face of service.. have just about started getting the right people, and the clients are great and keep coming to us without much so called ” business development”


    this presentation teaches and cheers me up a lot to say the least.

  3. Excellent summary and true from all angle’s !

  4. Very nice and crisply said.. Thanks

  5. Crisp and Cool presentation !


    By the way even I managed to reach the homepage of Slideshare with both my ppts 🙂 but unfortunately it doesnt stick for a long time….

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