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How can I sell content to Mobile Operators?

Hi all,

I am writing on behalf of a group that has developed audio content in Telugu language on two very popular books. They hold the copyright to the digital version of these books.

An online radio station has shown interest to ‘serialize’ it.

They also want to make this content available to mobile phone users.

My question:

Do mobile companies do the content deals directly or are there intermediaries. How do I reach them?

Thanks for your help.

Kiran K.


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  1. VAS companies like Spice , Onmobile , Hungama buys such content. the online radio station can also partner to help stream this content on mobile.You can go directly to the operators too.

  2. Thanks Susmita. Appreciate your reply.

  3. The most appropriate way is to approach telcos  directly….but that’s an uphill task unless you have the right connections. The intermediaries are surely a faster way but the you can’t be sure if the content would get the right push. Another way to go is the PPL route. They are a no profit organization & would take care of reporting, collections etc. If the content is good, they would give it a requisite push as well.

  4. Kinnari, thanks for your reply. What is the PPL route? Sorry for being ignorant.

  5. Hi Kiran…ppl is a body formed by bollywood music companies. Everyone is a part of it leaving out t-series. They collectively sell content to telcos and thus have far better muscle power as compared to individual entities. They also protect ur copyright and take care a reporting and revenue collection from each telco. They would charge u a small managing fee which is too small and is proportional to the content that they sell on ur behalf.

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