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How to Price what you Sell?!

For quite a few months now, I enjoy toying with topics that intrigue me and over the odd weekend try to convert them into simple PPTs. Pricing has always been a concept all of us (including me) struggle with. As you can see I had to speak to Master Yoda to figure out how to tackle this problem!

I’ve attempted to break down and analyse how one can price what one sells. This is just a reference guide. I would encourage you to add some more examples in the comments below!

Feedback is always welcome. Just be sure you don’t hit me with anything too hard 🙂

[Ps – If you are browsing via a mobile device, click on the IN logo (linkedin) and directly view this deck on slideshare. The UX is much better :-)]

Image link to PPT on slideshare


First Published on: Feb 12, 2014


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  1. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    thank you yoda!

    enlightening ppt this was!

  2. Profile photo of Charu Zelawat

    Well placed that was..


  3. Profile photo of Madan Ganesh Velayudham

    Spot on! Such an informative and thought provoking slides have unique IP.. although it is free, it is priceless. 

    Thanks for sharing Alok 🙂

  4. Profile photo of Raghavendra Kopalle

    Clear and effective as usual! I love the way you use charts to simplify things rather than complicate 😉 Thanks sharing this.

  5. Profile photo of Lakshdeep Rajput

    Great PPT on pricing Alok. I always love your posts.

    On a side note in case anyone is looking to price a product/service, this book is a great read.

  6. Profile photo of Darshan Bhambiru

    Thanks, for the Much needed Information in Compact format.

    Too many new Entrepreneurs harm their own prospects by under pricing their Goods and Services. But if those company owners just take the time to think, they can set their prices closer to Fair Market Value.

    Some Nice and Detailed information marked below for ref as well.

    How to Price Your Product

    Determining Overhead ♫ Raising and Lowering Prices ♫ Using Promotional Pricing Strategies

    How to Price Your Products 

    How to price your startup’s product right – the first time

    What The Market Will Bear (WTMWB) price and In almost all cases, pricing strategies should begin with a Gross Profit Margin Target (GPMT) strategy. Gross Profit Margin is defined by the formula (P-C)/P,

    where P=Price and C=Cost of Sales.

    Just Keep Away from anything DARK!!!

    Calm You Shall Keep and Carry On You Must!! Yoda~

  7. Profile photo of Aparna

    great! thanks for opening up analysis and introspection in pricing! 🙂

  8. Profile photo of Alex J V

    Damn it … this is awesome !!! 

  9. Profile photo of Ahoi

    Truly enlightening.

    You always simplify complexity 🙂 

    Thanks much

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