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How we got Our First client

Few months back one of my contact had introduced me to Rodinhood Forum. at first sight I wasn’t very much impressed to be very frank. but soon I realized that this is the best place any entrepreneur can get.

while browsing through the categories I came across a post, Hacker & a Startup. It got my attention for 2 reasons, one It was related to hacking, something I love and 2nd due to the commitment and never give up attitude of the author. 

I must say after reading the post, I was like ” that’s the spirit Gal”.
after browsing all the comments I felt like this girl really need some help. So, I mailed her and offered our help.

Guess what I got a reply but after 1.5 months, (:P).
She explained each and every thing about the incident. after some prelims test,  it was clear that, the developer was the whole sole responsible for this. he took their project so casually and now these people were suffering.

I don’t have any thing against developers but most of the developers don’t take these security things very seriously and after completing the project, they don’t give a damn about it.

I must appreciate the author of the post as well for taking each and every advice, each and every word very seriously and very promptly. Also, now we both are looking forward to work on future projects.

I am very glad to tell that she was our first client and I would like to thank the Rodinhoods for this.     



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