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HR please connect …need some help on my business concept

Dear all

I am working on a business concept which deals with employee rewards program.

The concept is about rewarding employees for small achievements such as a great idea during a brainstorming session OR sales  closure OR good team work …and so on.

Both managers and team members can reward each other, creating an environment of great team spirit and high motivation.

I would like to discuss the idea in detail with HR managers and also would like an opportunity to do a pilot in your organization.

Please connect at:


Hardik Khanna


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  1. Hey Hardik,

    I have worked with a lot of HR people across companies and continents. Even worked on a few HR/recruitment related apps and sites. 

    Let me know if there is something I can help you with in terms of reaching out to people or product placement.


  2. The Fish! Philosophy should help you fine tune. All the best!

    Sasikanth Chemalamudi,

  3. Thanks Amit. Please let me know on how to reach you.

    My phone nos. is 9029037661

    Linkedin profile is :


  4. page not opening

  5. Hi Amit

    It was great talking to you. Please mail me the contacts at

  6. Nice Speaking to you too, Hardik.

    I will get the things rolling from my end asap.

  7. Value Cards/thank you cards usage is most prevalent within organizations to be given to someone who helped you or you think is a great team player. 

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