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I poem!!???? for me????

This is what Gurpreet wrote and recited and recited at the Rodinhooders Delhi Mixer yesterday:

What can I say??

Just makes everything so so worth it!!

From: Gurpreet Singh <>
Date: Fri, Feb 24, 2012 at 1:34 PM
Subject: Poem for “The Rodinhood”

Aaj 23 frvri ki hai woh shaam, Jab Hum delhi ke rodinhooders ne chalkaye hai jaam. 

Hamare sang hai sitaro ka sitara, woh jo hai har jan pyara,
Woh jisne kaiyo ko taara,
Woh jiski kalam main hai jadoo ka lashkara,
Woh jiski muskurahat dekh kar sharmaye har tara.

Woh jisko dekhkar ham sabne bahut seekha hai,
Woh jisko khud nahi pata ki woh kitno ka masiha hai.

Us sitaro ke sitare ka naam hai Alok Kejriwal, hamesha laal rehte hai uske gaal!!

Pata nahi kitni hi kitabo ka hai uske mastiksh main gyan, Roz subah lagata hai Babajee main apna dhyaan!!

Aaj hum hai khushnaseeb, ki hum hai unke kareeb!!

Kuch na kahe hue bhi usne humko bahut kuch seekha diyaa, ab tak thhe hum uske deewane, aur aaj usne humko apna premi bhi bana liya.

Yehi chahenge ki fir hum sab yuhi milte rahe, in Entrepreneurs ki kaum ko braate chale.

Khud ke liye kamaye, hum Naam, Shohrat, Daulat AAAur duniye main is “Khud kaam karne” ke keerre ko  baant’te chale.

Yeh shaam kabhi na bhooli jayegi, reh reh kar humko yaad ayegi, ab to us ghari ka intezaar rahega, jab agli baari  dilli ki mehfil ka rang “fir” jamega.

Thanks & Regards

Gurpreet Singh Tikku

Retail & Real Estate Consultant
Mob: +91 98 10 66 85 85
Level 4, Augusta Point,
Golf Course Road, Gurgaon, India

And this is the VIDEO of the event!!! (courtesy Aditya Singh)


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  1. Sir, I am so Overwhelmed, that you shared this!! Thanks a Ton, for Everything!!

  2. singh is king :)))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

  3. AWW ! This is so endearing  paapaaji ! !

  4. papa ji tussi to cha gaye 🙂 

  5. Gurpreet Tussi great ho.Apne ander ke iss chupe hue kalakar ko bahar nikalo aur chaa jao pape

  6. Am really humbled by your Comments and Love………. Thanks Alok Sir, Asha Aunty, Sugandha jee, Ajay Bhaim Suresh Sir and everyone who has liked this. I have learnt one thing, If you believe in something , then “Words” and “Work” flow easily!!

  7. Tikku Veerji !!!! Ultimate Shayaaaaar Type ” Rodinhood” !!!!

  8. Paaji bohot vadiya likha hai….kamaal keeta hai tussi…

  9. Lovely Poem!! Congratulation you both!! 🙂

  10. Dear Vishal Bhai, Aprit Bhai and Brijesh Bhai…….Thanks a lot for your Kind Words!!!

  11. Really nice poem…..

  12. Translate please!!! I only figured out half.  🙁

  13. shame on you. being indian you cant understand hindi 🙁 

    sorry guys if i am rude here. but this is one thing i can’t tolret

  14. ajay…. chill…! some ppl also find it difficult to read hindi when written in english (and not devnagri).

    let’s not get all judgemental and worked up over a perfectly nice gesture that was shared here. if someone doesn’t understand it, that’s his/her unfortunate loss. and also upto gurpreet if he feels like translating it for the benefit of the non-hindi speaking crowd here (there are a lot of people who aren’t from india as well!!!!).

    so… peace. laughter. sunshine. 


  15. Oh man, Ajay…  make a simple request… 🙁 

    Ajay, I am very much an Indian and I love everything about India including Hindi.  But the thing is I don’t buy the ‘Hindi is the national language’ schtick and its follow up argument “therefore you should know Hindi”.  This is more or less disrespectful to the other languages that make up India.

    I am happy to speak/communicate in Hindi as best as I can when the need arises and may someday find the time and space to learn it more thoroughly (so that I can enjoy the treasure trove of Hindi writers) for its own sake but not because I am an Indian or because some government dick in Delhi decreed that ‘Hindi is the national language’.  

    In fact if anything Sanskrit should be the national language given that most Indian languages have their origins there.  🙂

    In practice though the only workable so called “national language” is English.

    Like Asha says chill.  The India story is not about Hindi.  

    And since you are such a big Hindi fan would you be kind enough to translate what is no doubt an excellent rendition by Gurpreet.  I only understood half.  

  16. Hi Abey………….Thanks for the Gesture and your request………….Now this is a tough call……………..But will try doing it by tonight……….But I fear that the essence may be lost.

    Ajay bhai………That was not in Good taste……………let’s rise above all this.

    As Asha says………….Peace, laughter Sunshine!!

  17. Thanks Gurpreet.  Yes I know it wont be perfect but I can then listen to it again and understand it better!

  18. Here it goes Abey,

    Thanks for the Inspiration………

    Tried to do a Sentence By Sentence Translation.

    As said earlier, I tried to do a decent Job, though not sure how much decent it has come out to be 🙂


    This a beautiful Evening of 23 february,

    When we Rodinhooders of Delhi are together to have fun, over Some Rum.

    With us we have the stars of the Stars, One who is Loved by one and All,

    One, who has made others shine,

    One who’s Pen has magical Flow,

    One who’s glitter makes a Star Shy

    He’s the one who has taught us a Lot,

    He is the one who himself does not know, how many people regard him as a Mentor.

    This Star of Stars is Alok Kejriwal, and his cheeks are always as Red as Gulaal (Red Holi Colour)

    No one knows, Knowledge of how many books are treasured in his Mind, but he never forgets to meditate and surrender himself to his Babajee every morning.


    We are Lucky that Today we have chance to be along with him,

    Without saying Much he has made us learn so much, Till today we used to adore him, but now we need to say, we Love him.

    We would Wish, that we keep meeting like this again, and make this Entrepreneur Community bloom.

    Let this Breed of Entrepreneurs grow, Let us make Name, Fame and Wealth for ourselves and let us spread this Virus of “Working for self””

    This evening will never ever be forgotten, Each day we will remember it and will look forward to the day when we meet again in Delhi and hold our drinks up high to say Cheers!!



  19. Oh wow!! WOW!! Couldn’t have said it better myself.  I love the lines… 

    One who’s Pen has magical Flow,

    One who’s glitter makes a Star Shy

  20. Gurpreet bhai, you are right lets raise above the level !!! excuse me for my comments. and again A AWESOME JOB !!! Will wait for you next one 🙂 

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