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I want to earn online

Hi all,

I’m doing my MBA in Bangalore. Now I’m looking for some part time online job where I can earn. I want to become an Entrepreneur. So now I’m in 1st year, So by 2 years i want to earn online and use that money to start my own business after completing my MBA.

I’m already into Blogging and I know little on Online Marketing.

So please help me by suggesting some online earning ways.

Thank you.


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  1. Hi There are many ways found to earn money online they are
    Paid Writing
    Buying/Selling domains
    Online Marketing
    Selling photos etc…. the best among them is reseller.  Reseller is nothing but selling  domain,  and other domain related service from Online resellers .For this we need to have reseller account  .To get reseller account visit here they provide two reseller plan Basic reseller and Pro reseller .You can choose one among them and start selling Domain ,Web hosting plans,SSL etc at higher rates and earn money . I hope it will be helpful to you……………

  2. There are various opportunities online, and you have to choose a few which suit your interests and capabilities.

    As Siva mentioned you can choose from various options such as writing, blogging, affiliate marketing, web site designing, etc. Probably you will have to experiment with a few, and then if it doesnt suit you you have to try others…..and thats a learning process most people go through. Moreover, how you want to do it is also important  – whether its part time, full time and what kind of products, solutions or services you want to offer as an entrepreneur. Once you make a small start you can gradually learn the trade.

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