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Ideas Fail, People Don’t

Hi Folks,


We have a lot of websites that cover success stories. However, there is no one to cover the stories of ideas that have failed.


It would add more value to know what were the aspects for failure of a particular idea or business that were.


In this attempt, a friend has started a website


It attempts to interview people who had crazy ideas and that failed and then get into the details of why each idea failed. The reasons could be anything from not being executed or lack of a revenue model or non acceptance.


It will help entrepreneurs and business heads to understand the point of failures which they could cover up a part of their business contingency plan.


It will also enable like minded people to meet and revive the idea again may be pulling up a big business.


Do let me know your views on this.


Thanks and Regards,

Neelesh R Pednekar


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  1. Pardon to differ here…. People who are successful today have not always been that way… They have failed multiple times before the could taste the sweet taste of success.

  2. A person commented on the fan page of the website:


    waking up on time every morning using alarm clock


    Good One 🙂

  3. nilesh – its not even started??

  4. Neelesh, That could also be because they have learnt from their failures and evolved?

  5. The website is under beta testing. It is an invite based login as of now for a small CUG and they are incorporating the  feedback before they go live.


    Expecting them to go commercial by the end of this month.

  6. Behind every successful man, there are a lot of unsuccessful years..


    Nice one Neelesh… Kudos to ur friend, I think the good stuff that we read often only fills the head, because success stories seldom talk about the trying times, of the now successful.


    Something like this (read, will give entrepreneurs (I refrain to use budding), a learning opportunity, and perspective of the broader picture..


    Cheers !!!

  7. Hi Neelesh great concept wishing you even greater execution and success

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