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“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.” – A short note of appreciation to Alok and TRHS

I’ve been following Alok on Facebook for a year now. I found his posts always thought-provoking, and often irreverent and provocative. Many of his experiences resonated with me – I got the sense that (like me) he spoke his mind, wrote from the gut, and didn’t worry about getting a bloody nose. I remember finding some of his posts really funny – one in particular where he offered to have the meeting with the client in the bathroom !

The inspiration spilled over to other parts of my psyche. I got inspired by a post by Alok late last year where he was propagating the virtues of Sudharshan Kriya as a way to get a high on thin air (I think the post said DRUNK ON KRIYA). Intrigued, and hoping that some of his prolific writing energies would run off on me as a result, I joined the Art of Living and am now enjoying the HOTA (High on Thin Air) feeling-:) It is highly recommended.

I joined Rodinhoods, based on Alok’s remote charisma. The Kriya I did helped me become more creative, and I now am beginning to write like a man possessed. The feedback and comments so far have been mostly affirmative, and make me want to write and share even more. Long buried visions of writing a complete book on the History of Advertising – tentatively titled – From Lobotomy to Rocket Science: The Amazing evolution of Advertising are now resurrected and on firm footing.

Thanks Alok. I found the quote from John Quincy Adam’s a fit title for this post. 


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