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looking for lethally creative & passionate mobile apps developer

Hi all,

   I am not a MNC or something like c2w or g2w, jus a small time IT professional, have a couple of ideas which i would like to cash on in the mobile apps market in the food and beverages industry. The problem is i dont have a solid technical background that i can myself develop the applications. I am looking for friends/partners who can help me or become my partner to develop these applications and put it in the market. The person should have solid mobile programming skills , the rest i can handle.


Hoping to strike someone soon



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  1. i like the title – “lethally creative” 🙂 


    Sorry not a dev though.  Have tweeted, +1’d, and Fb’d your post.  All the best.

  2. thanks a lot Abbey, so kind of you 🙂

    Would love to share the idea! 

    something on the lines of this what Dominos does

  3. Interesting.  You should probably write up a basic biz plan.  What the app does is just one aspect.  The crux is how you are going to monetize it.

  4. Hi Amit, 


    If you have not found any one as yet , we can help you [



    Himanshu Mody

  5. thanks Abey, m on it, monetizing shouldnt be a big deal , its something very simple, “virtual restaurant” in a very Indian way…..

  6. thanks Himanshu, i will shoot you guys a mail soon…

  7. hey, i’m not hands on into coding but have done all and been in the mobile space for abt 6 years now…right for apps, platforms,,et all. u can write to me :

  8. thanks kinnari, sent you an email

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