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Marketing Support for our Start-Up


We are a start-up called BLUE TONGUE based in Bangalore. We are into manufacturing of handbags. How different are we.? Well, we started with customization of bags. Just like the T-Shirt customization industry has a lot of good players, we ventured out thinking we would be able to promote customized bags. 

Soon, we realized that the market is not very familiar with bag customization. And we didn’t have the necessary funding to educate the market. So, we started making bags out of our imagination. the only thing we stuck to was, the material used should be natural. No Fur, No Leather and No Plastic content. Its either got to be cloth or wool. 

But, since we are bootstrapped, we are finding it difficult to reach to a large number of people. What we planned to do was to reach out to local stores. But those local stores are interested to stock (Fake Leather) Pleather bags and Fake Fur bags. 

Hence, i am seeking any form of help or ideas on marketing those bags. The price range is any where between Rs. 100/- to Rs. 550/-. 

We would eventually venture out into other fabric and finished products but right now we need to get moving with the present inventory we have. 

I am hereby enclosing a few pictures of our bags. 

Get back to me directly to or you can post a reply here to start a healthy discussion. 

Printed Tote Bag Printed Tote Bag 2Printed Tote Bag 3Printed Tote Bag 4


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  1. Daily deal websites ?

    Order a bag through Facebook/ Twitter ?

  2. @ Elroy, 

    the concept of daily deals is to push the unsold product. But for us, we are just entering the market.. 

    People can order a bag via Facebook. 

    That FB page will help you more with it. 

  3. @ Jyothi 

    Well, the problem is in approaching them. That is the reason why i have posted this in here. How do you think should our approach be towards them..?

  4. mohamed:

    i’m a bag junkie, essentially the organic kind. i pick up my stuff from any flea mkt, any nite mkt, any dilli haat, any dastkar exhibition. therefore,

    a) i reckon you need to have a strong presence in handicraft kind of exhibitions – daskar is extremely active in b’lore. aur dilli door nahin (get someone to find out what it takes to be in dilli haat/rajiv gandhi bhavan in CP – it’s a goldmine for this kind of stuff). goa’s saturday nite market is another place foreigners dig this kind of stuff but the season is coming to an end so the nite mkt will be thanda very soon.

    b) like goa, b’lore has many many SECOND HAND BOOK STORES. tie up with them! second hand book lovers hate plastic. plastic haters are your target, naa? [this could be a long term thing – not just to get rid of your inventory – this is exactly where customization fits!]

    c) college kids LOVE COTTON TOTES – you’re on fb – target them! get some of them to be your “bag models” … let them flaunt your bags at college and get noticed and give them a commission on every sale! [this would work well for getting rid of excess inventory]

    all the best 🙂 

  5. @ Asha.. 

    Thanks a lot. These were the type of suggestions i was looking forward to. Will work on on them in the coming days. 

    Will keep all of them in the loop. 🙂

  6. @ Yatin.. Sure. I would surely do that. But let me just get some % of market share first. 

    Its been about 2 months.. and the growth rate is pretty slow. Wish i could do more in less time. 

    Spoke to the manager in Reliance and he told, well all the decisions are made in Mumbai so i cant help you here. 

    Lets see, trying my best to find good and new prospects. 

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