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My Startup in Progress: Mayrahkee Event Design & Management

Firstly I’d like to say what a privilege it was to be selected to present at The Rodinhood Open House that took place in July. 

I was the only woman entrepreneur to present and I chose to make this an opportunity rather than get nervous about it. It was a great presentation but I was unable to get the Q & A time that I really wanted to validate my business idea. I am of the attitude that when people question your thoughts, you find out  1. how to sell it better 

2. whether it is actually worth selling at all

Hence, am attaching the presentation I made that day for the community to see as I would love to hear your thoughts/opinions/questions/concerns etc.

Link to Presentation: About Mayrahkee

What I need: At the event, I mentioned that this was my first ‘startup’ and has been a ‘baby’ of sorts that has been nurturing in my head since the time I planned to move back to India. Am still at the research stage of things and would like the following help:

1. Mentorship to get a better understanding of the Indian market and what to expect/how to sell

2. Ideas on how to spread the word about my venture within the international community that would be my primary customer

3. Mentorship to streamline and improve functionality/UI for the Guest Management System

4. Opinion on how to move forward and take the next step

5. Opportunities for a co-founder/partner to come on board


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