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Needed Advice: Advertising

Hi all,

We were working on something new. It’s positioned as a Legal Movie Download cum free movie repository. People would be given Movies for free and via a P2P based download mechanism.

The main thing to note is that the whole revenue generation model is based on ads – web page, pre-roll, mid-roll, post-roll and brand logos inside movies (in the non-viewing area). In short, we would be targeting the market of piracy – 70-80% people who presently consume pirated material.

A few things that I got from people were – 

1. Limited measureability – Apart from the download count and FB data, we don’t have a mechanism to track the file (and hence, ads) after download.

2. CPM based selling would have to be done (as in Youtube, Metacafe) which, with a limited performance tracking, may be futile.

3. Traditional media should be a better option given the fact that TV can’t count or target users but we can (FB data, IP addresses etc.). Also, traditional media bulk selling would be much more profitable than CPM based selling. 

Was in need of advice and insights regarding this. 

Thanks a lot,



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  1. Hi ,
    How are u going to allow people donwload Movies legaly have made tieups with copyright holders.
    if not then you will be creating one more site like and may more who stream Movies from
    platform like Youtube etc to By pass the copyright Infrigement problem.

    yes you will be able to Generate traffice if things are done right and revenue from adnetworks.

    but land up in legal issues due to copyright infrigement if Legal Tieups are not made with Copyright Holders.


  2. Sorry I forgot to emphasize the word “Legal” which I already mentioned. The word already implies that we are doing tieups with Production houses. Hope this clears the way for the real discussion.


  3. Hi Prateek,

    In my opinion a revenue model purely based on advertising is not a great idea. I think it should be coupled with some kind of subscription or some other business model. Video ads do fetch larger CPMs and ad networks such as Jivox, Komli, Vdopia etc. provide wide variety of rich media and video ads. But you will need to do some calculations on the revenue model based on the CPMs.

    About the points that you mentioned:

    1. About tracking ads after the movie is downloaded, most ads need live internet connection to render on a screen and also need to communicate with the server to measure the effectiveness of the ad. I am not sure if you are assuming internet connectivity after someone downloads the content on their computing devices
    2. CPM based selling does not necessarily mean that they have lower measurability. Most ad networks may do CPM based pricing for ease of reporting and billing, however they will provider richer mechanisms for engagement measurement. The level of measurability depends on the ad network that you chose to work with
    3. Agree on this.


  4. On making money from ads by buying ads, check –

  5. Prateek ,

    Do you have an understanding about the cost involved in streaming ? 

    Also , If its legal , there is something called DRM tool that need to be bundled with the media file, that would restrict it to a specific equipment for specific days.

    The model sounds quite hilarious in my opinion . You surely have not done your homework or you seem to have absolutely no exposure to the complexity of real world of Internet business. 

    Sorry about being a bit sarcastic . But the objective is to be honestly tell you that you are trying to do something that you dont have a clue about 🙂

  6. Yes you are correct in saying that only advertising is not a great idea. But I was thinking that increasing the avenues of advertising (embedded ads) would make the revenues from web pages seem little in comparison. In other words, in-file ads would be the major source of revenues.

    1. The ads would be embedded inside movies and that means no such server connection would be required. But the ads would be unclickable and so I was thinking about CPM and not CPC. 

    2. Lower measurability would not because of CPM but because of the nature of model. We can track just the number of downloads and the people downloading but not the spread of file after download. All the available data would be measured and compiled via a dashboard kind of a thing. But the spread of file after download would be a thing advantageous to advertisers and may fetch us higher rates at least when we go via traditional route i.e., TV – that’s what the thought process is.

    3. So you mean I should definitely forget about digital and concentrate fully on traditional?

  7. @Alok Sir, Firstly thanks for getting people on this thread 🙂

    Then there were two things,

    1. I was expecting that in such kind of a model, word of mouth and virality would be prominent rather than spreading through advertising. So no cost to spread and earnings via ads.

    2. With no other thing in the space with simultaneous USPs of ‘Free’, ‘Legal’ and ‘Download’, I was expecting some co-operation from the piracy ridden film industry in the form of celebrity tweets and promotion by media houses. What’s your take on this?

  8. Hi,

    Appreciate your sarcasm. Actually I was into this from an year so hoped that I knew something about this, these are my understandings:

    1. Server costs are great. Streaming based model is not a cup of tea for anyone except Youtube, Yahoo and the like. And the same thing led me to include P2P in the model which reduces the costs upto 90%.

    2. I wanted a highly user-friendly experience. This means no extra softwares to be downloaded, no restriction on use. And it’s not necessary that only DRM protected files are legal and others are not, it depends just on the comfort level of movie maker. Correct me if I’m wrong.

    3. The idea’s truly hilarious! Attacks the still-to-be-solved problem of piracy which has given birth to bills like SOPA and PIPA in the west. I wonder why hasn’t anyone thought about this before.

    4. Getting into uncharted territories IS an entrepreneurs forte rite?

  9. Hi Yatin,

    Sorry but can you please elaborate more on “driving targeted traffic to the site” part?

    Yes we would be able to track completed/incompleted downloads, button clicks et al. But problem would be with the number of views happening AFTER download (file spreads by copying via pendrives, LANs and other avenues).

    Again, was not able to get your thoughtflow in the last line. Kindly help!

    Thanks a lot!

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