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PR for Startups. A reference guide!

All startups need PR. But the business of PR is confusing, time consuming and costly.

Here is a simple guide for first timers who have little experience in PR!

Please share you feedback… It always helps…! 

Download the PPT from Slideshare for your reference via the link below:
First Published on: Sep 25, 2012


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  1. Profile photo of Ashish Tulsani

    amazing read…

    (y) for ppt

  2. Profile photo of Sugandha Dubey

    Brilliant read Alok ! such a ready reckoner ! 

  3. Profile photo of Nithya Prabu

    Excellent, Alok ! Many thanks 🙂

  4. Profile photo of Paras Jain

    Hey Alok, talking about PR – How much your middlename “Rodinhood” helped you in PR ? 🙂

  5. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    apparently nothing since you got it wrong!!!!!!!!!!

    it’s D – RODINHOOD :)))))))

  6. Profile photo of Abhishek Marwah

    Great! Read

  7. Profile photo of Rahul Shetty

    Good One Alok ! Its Practical & Do-able 🙂

  8. Profile photo of Paras Jain

    Yeah Asha, a little typo there :P. But on a serious note, whats the story behind Rodinhood ? and how it helped ?

  9. Profile photo of Nameet Potnis

    Alok, Thanks for the extremely resourceful presentation (as ever).

    Since I have managed to get decent press coverage for the restaurant and events company I used to run till 2010 and the positive press we are getting as a new tech company now, all without ever hiring a PR agency, I thought I could add 5 points from my personal experience.

    Here goes:

    1. Use twitter to follow journalists and other key influencers, interact with them. If you are sensible in your observations, it very often leads to them calling you up for Quotes, Story Ideas.
    2. Never be rude, always have patience: PR is a long game. Quite often when a journalist/tv anchor is doing a story, they aren’t experts in your field, YOU are the expert. Don’t talk down to them, chances are that is the last time you will hear from them.
    3. Don’t name-drop unless you can back it: The Media community is usually very close knit, everyone knows everyone. You dont want to be embarrassed name dropping when the other person has never heard of you.
    4. Always Thank a Journalist for their time, they don’t get thanked often, they WILL remember you. 
    5. Offer to help: When I see interesting trends developing, I write a short note in an email and send it across to Journalists I know would be interested in certain sectors. More often than not they respond for a story, even if the story doesn’t involve me, I connect the journalist with other contacts she can pursue for the story. More often than not, this one time email exchange turns into a long term association because they remember you as a RESOURCE.

  10. Profile photo of asha chaudhry

    nameet… niiiiiice!

  11. Profile photo of Shankar Chelluri

    Very well articulated – brief, straight to the point and curt.

    Alok – have been a business reporter & PR professional for 19 years now, found your presentation very interesting, plan to share in the Hydstartugroup – google group for Startups and share your expertise on handling PR for these start ups.

  12. Profile photo of Nirmal Agarwal

    Thanks for sharing this Alok. Been struggling to find ways and means to get good PR and this article shall surely help. Lot of things we know and feel but you have collated and put it together very well. Cheers

  13. Profile photo of Chitranjan Mishra

    Excellent. Thanks for sharing.

  14. Profile photo of Ravi Mittal

    Hi Alok!

    Thanks a ton! Guess this is the answer I was looking to for:

    I am going to follow this right away!

    Thanks again for this!

  15. Profile photo of Sanjeev Rajput

    This certainly helps. Very well put.

  16. Profile photo of Rajan Chandi

    Awesome insights!

  17. Profile photo of Shreyas Chowhan

    Posts like these are themselves amazing PR (like many other posts. Alok, have read most of your posts in the recent past and I dont think there is better PR than creating content the way you do! Thanks! 🙂

  18. Profile photo of Rajat

    This is such an awesome piece!!

  19. Profile photo of Ram Bhamidi

    Alok, that was a fantastic presentation and a very timely one for me as I am about to launch my new venture 🙂

  20. Profile photo of Neha Chopra

    Amazing Read Alok !!!

  21. Profile photo of kanchan.kumar

    Alok – I finally got down to reading this and I haven’t come across a more fabulous first-hand piece on this topic.

    This one post will go a long way in getting entrepreneurs to harness the media.

    Thank you

  22. Profile photo of Tarun mehra

    Alok…the title of your article is wrong…this isn’t PR for startups ONLY !!

  23. Profile photo of Alok Rodinhood Kejriwal

    Tarun, I play safe 🙂

    Tomorrow, there will be 100 Quora blogs and posts ridiculing me, teaching PR to the world :-)))

  24. Profile photo of Pankaj Upadhyay

    I am agree with Nameet last point I had posted for some help at linkedin and I get tremendous and effective response not only from India but also from aboard.

  25. Profile photo of Pankaj Upadhyay

    Thank Alok for sharing again a good and informative case studies……. One thing I also want to add here that many PR activities attracts Startups by various new and attractive offer but always set your short and long term goal before choosing any activities plus you should always know you target customer and plan accordingly.

  26. Profile photo of vinay jaiswal

    perfect read…I have used some of these tricks and got a good response!!!

  27. Profile photo of Manan Shah

    thanks for sharing ..was totally worth reading .. 

  28. Profile photo of Nakul Bhatia

    This was interesting Alok, specially at a time when I am about to launch my venture & was gauging through PR activities.

  29. Profile photo of Swati Bhargava

    Thank you so much for this Alok! Incredibly useful and given me some good food for thought. 

    Ps – Rodinhood friends you can all thank me & for asking Alok a PR related question which prompted this post hehe.. 

  30. Profile photo of Ruchit Garg

    Good Stuff!

  31. Profile photo of Yo Gesh Gupta


  32. Profile photo of Shah Fahad Husami

    One word is fantabulous.

  33. Profile photo of Eswar Naidu

    Great presentation, Alok there is a lot in PR than what i think till today.

  34. Profile photo of Mridula Arora

    Its amazing read! As always simple & easy to understand above all very doable!!

    Thanks a lot Alok for being there for entrepreneurs!

  35. Profile photo of Hemant Pamecha

    Thanks Alok for sharing this Guide through PPT. It really helps us in future.

  36. Profile photo of Ishani

    Thanks Alok for sharing this. Very helpful stuff for startups! I feel that the best form of publicity is when someone else talks about you, therefore if you can get influencers (like media / bloggers etc) to talk about your product / then it has much higher impact as compared to paid advertising. Ishani

  37. Profile photo of Harika Maruboyina

    This is just brilliant! Thank you for the info share

  38. Profile photo of Mahesh Gidwani

    Good points Nameet. 

  39. Profile photo of Mahesh Gidwani

    I did learn a lot from your PPT Alok.

    I would like to add one thing, If you know or connected to a journalist who is not from your domain and you need help then approach him and ask to connect you with right journalist from his network. It works. Good part is you are going through a reference, event better.

    Don’t forget to thank him for redirecting you to the right person.

    to add is if you know that you are connecting to the wrong person 

  40. Profile photo of Praveen Kumar

    cool… This made me to think again

  41. Profile photo of Ajay Chauhan

    Thanks Alok, While we are  gearing up for our PR strategy – your presentation has just given me pointers I should be surely considering it.

    My Best


  42. Profile photo of Manish Singh Bisht

    Great tips!!

  43. Profile photo of Ssooraj Rauth

    Very informative read. Thanks Alok.

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