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Project Lincoln: Re-inventing the batpod.

Hello Rodinhooders, how is it going? In my recent interaction with Abhijeet (aka Batman) who is trying to re-invent the magic of Batpod through is Own hand crafted bike and calling it ‘Azrael’, he said

“Its been a crazy ride of  years, and now we have our first working prototype ready and Now to make it available to people to use it, there are a lot of modification tests to be done which needs lot of cashflow. & So that is the reason we have started our Crowdfunding campaign on our site with some API’s. 

P.S. our campaign : 

We plan to ship 50 Azrael in this slot and then open Unlimited orders. & This is just a start.

Yet again, a lot has to be done, and without the people of Gotham, Batman won’t exist. You know how it feels to fall, and what is it is like to rise from that.”

He is a great friend of mine & since His Crowdfunding for this Project of his is live, m just trying to shout out for him, can you also spread the word and contribute in anyway you want? 

P.S. i did make a donation to them, and m just a fan. As it is said Anyone can be Batman.

Share/Donate everything counts 🙂


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